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A place for healing vibrational medicine, homeopathic cure for type 1 herpes - Reviews

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With so few reviews, your opinion of A Place For Healing Vibrational Medicine could be huge.
Electromagnetic and Radiation Toxicity: The ABC's of protection for you, your family and your animals. Starita has moved her focus on energy medicine and moved away from regular classical veterinary care.

Starita graduated from Rutgers University in 1975 and the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1979. After many years of conventional practice, enlightened clients and her own family's health challenges led her into the exploration of alternative healing techniques and an awareness of holistic medicine. Donna Starita with information identifying the origin of the challenge - be it physical, etheric, emotional, mental or spiritual, as well as direction from the client's own higher consciousness as to which healing modalities will provide the most effective result.

Expanding that concept as it applies to animals - and later - human healing, led her into the study of bio-energetic medicine and the development of Living Systems Analysis and Quantum Frequency Rebalancing.

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