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Abandon (v)to leave, to leave behindيتنازل عن / يهجر/ يترك
Abbreviation (n)the short form of a wordاختصار
Ability (n)the skill to do somethingمقدرة
Abnormal (adj)not normal غير سوي / شاذ
Aboard (adv)on or into (a ship, aircraft, train, or other vehicle)على متن الطائرة أو السفينة
Abolish (v)to put an end to somethingيلغي / يبطل
About (prep)on the subject of / near; close toعن أو تقريبًا
Above (prep)up فوق
Above all (prep)most important of allفوق كل شيء / فوق الجميع
Abroad (adv)in or to another countryخارج الدولة
Abrupt (adj)sudden, unexpected, something that happened without a planمفاجئ / غير مُتوقع
Absent (adj)away, missing, not presentغائب
Absolute (adj)complete, perfect, positiveكامل / مطلق / ثابت / لا ريب فيه
Absolutely (adv)completely, positivelyبكل ما في الكلمة من معنى / مئة بالمئة
Absorb (v)to suck up; to drink inيمتص / يتشرب
Abundance (n)more than enough; plentyوفرة / غزارة
Abundant (adj)many; much; a lot ofوافر / غزير
Academic (adj)learned; educatedجامعي / أكاديمي
Academy (n)a place for learning; collegeأكاديمية / مجمع علمي أو أدبي
Accelerate (v)move fast; speed upيزيد السرعة
Accept (v)to accept something; to understandيقبل / يرضى / يوافق على / يصدق
Access (n)if you have access to important files, you have the right to use themحرية الوصول إلى شيء أو الاقتراب منه أو استعماله
Accessory (n)an extra thing or itemثانوي / إضافي
Accident (n)something that happens without intention/planحادث مفاجئ / مصادفة
Accidental (adj)something that happens by chanceعرضي / غير جوهري / غير مقصود
Accidentally (adv)not intended; something that happens without intentionمصادفة / من غير قصد
Accompany (v)go together with; go along withيرافق / يصاحب / يلازم
Accomplish (v)to complete or finish somethingينجز / يتم / يكمل
Accord (v)If two or more things are in accord, they match or agree; agreementيلائم أو يوافق بين
According to (adv)in accord with; in agreement withإسنادًا إلى / حسب / وفقًا لــ
Account (n)you open a bank account; you put money in your bank accountحساب (بنكي)
Account for (v)to give reasons; to explain; to say why something happenedيشرح أسباب
Accumulate (v)to group things together; to put things with each otherيجمع / يكدس
Accumulation (n)to group things togetherتجميع / تكديس
Accuracy (n)free from mistakesضبط / دقة
Accurate (adj)if something is accurate, it is clear and free from mistakesمضبوط / دقيق
Accurately (adv)free from mistakesبشكل دقيق
Accuse (v)to say someone is at fault for doing something wrongيوجه تهمة أو يتهم
Accustomed to (adj)if you are accustomed to your work, you are used to it, you do it every dayمعتاد على
Ache (n)painألم خفيف / يتألم
Achieve (v)if you achieve a goal, you have completed what you planned to doينجز / يتم
Acid (n)a sour substance; lemon juice is acidحامض / لاذع / قارص
Acquire (v)to take; to get; to have يحرز / ينال / يكسب
Acre (n)bit of land; area; 4000 m2 (square meters)مقياس للمساحة يساوي 4000 متر مربع
Across (adv)from one side to the otherعبر من جانب إلى آخر
Act (v)to do something عمل / فعل / صنيع
Activate (v)to start somethingينشّط / يجهز
Active (adj)a person, thing or idea which is moving , in motion or changingعملي / فعلي
Activity (n)something that you do or something that is going onنشاط / فعالية / حيوية
Actor (n)a male person who performs in a filmممثل
Actress (n)a female person who performs in a filmممثلة
Actual (adj)existing now or realفعلي / واقعي
Actually (adv)something that is the truth or correctفي الواقع / حقًا / فعلًا
Actuate (v)to put something into motionيحرك / يشغل
Adapt (v)to adjust to new or changed conditionsيتكيف
Add (v)to join things togetherيضيف / يزيد
Add on (v)to join one thing to another يضيف على
Addition (n)act of joining one thing to anotherإضافة / زيادة
Additional (adj)more; extraإضافي
Additive (n)something which is addedإضافات / زيادات
Address (n)the location of the place where someone lives; what is your home address?عنوان بريدي
Adequate (adj)if something is adequate, it is good enoughكفاية / ما يكفي
Adhere (v)if one thing adheres to another, they stick to each otherيلتصق / يلتزم أو يتقيد بــ
Adjust (v)if you adjust something, you change it a little so that it fits or works betterيعدل / يضبط / يتحكم بــ
Adjust to (v)to adjust yourself to a new placeيتكيف مع المكان الجديد
Administer (v)to govern or manageيدير
Admiral (n)naval commanderأمير البحر / أميرال رتبة بحرية
Admire (v)to like something very much يعجب بــ
Admit (v)if you admit someone, you allow them to enter an area or a buildingيفسح مجال لــ / يسمح
Admonish (v)to warn someone stronglyيحث على / يذكر بــ
Adopt (v)to make something part of your own lifeيتبنى
Adult (n)a fully grown humanشخص بالغ
Advanced (adj)if something is advanced it has moved beyond the startمتقدم / عالي
Advances (v)to make something higher in position or rankيجعله أعلى مرتبة
Advantage (n)gain or benefit; anything that provides a more favorable positionفائدة أو ميزة جيدة
Adventure (n)an exciting or unusual experience مغامرة
Advertise (v)to provide public information about somethingيعلن أو يقوم بعمل دعاية
Advertisement (n)the act of advertisingإعلان
Advice (n)opinion about what could or should be done about a situation or problemنصيحة
Advise (v)to offer a suggestion about what should be done in a situationينصح
A few (adj)a small number of قليل (للأشياء المعدودة)
Affect (v)to produce a change in something, to make a difference to somethingتأثير أو يؤثر
Afford (v)to be able to do or have somethingيستطيع شراء شيء ما
Afraid (adj)to be filled with fearيخاف من
Africa (n)one of the continentsقارة أفريقيا
After (prep)next; laterبعد
Afternoon (n)the time between noon and eveningمساء أو بعد الساعة 12 ظهرًا
Afterwards (adv)at a later or future time; at a subsequent timeبعدئذ
Again (adv)if you do something again, you do it once moreتكرار / مرة أخرى
