What Are Emotional Support Dogs?

For sufferers of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, and other varied psychological/emotional conditions, it becomes necessary to find a pillar of comfort and emotional reliability. It is hard to go around looking for this source, and many people are unable to find it. However, there is one option that continues to pop up and is recommended by medical experts, and that is an emotional support dog. These are dogs who are responsible for providing the role of strength and comfort a person requires during this time of need. Here are the benefits that come along with an emotional support dog and what they bring to the table.

Understanding Their Role

Before looking at the advantages, why not assess the history behind emotional support dogs and the importance they play in the lives of those who are suffering from psychological conditions. Emotional support dogs have long been regarded as a source of comfort that can have a profound impact on the life of a person. It can lead to extended periods of joy and a severe reduction in symptoms associated with psychological trouble. These are studied topics that have been assessed by medical researchers over the year and each time, the role of an emotional support dog has been seen as advantageous and often vital. In fact, the government has now enabled emotional support dogs to go into areas that other pets are not allowed to. With a medical recommendation, people are able to bring the support dog onto a flight or into rental homes. Now, understanding this reality, it is time to start looking at some of the benefits that come along with an emotional support dog in this day and age. Why should a patient be getting one as soon as possible? Let's take a look here.

Emotional Support Animals Can Detect Changes In Behavior

The prime benefit an emotional support dog is able to bring into a patient's life is the ability to detect changes in behavior. Let's say a person has been acting as they would for a few days, but all of a sudden they have a panic attack. The dog will be able to sense this immediately and respond accordingly. This is a part of their training and is one of those benefits that shines through. It is one of those remarkable benefits that is needed for patients who are looking to find a source of calm during a time of need. If the emotional support dog is not there in the same case, the panic attack might worsen as there is no one to act. The emotional support dog can take on the role that is required and makes sure they can comfort the patient as needed for the situation. The dog can pick up subtle variations in behavior and notice when things are not going as expected. This can end up being more beneficial than anything else for the patient as they know there is someone present. As time goes on and the relationship develops, the emotional support dog is able to understand the variations more and more to a point of minor changes in behavior as well. This is a part of the appeal that comes along with these dogs and what they are able to do for patients around the world. Having one provide this benefit is hard to beat.

Comforting Presence

Having a comforting presence around can be a morale booster for people and is something that has been studied as a positive benefit. Those who are looking for a moment of relief or want to get away from their psychological condition are able to lean on the emotional support dog. This can make a real difference in their lives and is something that has to be taken into account. Knowing there is a comforting animal of this nature in your home is something that matters a lot to patients. It does not have to be an outward showing of emotion regarding the dog coming and sitting in a person's lap, but the idea of their presence and how comforting it can be to the mind. The goal is to comfort the mind and has this constant safety bubble including the support animal and what they bring to the table.


The main benefit of getting an emotional dog is the fact that you do not have to worry about them too much. They are consistent, and that is one thing that everybody needs in their life, having it any other way can be confusing and very hard to deal with. However, this is again just one of the main benefits that come along with getting an emotional dog. Many people need to understand that consistency is underrated and finding that through a dog is one of the easiest ways.

Dogs Can Be Trained

Emotional dogs go through critical training to ensure they know to treat and act in front of their owners. Their training is pretty long and complicated, but services will only offer you dogs that have done their time and are properly trained. Most services that are responsible for training these dogs spend a lot of time with them to ensure they can be emotionally there for the owners and provide them will all the needs that tey is expected to. If the service finds that a dog requires more training before sending him or her off, they will make sure they put in that extra effort.

Medically Proven To Help Humans

Doctors claim that an emotional dog has a huge positive effect on its owners and that there are various benefits of keeping one. For patients who are depressed and always feel cheap, these dogs will bring joy to their lives and help them with day to day tasks as well. It makes minute actions for their owners a lot easier, which end up adding up to a lot of joy and comfort. Doctors state that the statistics are in favor for those who are wanting to get emotional dogs and that it is an investment that is worth your money and your time to look into.

