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Alternative cancer therapy uk, education for holistic medicine - Reviews

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We often see stories in the media about cancer patients who have chosen alternative treatments, either alongside or instead of conventional treatment. Every cancer patient has the right to decide what, if any, line of treatment they wish to pursue.
Many treatments for cancer and other diseases were originally derived from naturally-occurring substances. Stories in the news about alternative therapies are usually framed in the words of a patient talking about their own cancer journey. News reports may provide incorrect or confusing medical information, such as misreporting the type and stage of disease or the true chances of survival, and failing to point out any conventional treatments that were used alongside or before seeking alternative therapy. Understandably, there may be huge reluctance among family members to admit that alternative therapy failed, especially if it came at a high cost or reduced quality of life. We understand that people want to hang on to any glimmer of hope that they or their loved one can be cured, particularly when facing a terminal cancer diagnosis. If there was good evidence that alternative treatments work, then they should stand up alongside conventional treatments. In addition, the potential costs to patients of placing their hopes in alternative treatments go beyond financial ones. Another risk is that patients choosing to use alternative therapies may miss out on opportunities for palliative care, such as effective pain relief or reducing the symptoms of advanced cancer with radiotherapy or drugs.
As you point out, research has shown that many cancers could be prevented by lifestyle changes – this is something we have promoted through our health messaging for many years. The evidence for what cancer patients undergoing treatment should eat is a little less clear.

If a naturopath (or indeed any other site) suggests drinking the blood of virgins or dancing naked to a full moon to cure cancer, then yes, they deserve to ridiculed. It is very expensive to run clinical trials, and as a charity we can only fund high quality research that is most likely to benefit cancer patients. Scientists from around the world have carried out large studies following patients who have chosen to try Gerson therapy. And treatments to direct the power of the immune system against cancer are at cutting edge of research, and have already brought much-needed new drugs to patients. Chris from Chrisbeatcancer has actually replied to this article through a video on YouTube and basically rips it to bits.Im sure cancer research uk could put him right on a few things but a lot of what he says raises some very valid points. I am disappointed as I feel that cancer research UK should be promoting all types of treatment for cancer and providing a balanced view on everything rather than denouncing natural alternatives that have at least some scientific, peer reviewed evidence to support their use along side more traditional treatments. Having a healthy diet and being physically active (if possible) is important for people with cancer, and we have lots of information on our website about this – for each type of cancer there is information and advice about living with that disease, including diet and activity advice where applicable.
If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch with our cancer information nurses on Freephone 0808 800 4040, 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.
Examples include a serious risk of cyanide poisoning from laetrile, permanent scarring or disfigurement from cancer salves, and bowel damage, blood salt imbalances or even life-threatening septicaemia caused by coffee enemas.
However, if the same person later dies from their cancer it often goes unreported, leaving readers with the misconception that the alternative treatment was a success. But despite what alternative therapists may claim, they do not have evidence to support the effectiveness of the treatments they offer. He was widely reported to have pancreatic cancer, but in fact he had a very different type of cancer called a neuroendocrine tumour which started in his pancreas.

And we are working as hard as we can to develop more effective, kinder treatments for all types of cancer, bringing more tomorrows for patients and their families.
For example, we recommend that people stick to a healthy balanced diet (with plenty of fibre, fruit and vegetables and less red and processed meat and salt) in order to help cut cancer risk, as well as providing lots of information and advice around not smoking, keeping a healthy weight, cutting down on alcohol and more. But it’s important that patients eat enough to enable their bodies to cope with therapy. The presence of bacteria in the bladder can activate a potent immune response, which can turn against the cancer too. I was successfully treated for breast cancer 14 years ago when the diagnosis was very bleak – this included trial drugs.
After diagnosis he refused medical advice to have surgery and chemotherapy, opting for alternative therapies such as acupuncture, juicing and other treatments he found on the internet. So some therapists are simply ignorant of basic anatomy and physiology having taken a 6-10 week course.
This being said … There are some brilliant and wise therapists out there and plenty of complementary options and I have tried many that helped.

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