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Criminal law is one of the most intense careers there is today. Everyone wants to be a lawyer because they hear that you can earn a lot of money right? Well you earn based on what you’re worth. In criminal law you are defending and trying to prove an airtight logical case against another party on why you are right. Criminal law is not only about knowing the legal side of things but also you need to be able to sell yourself to obtain clients that will pay you. It is a mixture of protecting, preparing and making an emotional connection with all the people you serve. It’s having the confidence and determination to go out and win the best outcome for your client. Criminal law clients are going through a tough time in their life and they are depending on you to relieve some of the pressure. Depending on what you say in court or to the client can dramatically affect everything. With all this said, the number of student studying to become a criminal lawyer is just staggering and growing fast. A lawyer once that even after 25 years of experience it is still incredibly difficult for new students to find an opening and join this field. It takes a lot of persistence and determination to become a criminal lawyer and break out to find opportunity in this field. Criminal defence tends to be a lot of high volume legal aid work, which doesn’t really pay well. This is basically people who cannot afford to a lawyer with rely upon the government to help them afford someone. The best chance at a student becoming a lawyer is to go out and become an articling student. Sit down with other lawyers and meet them. Articling students provide assistant to criminal lawyer which will help build a connection with the student and lawyer which will possibly lead to opportunity. The secret is most lawyers offer a free consultation which means they are willing to give you their time. So many people rely on criminal lawyer and opportunity to come to them. But the criminal law student that is determined to become a lawyer will go out and create his own opportunity. Here are a few steps that new criminal law students can take to start to create opportunity for them: The first is simply meet with ten lawyers. Like mentioned above, lawyers offer free consultations which means they are willing to give you their time. This is a great opportunity to sit down with lawyers and see what they say, how they behave and what they do. You don’t necessarily need to be coming from a point of view of “hoping” that you can turn that into something. The point is to just start building a network of lawyers and learning how the experts react and respond to different situations. You can even go as far as saying that you are just looking for legal advice because you are not sure of the law yourself. This will allow you to ask open questions to the lawyer and see how responsive they are. Here is the secret, most students will not do this. Most people are trapped in their comfort zone of going out and meeting people and creating opportunity. Like mentioned above, it takes passions and determination to become a criminal lawyer and getting out of your comfort zone to meet expert lawyers is the first step. Even if you just did this alone, you could createan opportunity for yourself and move up. Imagine speaking to one lawyer per day (which again is free). At the end of the month ,you would have spoken to 30 lawyers. Out of those 30 lawyers, the chance of you developing a meaningful connection with a few of them to possibly open up othe pportunity to become an articling student for them in the future has just increased greatly. Not only that but you now have 30x more experience than every other criminal law student is to scared to take action. Which means you are now more comfortable and experienced doing one-on-one meetings with people which is essential if you want to become a criminal lawyer anyways. Taking action is one of the most effective things you can do if you want to become anything in life. Most people are paralyzed by fear and will always wait and pray that opportunity comes to them. The people that make it in this world are the people that make a decision on what they will do and go out and do it no matter how uncomfortable they feel. Being uncomfortable is what every successful person, not only lawyer, have experienced themselves. If you are a criminal lawyer wanting to make it in this ultra intense industry then stop wishing and go out and do it. Edmond Brown who is a Brampton criminal lawyer n has over 40 years of experience in this industry. This means that Edmond not only went out and became a criminal lawyer, but he’s stuck with it for 40 years continuously growing and becoming more effective because he is passionate about what he does. The new criminal lawyers that have the same determination will make it as well. The others that are just hoping and praying that things will workout for them will be stuck with whatever is left over. Edmond Brown Criminal Law 201 County Ct Blvd #602, Brampton, ON L6W 4L2 (905) 454-4141