Enhance Social Behavior

An emotional dog can help its owner become more social. This is probably because the dog will help the owner become a lot more comfortable to go out. They will be able to feel a sense of safety as they will be aware that the dog will look after them and has gone through that strict training, so the dog is prepared. A lot of times when people do not have emotional dogs and are in need of them, they will isolate themselves and spend more time at home. Research has found that once these people end up getting emotional dogs their behavior changes. The people end up going out and socializing more; this results in them making more friends and also regularly staying in uplifted mood.

Reduce Outbursts

Patients who have a hard time also have a hard time when it comes to controlling and managing their emotions. A lot of times patients are in a bad mood, always getting angry and having tantrums. Little things tend to aggravate them and create outbursts at people. This can be hard for others to understand and deal with, which is why an emotional dog can help them out. An emotional dog will help reduce outbursts within patients as it will be able to understand the patient and what their needs are. A lot of times the patients are angry Becuase no one can give them the attention they require. By having a personal emotional dog half or more than half of the tension will be gone, which aids in reducing the stress and outburst altogether.

Provides Light At The End Of The Tunnel For Patients

A lot of patients find that their emotional dogs helped motivate them, they found purpose in finding and that nothing else was giving them that motivation. The emotional dogs would assist them to feel better after a long and tiring day of treatments and tests. For a lot of patients, it is a light at the end of the tunnel because after so much hard work they get something good out of it. They have gifted the love of a dog who understands them and their needs and loves them unconditionally.

Able To Spend Time Outdoors

Patients are not always able to go outside and spend time outside because of their illness or based on the date of treatment that they are getting. However, this should not be a reason as to why they are not able to enjoy the outdoors and socialize with people. However, by having an emotional dog they can do this because the dog has the correct training to handle any situation that may occur outdoors. Typically, patients without an emotional dog would avoid going outside because they would be scared for their safety and would find it too risky. However, with the help of their emotional dog a lot o, they find it a lot easier to step outside and do their day to day tasks without any trouble at all. Many states that it has changed their life altogether and explain how they cannot imagine their life without their emotional dog and how it was the biggest blessing for them in all of the chaos that they were or are dealing with. An emotional dog helps stabilize a patient mental health, which is such a huge part in thinking positive and feeling confident.

Reduction In Physical Symptoms

Emotional dogs do not only help their patients with when it comes to their mental health but a lot of different ways as well. Research showcases that these dogs are also able to help with their patient's physical health. This makes sense because the dogs promote their patients to be able to go out and be physically fit rather than locking themselves indoors and not getting enough movements. Even if this means that the dogs can promote the patients to take evening walks outdoors, that is great because it helps reduce a lot of the physical symptoms at they might be dealing with. Walking is ideal for patients who are going through tough treatments as it helps one keep moving and not getting used to the pain. The body is better off fighting the pain this way in comparison to any other method or manner. This is the perfect way for a patient to go outside and move their muscles and get their body moving, so it does not get used to being lazy and instead they can stay fit thanks to the help of their emotional dog. Overall, a loving dog is a blessing for a patient who is going through some hard treatments and needs some help. Not only does a loving dog assist the patients with their mental healthy by promoting positive vibes and keeping them happy, but they are also able to help keep them healthy physically. A lot of times patients who are going through treatments end up locking themeless eves ni their rooms or houses because they do not have the energy to move or find it unsafe because they are too fragile at this point. However, an emotional dog goes through several training methods to ensure they will be able to guide their patients in the outdoor, which makes the entire purpose of a loving dog. The patients are not able to be more realized, do their day to day activities without feeling pressured or unsafe all with the help of an emotional dog who they also can build a great connection with. Most patients who have gotten an emotional dog state that it is one of the best choices that they had chosen to make and how it had turned their life around. An emotional dog can help motivate patients in a positive manner.