Against (prep)something that is going the other wayضد
Age (n)how old are you?العمر / السن
Ago (adv)before now or in the pastقبل
A good deal of not very large amountكمية لا بأس بها
A great deal ofvery large amount of somethingكمية كبيرة
Agree (v)to have the same opinion or viewsيوافق على
Agreeable (adj)something that is agreed uponيتم الموافقة عليه
Agreement (n)the act of coming to a mutual decisionاتفاقية
A green thumb a skill or talent for growing plants easilyفلاح ماهر
Aggressive (adj)someone or something that starts fightsعدواني
Ahead (adv)someone or something moving in a forward directionمتقدم
Ahead of (adv)in front ofمتقدم على
Aid (v)to give help; to provide helpيساعد أو يقوم بمساعدة / يسعف، إسعاف
Ailment (n)illness; sicknessمرض
Aisle (n)passageway/walkway between different sectionsممر (بين مقاعد الطائرة، السفينة، القطار)
Aim (v)point, targetالهدف / يهدف إلى
Air (n)aircrafts fly in the airالهواء / الجو / الفضاء
Air conditioner (n)a device for cool or hot air جهاز تكييف
Air conditioning (n)temperature and humidity produced by an air conditionerتكييف الهواء
Aircraft (n)a vehicle used for traveling through the airطائرة
Airline (n)a system or company for moving passengers by aircraftخط جوي
Airman / Airmen (n)an enlisted person of one of the lowest ranks; an aviatorجندي جوي / جنود جويون
Airman basic (n)an enlisted rank in the Air Force that is below airman and is used for recruitsرتبة جندي في الجوية
Airman first class (n)an enlisted person ranking above an airman and below a sergeantجندي أول جوية
Airplane (n)vehicles with wings that can flyطائرة
Airport (n)a place where aircraft can land and take offمطار
Airtight (adj)too tight for air or gas to enter or escapeمحكم السد / خال من نقاط الضعف
Alarm clock (n)a clock that can be set to ring at any particular time, as to awaken a personساعة منبه
Alcohol (n)Alcoholمادة الكحول
Alert (adj)quick in thought or action; watchful and ready; being awake; to warn in case of a raid حذر / يقظ / يحذر في حالة غارة جوية
Algebra (n)a type of math that focuses on abstract things in symbolic form مادة الجبر
Align (v)to bring into a straight line; adjust by lineيصف / يرصف / ينظم / يعدل
Alike (adj)like one another; similar; sameمتشابه / سواء / بالطريقة نفسها
A little (adj)a small number of; a small amount قليل / صغير
A little white lie to not tell the truthكذبة بيضاء صغيرة
A lot of (adj)many; much كثير من
Alive (adj)to have life or existحي / على الهواء
All (n)every one of: (all men must eat)جميعًا
All at onceall at the same time; all togetherكله مرة واحدة / جميعًا في وقت واحد
All by oneselfaloneلوحده / بنفسه
All in allgenerallyجملةً / في المجموع
All right (adj)OKحسنًا / أنا موافق
All of a sudden something that happens without any warning; quicklyفجأة / بشكل مفاجئ
All over (adj)everywhereجميعًا / في كل شيء
Allergic (adj)having an allergy; of or caused by allergyحساس / لديه حساسية لــ
Allergy (n)sneezing and itching are examples of allergyحساسية
Alloy (n)two metals combined together to give greater strength خليط معدني مكون من نوعين من المعادن
Ally (n)to unite two countries togetherيقيم علاقة بين شيئين / يحالف بين / يربط دولتين أو أكثر بمعاهدة
Along (adv)the car is driving along the roadعلى طول / على طول كذا
Along with (adv)in addition toمع
Alongside (prep)to be next to somethingجنبًا إلى جنب
Allow (v)to give permissionيسمح لــ
Allowance(n)if you get allowance, you get extra moneyعلاوة مالية / زيادة في الراتب
Almost (adv)very nearly but not completelyتقريبًا
Alone (adj)being apart from othersلوحده / بنفسه
A lot (adj)a large amount; muchكثيرًا
Alphabet (n)the letters in a language (A, B, C..... are examples of the English alphabet)الحروف الأبجدية
Already (adv)something that happened before a specific timeمسبقًا
Also (adv)in addition; tooأيضًا
Alternate (v)do or perform in turn repeatedly; give turns to; take in turnيتناوب / يتعاقب / يتردد
Although (conj)even though; (Although he was born in England, he speaks English very badly)مع أن / برغم أن
Altimeter (n)an instrument/device used to measure the altitude of an objectمقياس الارتفاع
Altitude (n)the height of an object or point in relation to sea level or ground levelالارتفاع
Altogether (adv)including everything or everyone; in totalمع بعض
Aluminum (n)a light silvery-grey metalمعدن الألمنيوم
Always (adv)at all timesدائمًا
Amaze (v)to surprise (someone)يندهش
Amazed (adj)to be surprised مندهش
Amazing (adj)to describe things that are just really goodمدهش / ممتع
Ambiguous (adj)not clear; not having one obvious meaningغامض / غير واضح
Ambulance (n)a vehicle equipped for taking sick or injured people to and from hospital, especially in emergenciesاسعاف، سيارة الإسعاف
Amendment (n)a small change to make something betterتعديل / تحسين / تنقيح
Ammunition (n)a supply or quantity of bullets and shellsذخيرة حربية
Among (prep)in the middle of; between بين (أكثر من اثنين)
Amount (n)a quantity of something; the total of a thing or things in number, size or valueيبلغ كذا
Amount to (v)equal; totalيساوي
Ample (adj)enough or more than enough; large in sizeمتسع / فسيح / وافر
Amplifier (n)speaker; loudspeakerالمضخم / المكبر
Amplify (v)to make or become greater or largerيضخم / يكبر
Amusement (n)fun; entertainment; enjoymentتسلية
Anesthetic (adj)a substance that makes you feel no pain; insensitivity to painدواء مخدر / مسكن
Angle (n)point where two lines meet; the position from which something is observedزاوية
Angry (adj)not calm; mad; to be in a negative moodغضبان / زعلان
Animal (n)any living organism other than humansحيوان
Ankle (n)the joint connecting the foot with the legكاحل / مفصل القدم
Another (pronoun)one more; an additional person or thing of the same typeآخر
Announce (v)to make a formal public statementيعلن
Annoy (v)make (someone) a little angry; irritateيضايق / يزعج / يغضب / يؤذي
