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Cancer rates are increasing throughout the developed world and current treatment approaches are not effectively changing this trend.
Other countries offer integrative and holistic approaches to treating cancer with natural therapies used alongside chemotherapy, radiation and surgery – but some of these therapies still are not available in Canada.
Years of research have found that vitamin C has two  distinct modes action when it comes to combating cancer. The main benefit of vitamin C is definitely a direct anti-cancer effect when used in high doses, and it has other benefits that are very helpful against cancer.
Bottom Line: Vitamin C stands as one of the best and safest natural treatment options for cancer. Recent evidence has shown that cells begin to die at temperatures between 42 and 44 degrees Celsius in an environment with low oxygen levels and low pH.(15) These conditions are found specifically within and around cancer tumours because of excessive lactic acid production and poor blood flow. Not everyone has access to an oncothermia machine, but I recommend that everyone incorporate regular sauna (wet or dry) sessions for 20-30 minutes, three to four times per week, into his or her cancer treatment plan.
Bottom Line: FWGE is an excellent cancer-fighting supplement, which is gaining traction even in conventional medical circles.
Coriolus versicolor: This mushroom extract, commonly known as turkey tail, has the strongest human evidence supporting its use in cancer. Reishi mushroom: has consistently shown the ability to kill cancer cells in pre-clinical studies. The immune effects of AHCC are not limited only to cancer – they have been applied to microbial infections as well.
From that point on, Amygdalin was considered toxic and ineffective by conventional medicine and the American Cancer Society. Nevertheless, it is an intriguing therapy that may slow the growth of cancer but it still needs to be studied further before it can be confidently recommended.
Diet, lifestyle, exercise and foundational supplements should be put in place first before these therapies are considered. Patients who use natural therapies along with their chemo, radiation, or surgery almost always have fewer side effects and better outcomes. This article will highlight the most cutting edge natural therapies from around the world that are available here. Integrative practitioners have used vitamin C to successfully to improve quality of life and survival times in cancer patients for over 40 years. At low doses (under 2 grams), vitamin C has an antioxidant effect that protects cells against cancer causing compounds.
It specifically enhances the ability of natural killer cells to identify and kill cancerous cells. It really shines in its ability to reduce the negative effects of conventional treatment, especially in breast and colon cancer cases. While a large number of clinical trials are still limited, Maitake extracts have been studied extensively in Japan on cancer patients with promising results.
A recent review concluded that while there is not enough evidence to recommend it yet as a first line cancer therapy, its immune boosting and anti-tumour effects make it a good option for supportive therapy.(21) The added bonus with reishi (and most other mushrooms) is that they are generally really well tolerated and have little interactions with standard therapies.

The lack of easily accessible scientific evidence has made it difficult for licensed medical practitioners (including my-self) to assess its safety and effectiveness for cancer patients. Most people are familiar with marijuana use for chronic pain, and more recently to reduce seizures in children, but now it is also being studied for cancer applications.
In addition, as cancer cells grow they choke out blood flow and nutrient exchange, which lowers the amount of oxygen concentration around the tumour. Stimulating mitochondrial activity is an innovative approach to restoring the cancer cell death signal. I have discussed therapies that are available in Canada, have been studied in some way for cancer, and that I think people should know about.
An oncology-focused Naturopathic doctor will help make sure that all of the therapies (conventional and natural) can be used safely together.
I hope you have found the information in Part I and II of this article helpful in your cancer journey. But with so much misinformation available on the internet it is difficult to know if natural and alternative therapies are effective and safe.
High doses (from intravenous therapy) form hydrogen peroxide to kill cancer cells directly;3. It is estimated that over 75% of cancer patients in Germany and Austria use it as part of their cancer treatment. Oncothermia is a very specialized and innovative therapy that may make conventional therapies like radiation more effective.
There are many different varieties of mushrooms that have demonstrated beneficial effects against cancer cells, boosting the immune system and reducing chemo side effects. Although cyanide is toxic to all cells, it is thought that the cyanide compound is more toxic to cancer cells.
It is important to point out that the marijuana smoked as a drug or used in pain relief is different from that being used to directly address cancer. Cancer cells survive in this environment by switching to a less efficient energy production called anaerobic respiration, which doesn’t need oxygen or the mitochondria.
More research is needed to further understand its effects specifically in cancer but the mechanism of action is promising. They will also help decide which ones are best for your situation, conventional treatment protocol, and type of cancer. Information is power and it is my belief that people should know about natural options so they can confidently include them as part of their cancer care plan.
Supplemental ascorbate in the supportive treatment of cancer: Prolongation of survival times in terminal human cancer.
A Naturopathic doctor can select the safest and most effective type of mistletoe for each patient, depending on the type of cancer and state of health. Research has shown that this mushroom extract works to increase immune cells such as macrophages, T-cells, dendritic cells and natural killer cells, which in turn target and destroy cancer cells.(23,24,25) This broad spectrum of action is very important to recreate immune balance so that blood cells are able to recognize and attack cancer cells. Specific extracts such as AHCC or coriolus at the doses of 2 to 6 grams can be used in cases of active infections and cancer.

This puts the mitochondria to sleep and the cancer cell 'kill switch' (AKA apoptosis) along with it.
It is encouraging that some of the natural therapies from around the world are finally being studied and are becoming available here in Canada. Overall, the impressive, broad, and evidence-based benefits associated with mistletoe injections make it one of the leading and safest natural therapies available in Canada. Clinical experience suggests that the body gets used to one specific extract after about three months, so alternating the mushroom types, or taking a combination formula, will maximize effectiveness.
Beard observed that cancers have the opposite charge (negative) to enzymes (positive), and enzymes attract and digest cancer cells while healthy cells are unaffected.(28) A dentist named Dr. But at this point there is not enough evidence to support consuming or inhaling hemp vapour to directly fight cancer, although the research is promising. Each one of the therapies I discussed needs to be implemented as part of an integrative cancer treatment plan. As I mentioned in Part I of this article series, some cases require chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery in order to rapidly reverse the cancer process, along with natural therapies to complement their effects and reduce toxicity. I recommend them to cancer patients as a complementary therapy to protect organs from damage (i.e. Phase I clinical trial to evaluate the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of high-dose intravenous ascorbic acid in patients with advanced cancer. Complementary Cancer Therapy: A Systematic Review of Prospec-tive Clinical Trials on Anthropo-sophic Mistletoe extracts. Survival of cancer patients treated with mistletoe extract (Iscador): a systematic literature review. Retrolective studies on the survival of cancer patients treated with mistletoe extracts: a meta-analysis. Telekes A, Hegedus M, Chae CH, Vekey K: Avemar (wheat germ extract) in cancer prevention and treatment. Anticancer effects and mechanisms of polysaccharide-K (PSK): implications of cancer immunotherapy.
Efficacy of Yun Zhi (Coriolus versicolor) on survival in cancer patients: systematic review and meta-analysis. Improved survival of patients with gastric cancer or colon cancer when treated with active hexose correlated compound (AHCC). White button mushroom phytochemicals inhibit aromatase activity and breast cancer cell proliferation. Pancreatic proteolytic enzyme therapy compared with gemcitabine-based chemotherapy for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

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