Can i get pregnant straight after miscarriage

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I did mention on my previous post that I have a cousin and a sister who's on their way of becoming a mom, what I mean is pregnant.
Many mum’s often question whether sex is safe during pregnancy.They worry it will harm their unborn child. If you are planning on getting pregnant, you should be very cautious about the placement of any tattoo near the abdominal area.
The Lancet Oncology and The Lancet recently carried information on the safety of treating most cancers in pregnant women with chemotherapy.

If you are underweight  when you begin your pregnancy, you should gain slightly more than the average weight woman. Too many people emphasize it as the “be all end all” to determine the health of a pregnancy.
I know I have not put on an excessive amount of fat this month because I feel the gain in my breasts and belly. Yes, I have a small sweet treat every day and an extra more indulgent meal or two on the weekend, but its not enough to load an extra 5+ lbs of unhealthy weight on me.

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