Annoyed (adj)to be angry with somethingمنزعج
Annoying (adj)something that causes angerمزعج / مضايق
Anniversary (n)a date on which something important happens that is noted in some way each year after thatذكرى سنوية
Announcement (n)a formal public statementإعلان
Annual (adj)happening once every yearسنوي
Answer (v)you answer your phone when it rings; to reply to a questionيجاوب / جواب
Answering machine (n)a tape recorder that can record a message from the callerجهاز الرد الآلي
Answer sheet (n)you put your answers on the answer sheetورقة إجابة
Antarctica (n)a continent in the South Pole, completely covered by an ice shelf قارة غير مأهولة تقع حول القطب الجنوبي
Antenna (n)a wire used to transmit or receive informationهوائي
Anthem (n)the official song of a country to show national identityالسلام الوطني
Antifreeze (n)a liquid added to water to prevent it from freezingضد التجمد
Antique (adj)if something is antique, it is very old and valuableعتيق / قديم / من طراز قديم
Anthropolgy (n)the study of human originsالأنثروبولوجي: علم يبحث في أصل الجنس البشري / علم الإنسان
Any (adj)Do you have any questions? أي
Anybody (n)anyone; is there anybody in the class?أي شخص / أي انسان
Any longer (n)you can't take the course any longer, because you failed more than 3 timesليس بعد هذا الوقت
Anymore (n)any longerليس بعد هذا الوقت
Anyone (n)anybody; any person or peopleأي شخص
Anyplace (n)anywhere; Riyadh is hotter than anyplace elseأي مكان
Anything (n)any object, person, topic or ideaأي شيء
Anything else (n)anything more; (Do you need anything else?)أي شيء آخر
Anyway (adv)in any way; anyhowعلى أي حال
Anywhere (adv)in, at, or to any placeأي مكان
Apart (adj)of two or more people or thingsجزء
Apart from (adj)with the exception of; besidesجزء من
Apartment (n)a place where a person lives that may be part of a building containing other apartments; a flatشقة
Apologize (for/to) (v)to say sorry for doing something wrongيعتذر عن أو على
Apostrophy (n)what's this? (what is this?)إشارة دالة على اختصار
Appear (v)to become visible; to come into sightيبدو
Appearance (n)the way that someone or something looksمظهر
Appetite (n)need for foodشهية الأكل
Applaud (v)show approval or praise by clappingيصفق استحسانًا
Apple (n)a green or red skin fruitتفاحة
Appliance (electrical equipment) (n)air conditioners and refregirators are examples of appliancesأجهزة منزلية كهربائية
Apply (v)make a formal application or requestيقدم طلب / يستعمل / يخصص لغرض / يعبئ نموذج بالمعلومات
Appointment (n)an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and placeموعد / يعين / وظيفة / منصب
Application (n)the action of putting something into operationاستعمال أو تطبيق
Appoint (v)assign a job or role to someoneيعين / يوظف
Appointee (adj)a person who is assigned for a jobالمعين (في وظيفة)
Appreciate (v)be grateful for somethingيقدر صنيع شخص ما / يثمن / يقيم
Approach (v)come close to; come near to someone or somethingيقترب من / يصل
Appropriate (adj)something that is right for the purposeالصحيح
Approval (n)accepting something or permitting somethingالموافقة أو التصديق على
Approve (of) (v)If you approve of an action, event, or suggestion, you like itيصادق على / يوافق على
Approximately (adv)around; not completely accurate or exactتقريبًا
A quarter after/past/till/to (hour)(n)a quarter after/past six (6:15). A quarter till/to six (5:45).ربع بعد/بعد/حتى/إلى الساعة
Architect (n)a person who designs buildingsالمهندس المعماري / المخطط لمشروع ضخم
Area (n)a region or part of a town, a country, or the worldمنطقة
Area code (n)00966 is the area code of Saudi Arabiaرمز المنطقة
Argue (v)verbally disagree with someoneيجادل / يناقش بحدة
Argument (n)verbal exchange between people with opposite viewsجدال
Arm (n)part of the human body from the shoulder to the hand (noun). To provide weapons (verb).يد / ذراع / يسلح / يزود بالسلاح
Armed forces (n)a country's army, navy, and air forceقوات مسلحة
Armor (n)a protective covering that is used to prevent damageمدرع أو مدرعة / صفائح معدنية واقية
Article (n)a column in a newspaper or a magazine. A legal document.مقالة أو عمود في صحيفة أو جريدة / مادة النظام (حسب المادة 14 في ....)
Armchair (n)a chair with side supports for resting the armsكرسي (مقعد) بمسندين
Around (approximately) (adv)approximately; aboutتقريبًا
Around (adv)on every side of; almost; aboutحوالي / حول / في مكان / تقريبًا
Arrange (v)organize or make plans for something; to put things in orderينسق / يرتب / يقوم بعمل إجراءات
Arrest (v)when the police catch someone; to put in jailيقبض على / يدخله السجن
Arrival (n)a person or thing that reaches a placeالوصول
Arrive (v)to show up for something or to reach a destinationيصل إلى
Arrow (n)a sign that points in a particular direction, used to show where something isسهم
Art (n)human ability to make things in a creative wayفن / مهارة / فنون جميلة
Artery (n)the primary path to or from something; a blood vessel that carries blood away from the heartطريق رئيسية / شريان
Artificial (adj)something that is made by humans, not by natureصناعي / غير طبيعي
Artillery (n)very large guns that are moved on wheels or metal tracksسلاح المدفعية / علم استعمال المدافع
As (adv)to describe the purpose or quality of someone or somethingكما / مثل / كأن
As long as if; (you can take my car as long as you drive slowly)ما دام
As a matter of factactually; honestly; in fact; to tell the truthفي الواقع / في الحقيقة
As a resultthus; thereforeكنتيجة
As a result ofbecause of somethingكنتيجة لــ
As if like; as though; (It seemed as if the day would never end)مثل إذا
Ask (v)to make a requestيسأل
Asleep (adj)sleepingنائم
As soon asas fast as possible; immediatelyفي أسرع وقت
As thoughas ifمثل / تبدو / يبدو
As well asin addition; alsoباللإضافة إلى / أيضًا
Ascend (v)to go up; to rise; to climb يصعد / يرتفع / يعلو
