EDSC Documents

How do I get a logon

You need to be a member of EDSC sailing club to access the site, most members already have accounts. 

Option 1)
If you have given EDSC your correct email address when signing up for duties the Password Reset option on the logon page should work. It will send you a password reset link which can be used to set you a password for the first time.  

Option 2)
If you are having problems with the above or need help then email webmaster@eastdorsetsailingclub.co.uk


But I have just joined  

It's likely we need to add you to the database please email webmaster@eastdorsetsailingclub.co.uk

How do I join EDSC

You can start with our online application to kick off the process click here https://edsc.typeform.com/to/b0SAqy