Ascent (n)going up; rising; climbing up صعود / ارتفاع / علو
Asia (n)one of the continentsقارة آسيا
Ashtray (n)a container for cigarette ashesطفاية سجائر
Aspirin (n)a white drug used as a remedy for pain and feverأسبيرين
Assemble (v)to collect into one place or group; to fit together the parts of a machineيجمع أو يركب أجزاء آلة
Assign (v)to pick for a specific use or job (verb).يعين
Assignment (n)to pick for a specific use or job (noun).مهمة عمل
Assist (v)to help; to give support or aid (verb).يساعد
Assistance (n)the act of helping; giving support or aid (noun).مساعدة
Associate degree (n)academic degreeدرجة الزمالة (شهادة)
Assume (v)suppose; to take as trueيفترض
Assume responsibility (v)to take responsibilityيفترض المسؤولية / يتحمل المسؤولية
Assure (v)to be sure or certain; to provide a guarantee of somethingيؤكد
Astonished (adj)surprised; amazedيدهش / يذهل بشدة
Astonishing (adj)surprising; amazing; stunningالدهشة أو الذهول الشديد
At (time) (prep)to indicate time (be here at six o'clock)في الوقت، مثلًا في (الساعة الرابعة)
At (place) (prep)to indicate location (staying at a hotel) في (المكان)
At allin any way; completelyبشكل تام أو عام
At attention standing uprightاستعداد أمر عسكري
At faultto have done something wrongالمخطئ
At firstin or at the beginningفي البداية
Athlete (n)a person who is very good at sports or physical exerciseرياضي، الشخص الرياضي
Athletic (adj)relating to athletesخاص بالرياضة / رياضي
At lastin the end, eventually, finallyأخيرًا / في النهاية
At leastat the minimum; in any caseعلى الأقل
Atmosphere (n)the air in a particular place; the air surrounding the earthالجو / الغلاف الجوي
Atmospheric (adj)relating to the atmosphere (adjective)جوي / خاص بالجو
Atom (n)the smallest particle of an element (noun).الذرة: أصغر جزء في عنصر ما
Atomic (adj)relating to atoms (adjective). Extremely smallذري / شديد الصغر
At night the time from dusk to dawnفي الليل
At noonmidday; at 12 o'clockعند الظهر / وقت الظهر
At a timeduring one particular momentفي وقت
At onceright now; immediatelyفي الحال يعني الآن
Attach (v)to fasten or join one thing to anotherيحلق / يرفق بــ
Attack (v)to try to hurt, injure, or destroy (something or someone). A military attackهجوم / يهجم
Attempt (to) (v)to try to do somethingيحاول أن
Attend (v)to be present; to go toيحضر
Attendance (n)the number of people presentالحضور
Attention (n)to listen or watch carefully; the way a soldier stands with the body uprightالاستعداد
Attitude (n)heightالارتفاع
Attract (v)to draw to or toward something else, (a magnet attracts iron)يجذب
Attractive (adj)having the power or quality of drawing interestجذب / جاذبية / جذاب / فاتن / ساحر
Audience (n)the people who watch, read, or listen to somethingجمهور القراء أو المستمعين
Aunt (n)the sister of your father or motherعمة أو خالة
Australia (n)one of the continentsقارة أستراليا
Author (n)a person who writes many booksمؤلف (كتاب)
Authority (n)the power to control someone or somethingصلاحية / تفويض بالمسؤولية / النفوذ / الصلاحية للقيام بعمل ما
Authorize (v)to give power or permission to someone or somethingيسمح / يخول
Auto (n)something that works by itself (noun).آلي / أوتوماتيكي
Automatic (adj)something that works by itself without any help (adjective).يعمل أوتوماتيكيًا
Automobile (n)a car; a vehicle with four wheelsسيارة
Autumn (n)the season between summer and winter. Fallفصل الخريف
Auxiliary (n)to provide extra helpمساعد أو ثانوي
Available (adj)present or ready for useمتوفر / موجود
Avenue (n)a wide street with trees on both sidesشارع ذو أشجار كبيرة على الجانبين
Average (adj)a level typical of a group, class, or seriesمعدل أو متوسط
Aviation (n)the operation of aircraft (like airplanes or helicopters) الطيران / صناعة الطيران / الملاحة الجوية
Avoid (v)to keep away from somethingيتجنب
Awake (v)not sleepingمستيقظ
Award (n)to officially decide that someone should get something; to give a prize to someoneيحكم / مكافأة
Aware (adj)knowing and understanding a lot about somethingعلى علم أو معرفة بــ
Away (adj)far; faraway; distantبعيد
Awful (adj)very badسيء
Awfully (adv)badly; in a bad wayبشكل سيء
Awhile (adv)a short timeفترة زمنية
Awkward (adj)clumsy; lacking skillأخرق / غير بارع
Axis (n)centerمحور
Baby (n)a very young child - infantطفل رضيع
Bachelor's degree (n)a first degree at college or universityشهادة البكالوريوس
Back (adjective/noun) the part in the other direction from the front - rear - at or near the back of somethingالخلف / خلفي
Back (preposition) in the direction of the rear/back - behind somethingخلف
Back on one's feetrecoveredرجع بصحة جيدة
Backache (n)a pain in the back of your bodyألم في الظهر
Back and forth from side to side - moving forward and backwardجيئة وذهاب - رايح جاي
Backbone (n)bones along the center of the back - the most important part (of something)العمود الفقري او الجزء الاهم من شيء ما
Background (n)the history of something - experienceالخلفية لشيء ما/ تجارب المرء
Backyard (n)an area of land at the back of a houseالساحة الخلفية
Bacon (n)salted or smoked meat which comes from the back or sides of a pigلحم خنزير مملح او مقدد (محرم اسلاميا)
Bad (adj)not goodسيء
Badly (adv)in a bad wayبشكل سيء
Bag (n)a container with handles to carry things inحقيبة
Baggage (n)the bags and cases that people take when travelling - luggageأمتعة حقائب سفر (مجموعة حقائب) غير معدود
Bake (v)to make bread or cakes using an ovenيخبز
Baked (adj) food that is cooked in a very hot ovenمخبوز
Balance (n)to make different things equal ميزان/ تعادل بين الايجابي والسلبي
Bald (adj)having no hair or very little hair on the headأصلع
Ball (n)something that has a round shapeكرة
Ballet (n)type of dancingرقص الباليه
Banana (n)a yellow fruitموز نوع من الفاكهة
Band (n)strap on a watchسير الساعة الذي يلف على اليد
Bandage (n)a piece of cloth you put around the part of your body that is injured or hurtربطة لفة طبية
Bank (n)you keep your money in a bankبنك مصرف
Bar (n)a piece of something; a bar of chocolate/soapحبة من شيء مثلا صابونة او شوكلت
Bar (n)a strip to show the rank of the person - military stripe - insignia - rankرتبة عسكرية معدنية للضباط (امريكية)
Bar (n)piece of wood or metalعمود من الحديد او الخشب
Barbeque (n)to cook on a grill - grilled foodشوي/ مشوي
Barber (n)a person who cuts hairحلاق
Barbershop (n)you go to a barbershop to cut your hairصالون حلاقة
Bare (adj)having no cover - not wearing anything on the head عاري/ حاسر الراس
Barely (adv)hardly - almost notتقريبا/ بالكاد
Bargain (n) (v)good deal - good value/price - to ask for a discount/lower priceسعر مغري/ يفاصل بالسعر
Barn (n)a building on a farm for keeping crops and animalsمخزن للحبوب او حظيرة للماشية
Barometer (n)a device for measuring air pressure البارومتر جهاز لقياس الضغط الجوي
Barracks (n)group of buildings for soldiers to live inمعسكرات للسكن العسكري
Barrel (n)a large round containerبرميل
Barricade (n)a barricade is used to block/stop people from entering or leaving a place or areaمتراس/ حاجز/ عقبة
Base (n)a place where members of the military live and workقاعدة عسكرية
Base (n)to situate military peopleموقع ينقل اليه او يوضع فيه العسكريون
Baseball (n)a game in Americaكرة القاعدة لعبة امريكية
Base Exchange/BX (n)a building in military bases that have supermarket and post officeمبنى في القواعد العسكرية فيه سوق صغير وبريد
Basement (n)the part of a building that is below the level of the groundقبو دور تحت مستوى الارض
Basic (adj)main - primary - fundamentalأساسي
Basic training (military) (n)body and brain training of new military personnelالتدريب الاساسي
Basis (n)the starting point of something - principle - origin - primary elementعنصر أساسي/ اساس
Basketball (n)a game in Americaكرة السلة
Bat (sports) (n) a stick that is used to hit the ball in baseball or cricketمضرب كرة لبيسبول او الكريكت
Bath (n)washing the body with waterحمام
Bathe (v)to wash and clean your body with waterيستحم/ يغتسل
Bathroom (n)a room with a toilet and sink - restroomحمام
Bathtub (n)the place that you take a shower or a bath in it - a tub - a bathبانيو/ حوض الاستحمام
Battery (n)a device that is used to generate electrical energyبطارية
Battle (n)a fight or conflict with or without weaponsمعركة قتال
Battle dress uniform (BDUs) (n)a combat uniform - a uniform used only in battlesبدلة عسكرية خاصة بالمعارك
Beach (n)the sand area near the seaشاطئ
Beacon (n)a light or fire on the top of a hill or a tower that acts as a warning or signalنار (على تلة او برج) للتحذير/ منارة
Beam (n)electric lightشعاع (ضوء كهربائي)
Bean (n)a seed of different types of plantsلوبيا/ فاصوليا/ فول حبة
Beard (n)hair that grows on the faceذقن/ لحية
Bearing (adj)navigation/directionزاوية الاتجاه في الملاحة الجوية او البحرية
Beat / beat / beaten (v)to defeat someone in a game - to win a gameيهزم
Beautiful (adj)attractive - pleasing - wonderfulجميل
Beauty (n)good looks - a lovely person or thingجمال
Because (conj)giving the reason for somethingمن أجل/ بسبب
Because of (conj)to say that somebody/something is the reason for somethingبسبب الـ
Become (v)come to be, develop into, grow into, change into يصير/ يصبح
Become of (v)to begin to be, or come to be somethingيصبح من
Bed (n)for sleepingسرير
Bed rest (n)to relax and stay in bed because you are sickراحة تامة في السرير
Bedroom (n)a room for sleepingغرفة نوم
Be about to to be going to happen, or do something very soonعلى وشك
Be accustomed to something that is normal to you - used toمعتاد على
Be assigned to give someone a jobمعين على/ يعين على
Be back where someone or something was beforeيعود/ يرجع
Bear / bore / borne (n)to carry something - to have somethingيحمل
Be behind (in) late in time - not keeping up - slowمتأخر
Be born to come to life - brought into lifeيولد
Be charged with to accuse someone for his crimesيحاكم على (جريمة) لان التهمة ثابتة
Be composed of made from several thingsمضغوط
Beef (n)cow meatلحم البقر
Be fed up with supply with - provide withيغذى بواسطة
Be going to to show what somebody wants to do in the futureسوف او سـ (لعمل شيء بتخطيط مسبق)
Be in on somethingknow about somethingيعرف عن شيء
Be made (up) of made of - composed of مكون من
Be no use useless - not doing what is needed يكون بدون فائدة
Be promoted move up in rank or positionيترقى الى الرتبة الأعلى
Be stationed somewhere (military) assigning someone to a location or taskيتعين او يثبت في موقع عسكري
Be tosupposed/shouldالمفروض
Be unable to can't for ability/possibility يكون غير قادر على
Be up for promotion ready for promotionجاهز للترقية او مستحق لها
Be up on the news up-to-dateمتابع للأخبار اول بأول
Be up to doing something willing to doعلى استعداد للقيام بالعمل او المهمة
Be used to accustomed to - familiar with - comfortable withمعتاد على
Be able to can for ability/possibilityيستطيع ان يقوم
Be over finished/endedينتهي/ ينهي
Be supposed to shouldالمفروض
Beer (n)a drink - malt drinkبيرة (جعة) مشروب
Before (adv)ahead of - in advance of - at an earlier timeقبل
Before (adv) At a time in the past - already - previouslyمن قبل
Begin / began / begun (v)to start doing somethingيبدأ/ بدأ/ قد بدأ
Behave (v)to do or say things in a particular wayيسلك سلوك معين او يتصرف على نحو
Behavior (n)the way that you behave (act, talk, work, live)السلوك او التصرف
Behind (adv)in the back of somethingخلف
Believe (v)to think that something is trueيصدق/ يؤمن بـ
Believe (in) (v)having no doubt - knowing that something is trueيصدق بـ
Belief (n)something that you think is trueايمان/ ثقة/ عقيدة
Belong (v)be a part of something - be in the right placeينتمي
Belong to (v)the property of (someone) - owned by (someone)يخص/ ملك لـ (شخص ما)
Bell (n)ringing sound made by a bell (like a doorbell)جرس
Below (adv)in or to a lower place; beneath; under; lower thanأقل من/ في موقع أدنى/ دون
Belt (n)a strap for trousers / the belt inside car enginesحزام بنطلون/ سير الماكينة
Beneath (adv)under - down - belowأسفل/ من تحت
Bend / bent / bent (v)to make something curved - twist - flexيلوي/ يثني/ يعوج
Benefit (n)something good you get - interest - profit الفائدة
Benefit (v) to get something useful and goodيستفيد
Beneficial (adj)to get benefits - something useful - good for a reasonمستفيد/ مفيد/ نافع
Beside (prep) near, next to, by, alongsideبجانب
Besides (adv) make an extra point - in addition toبالإضافة الى
Best (adj)top - superior - most excellentأفضل/ أحسن
Bet (n)betting on the results of something - wagerرهان/ مراهنة
Bet (v)to place a wager - to bet on somethingيراهن على
Better (adj)something more acceptable/desirableأحسن من
Better / best (adv) in a more excellent/useful way - in the most finest/suitable wayأحسن/ الاحسن
Between (adv)of two things or people بين
Beyond (adv)on the far side - farther away ما وراء/ الى ما بعد
Bicycle (n)a vehicle with two wheels, one behind the other - a bikeدراجة هوائية
Big (adj)of great size - large - hugeكبير
Bike (n)a bicycleدراجة هوائية
Bill (paper money) (n)paper money (like 5 and 100 Riyals)عملة ورقية مثل فئة 5 ريال و100 ريال
Bill (statement) (n)a statement of account - printed record of account activityفاتورة كشف حساب
Biology (n)study of lifeالبيولوجيا (علم الاحياء)
Bird (n)animal with featherطائر/ طير
Birth (n)Date of birthميلاد/ مولد
Birthday (n)Day of birth يوم الميلاد/ عيد ميلاد
Bit (n)a small piece - part رهان
Bite (n)to have a small piece of foodقضمه (من أكل)
Bite / bit / bitten (v)bite with teeth - take baitيقضم/ يعض/ تعض (السمكة الطعم)
Bitter (adj)not sweet tasteمر (الطعم)
Black (adj)very dark color - opposite of whiteاسود
Blade (n)the cutting edge of a knifeالجزء الحاد من السكين
Blame (v)to say (someone or something) is responsible for a fault or wrong يلوم/ اللوم
Blanket (n)a covering on a bed to keep you warmبطانية لحاف
Blast (n)explosion - detonation - blowing upانفجار
Bleed / bled / bled (v)lose blood from the body because of injuryينزف/ نزف/ قد نزف
Blind (adj/v) unable to see - to be unable to seeأعمى
Blip (n)something seen on a RADARهدف يظهر الرادار (يعني طائرة او سفينة)
Block (n)US building area for giving directionsبلوك يعني منطقة (سكنية) او ما شابه ذلك، محاطة بأربعة شوارع
Blond / blonde (adj) having yellow hairأشقر
Blonde (n) a person with a yellow hairشقراء
Blood (n)the red liquid in a human bodyدم سائل احمر اللون
Blood count (n) to know the number of red or white blood cells حساب كريات الدم البيضاء والحمراء
Blood pressure (n)the pressure of the blood in the human bodyضغط الدم
Bloom (v) produce flowers - come into flower - blossomتتفتح الازهار
Blossom (n/v) flowers on a tree - produce flowersتفتح/ انفتاح الازهار/ زهرة الشجرة المثمرة
Blouse (n)shirt for womenبلوزة ملابس
Blow / blew / blown (v)move by air - air current - windينفخ الهواء/ تهب الرياح
Blow out (a candle) (v)to put out using air current - extinguishانطفأت الشمعة
Blow up (explosives) (v)explode, detonate as in TNTينفجر (متفجرات)
Blue (n)the color of the sky or the seaأزرق
Blunt (adj)not sharp - not having a sharp edgeغير حاد
Blurry (adj) not clear - not visible - dull - foggyغير واضح/ ضبابي
Board (n)a board used in a classroom to write on itلوح السبورة
Board (v)get on or into (a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle)يصعد على متن
Board (n)wooden building materialلوح خشبي
Boat (n)A small vessel for travelling over waterقارب سفينة
Body (n)shape - figure - physical structure of somethingجسم
Bodybuilding (n) to grow/enlarge/strengthen body muscles with exercises (gym)بناء الجسم
Boil (v)heat - whan water bubbles because of heatingيغلي
Bolt (n)a large metal pin/screw used to fasten things togetherبرغي كبير
Bomb (n) a container filled with explosive materialقنبلة
Bone (n)a hard white material in humans and animals - skeletonعظم
Book (n) printed paper that are held together inside a coverكتاب
Booklet (n)a book with few pagesكتيب
Bookcase (n)a cabinet with shelves to hold booksحافظة كتاب (يوضع بها الكتاب)
Booth (n)a small place you sit in that gives you privacy (computer booth)مكان جلوس الطالب في معمل اللغة
Boost (n) increase - improvement - uplift - a push from belowتقوية/ تعزيز
Boost (v)increaseيقوي/ يعزز
Boots (n)shoes حذاء
Border (n)a line separating two countriesحدود
Bore (v)drilling a holeيخرق/ يحفر فتحة
Bored (adj)not having fun - with nothing to doمتملل/ طفشان
Boring (adj)not interesting - dullممل
Borrow (v)take and use (something) that must be returned - take as a loan (and pay it back later)يقترض/ يتسلف
Boss (n)a person who is in charge of a worker - a person in control of a groupرئيس
Botany (n) the study of plantsعلم النبات (علم دراسة النبات)
Both (adj) two people or things togetherكلاهما
Both (pronoun) each one of two things or peopleكلاهما
Both ... and ... (conj)I like both the hotel and the foodكلا...... و
Bother (v)annoy, worry, disturb, or upset (someone)يزعج او يضايق
Bottle (n)bottle of water - container for drinksقارورة/ غرشه
Bottom (adj)The lowest point or part of somethingأسفل الشيء
Bounce (v)move in a different direction after hitting somethingيرتد
Bow (of ship) (n)the front part of a boat or shipمقدمة السفينة
Bowl (n)soup/salad/pasta bowl - a round container for foodاناء الشربة/ زبدية
Box (n)carton - containerصندوق
Boy (n)a male child or youthولد
Bracelet (n)band or chain worn on the wrist or armسوار يدوي
Brain (n)the organ of the body in the headمخ
Brake (n) a device for slowing or stopping a vehicleفرامل/ مكابح
Branch (n)part of military; Army, Navy, Air Forceأحد أفرع القوات المسلحة
Brand (n)make of a productالنوع
Brass (n)high rank officersرتب عسكرية (كبار الضباط)
Brave (adj)feeling or showing no fear : not afraidشجاع
Bread (n)a baked food made from a mixture of flour and waterخبز
Break (n)restاستراحة من العمل
Break / broke / broken (v) shatter - smash - separated into pieces (damaged)يكسر/ كسر/ مكسور
Break down (v)machine/equipment problemتعطل آلة عن العمل
Breakdown (n)machine/equipment problemتعطل آلة عن العمل
Break in (v)to break in (on someone) means to interruptيقاطع
Breakfast (n)the morning meal - the first meal of the dayفطور
Breathe (v)take air into the lungs and then let it out - inhale and exhaleيتنفس
Breeze (n)gentle wind - a thing that is easy to do - easy taskنسيم/ سهولة/ يسر
Bridge (n)a road over something - something that connects different thingsجسر
Brief (adj/v) short - not long مختصر/ قصير
Briefing (n)a quick and short meetingاجتماع قصير وسريع
Brigadier general (n)a rank of officer above colonelعميد (رتبة عسكرية)
Brilliant (adj) very bright - flashing with lightمتألق
Bring / brought / brought (v)to come with (something or someone) to a placeيحضر/ أحضر/ مُحضر
Bring back (v)return somethingرجّع/ أعاد الشيء الى مكانه
Bring something up mention somethingأذكر هذا الشيء
Bring about causeيسبب
Broke (adj) having no money - bankruptمفلس/ لا يملك مال
Bronze (n)a metal made from copper and tinنوع من المعادن
Broom (n)a brush with long handle used for sweeping floors (cleaning)مكنسة
Brother (v)a male who has the same parents as you - you and your brother have the same parentsأخ
Brunch (n)late breakfast / early lunchفطور متأخر او غداء متقدم
Brunette (n)a girl or woman with dark hairامرأة ذات شعر داكن
Brush (n/v) an object for cleaning things - to clean something with a brushيستخدم فرشة للتنظيف/ فرشاة
Bubble (n)small ball of airفقاعة
Buckle up (v)fasten your seat beltأربط حزام الأمان
Bug (n)insectحشرة
Build / built / built (v)to make something by joining things togetherيبني/ بنى/ مبني
Builder (n)a person who builds or repairs houses and other buildings - construction workerالمقاول/ الذي يقوم ببناء البيت
Building (n)a structure that has a roof and walls, like a house or a factoryبناية/ عمارة
Bull (n)a male animal of the cow familyثور
Bullet (n)a small piece of metal which is fired out of a gun - shot رصاصة
Bulletin board (n)a board hanged on a wall to give information about something - notice boardلوحة الأوامر
Bumpy (adj)rough, uneven or bouncy road - a road with a lot of bumps on itمليء بالمطبات (طريق)
Bundle (n)things that are tied together or wrapped in a cloth or bagربطة
Bureau (n)an office or government department - the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)مكتب
Burn (v)If you burn something, you destroy or damage it with fireيحرق
Burn (a CD) (v)to write content to a CD (computer)ينسخ سي دي (قرص مرن)
Burn down (a building) (v)to completely destroy (a building) by fireيحرق
Burst / burst / burst (v)explode - blow up - break - splitينفجر
Bus (n)a large vehicle that takes people from one place to anotherحافلة
Bus stop (n)a place on a road where buses stop to let passengers on and offموقف الحافلة (باص)
Business (n)Business is the production, buying, and selling of goods or services - tradingأعمال تجارية
Businessman (n)a man who works in businessرجل أعمال
Businesswoman (n)a woman who works in businessسيدة أعمال
Busy (adj)not free to do anything else - having a lot of things to doمشغول
But (conj)on the contrary - on the other hand - except for the factولكن
Butter (n)a soft yellow substance made from creamزبدة
Button (v/n) to push a button through the holes of a shirt - hook - clipيزرر/ أزرار الملابس
Button / push button (v)vending machine selectorمفتاح يعمل بالضغط
Buy (v)If you buy something, you get it by paying money for itيشتري
By (prep) with the help of - through - viaبواسطة
By (multiply) multiply (math) - multiply by (5 multiplied by 5 = 25) - multiplyingالضرب (X) عملية حسابية
By accident by chance, without being plannedبالصدفة
By air travel by air - travelling by or using planesبالجو/ جوي/ رسالة بالبريد الجوي
By chance Something that happens by chance was not planned by anyone - accidentallyبالصدفة
Bye (n)saying goodbye; bye-byeمع السلامة
By hand with your hands - using your hands - by manualباليد/ يدويا/ باستعمال اليد
By means of by way of, using, through, via - with the use or help ofالطريقة التي
By way ofby means of - If you do something by way of a particular method, you use that method to do itبالطريقة التي
Cabin (n)small wooden rural houseكوخ
Cabinet (n)a piece of furniture that is used for storing things and usually has doors and shelvesخزانة
Cable (n)a rope, wire or chainسلك، كابل
Cadet (n)a military studentطالب عسكري
Café (n)a shop that sells coffeeمقهى
Cafeteria (n)a place where people get food; a restaurantكافيتيريا
Cake (n)a baked food made from a sweet batter or doughكعكة
Calculate (v)to find by adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividingيحسب
Calendar (n)a chart showing the days, weeks, and months of the yearتقويم
Calf/calves (n)young cowعجل
Calibrate (v)to adjust or mark somethingفحص
Calipers (n)measuring toolفرجار
Call (v)to make a call with a telephoneيتصل
Call (up) (v)to call someoneيتصل على
Call back (v)to call someone backيعاود الاتصال
Call someone down (v)to summon someoneينادي
Call for something (v)to ask for somethingيطلب شيئا
Call in someone to work (v)to ask for someoneيستدعي
Call off (v)cancelيلغي
Call on (v)visit/contact someoneيدعو، يزور
Call up (v)telephoneيتصل بـ
Call up (v)military service, to summonاستدعاء
Callous (adj)not feeling or showing any concern about the problems or suffering of other peopleفظ، غليظ القلب
Calm (adj)a quiet and peaceful state or conditionهادئ
Calm (down) (v)to become still and orderlyإهدأ
Camera (n)a device that is used for taking photographsكاميرا
Camouflage (n)a way of hiding something by painting it or covering it with leaves or branches to make it harder to seeتمويه
Campaign (political) (n)a series of activities designed to produce a particular resultحملة عسكرية
Can (container) (n)a closed metal containerعلبة
Can (request) (v)can you tell me your name?يطلب
Can (permission) (v)can I go home please?طلب الإذن
Can (ability) (v)can you open the door?يستطيع
Can (possibility) (V)My friend can visit me this weekيمّـكن
Can opener (n)a device that is used in the kitchen to open cans of foodفتاحـة العلب
Cannot = can't (v)can not - I can't see in the darkلا يستطيع
Can't stand (v)to hateلا يحتمل
Can't be (v)not possibleإستحالة
Can't help oneselfnot able to control oneselfلا يستطيع التحكم في ذاته
Canada (n)a country in North Americaدولة كندا
Cancel (v)to stop doing somethingيلغي
Candidate (political) (n)a person who is trying to be electedمرشح
Candidacy (n)the position of a person who is trying to be electedترشيح
Candle (n)a stick of wax you can burn to give lightشمعة
Candy (n)sweetsحلوى
Candy bar (n)Twix and KitKat are candy barsالحلوى
Cantankerous (adj)angry and annoyed; one who makes troubleمشاكس
Cap (n)a piece of clothing you wear it on you headقبعة
Capability (n)the ability to do somethingإستطاعة
Capable (adj)able to do somethingيستطع
Capacity (n)the ability to hold or contain people or thingsقدرة
Capital letter (n)the big letters like A, B, C .......الأحرف الكبيرة
Captain /Capt./ (n)a military leaderنقيب، مسئول
Capture (v)to take and hold someone as a prisonerقبض على
Car (n)a vehicle moving on wheelsسيارة
Carbon dioxide (n)a gas that is produced when people and animals breathe outثاني أكسيد الكربون
Card (banking) (n)a piece of thick plastic that has information about your bank accountبطاقة
Care (v)to feel interest in somethingإهتمام
Care about someone/something (v)a feeling of liking for someone or somethingيهتم بشخص أو شيء
Care for someone (v)to provide helpيعتني ب
Career (n)a job or professionمهنة
Careful (adj)using care - a careful driverحذِر
Carefully (adv)using care - drive carefullyبحذر
Careless (adj)not using care : not carefulلا مبالي
Carelessly (adv)not using care : not carefulبلا مبالاة
Cargo (n)something that is carried from one place to another by boat, airplane, etc.شحن
Carpenter (n)a worker who builds or repairs wooden thingsنجار
Carpet (n)a heavy fabric cover for a floorسجاده
Carrot (n)the long orange root of a plant that is eaten as a vegetableجزر
Carry (v)to move (something) while holding and supporting itيحمل
Carry on (v)continueيستمر
Carry out something (v)do somethingينفذ
Cartoon (n)a series of drawings that tell a storyرسوم متحركة
Cartridge (n)ammunition; bulletsذخائر
Case (police) (n)a civil or criminal suit or actionحالة، قضية
Case (n)ammunition; bulletsغلاف الذخائر
Cash a check (v)to get cash in your handيصرف شيك
Casing (n)something that covers or enclosesتغليف
Cash (n)ready moneyنقد
Cashier(n)a person who is responsible for giving out or taking in money (as in a bank or store)أمين الصندوق، محاسب
Cassette (n)audio tape or videotapeشريط كاسيت
Cat (n)an animalقط
Catalog (n)a list of items in a bookفهرس
Catch / caught (v)to catch a cold/ caught a cold/ the fluيمرض
Catch a fish (v)to bring out fish from waterيصطاد
Catch on to something (v)learn how to do somethingيتعلم
Catch up with someone (v)reach and get level with someoneيصل إلى مستوى شخص
Catch up on work/studies (v)get up-to-date with somethingيلحق
Category (n)a group of people or things that are similar in some wayفئة
Caterer (n)a person who provides food and drinkمتعهد الأغذية
Cattle (n)animals like cows, bulls and calvesماشية
Cause (n)reasonسبب
Caution (n)warningإحذر
Caution (v)a warning telling someone to be carefulيحذر
Cautious (adj)one who is carefulشخص حذر
Cautiously (adv)carefullyبحذر
Cavity (n)a hole or space inside somethingتجويف
CD (n)a round diskأسطوانة
Ceiling (n)the overhead surface of a roomسقف
Celebrate (v)to do something special for an important eventيحتفل
Celebration (n)to do something special for an important eventاحتفال
Celsius (C) (n)a thermometer scaleدرجة حرارة
Cement (n)a soft gray powderإسمنت
Cemetery (n)a place where dead people are buriedمقبرهـ
Cent (n)1 dollar is 100 centسنت
Center (n)middleمركز، وسط
Centigrade (n)Celsiusدرجة حرارة
Centimeter (cm) (n)1 meter is 100 centimeterسنتيميتر
Central (adj)in the middle of somethingمركزي
Century (n)a period of 100 yearsقرن
Cereal (n)a breakfast food made from grainحبوب الإفطار
Ceremony (n)a formal act or event - e.g. graduation ceremonyاحتفال
Certain (n)having no doubts; sureمتأكد
Certainly (adv)without doubtبالتأكيد
Certificate (n)a document which shows that you own somethingشهادة
Chain (n)metal rings connected to each otherسلسلة
Chain of command (n)positions of rank ordered from lowest to highestسلسلة القيادة
Chair (n)a seatكرسي
Chapel (n)a small churchكنيسة
Challenge (n)to test the ability, skill, or strength of (someone or something)تحدي
Chamber (n)firearmتجويف
Chapter (n)one of the main sections of a bookوحدة، فصل
Chance (n)the possibility that something will happenفرصة
Change (v)replace something; to become differentيغير
Change (money) (v)if you have two 50 riyals, you have a change of 100يصرف
Change (of weather) (n)daily changes in the weatherيتغير (الطقس)
Change one's mind to change opinion or decisionيغير رأيه
Channel (n)a television or radio stationقناة
Character (n)someone's personalityشخصية
Characteristic (n)showing the special qualities of a person, thing, or groupصفة مميزه
Charge (n)to show someone's crimesتهمة
Charge (v)priceتكلفة
Charge (n/v)to give an amount of electricity to (something)يشحن
Charge (legal-police) (n)accusationتهمة
Charming (adj)very pleasing or appealingجذاب
Chart (n)information in the form of a table, diagram, etc.رسم بياني
Cheap (adj)not costing a lot of moneyرخيص
Check (v)to look at something carefully to find mistakes or problemsيتحقق
Check (n)bill at a restaurantفاتورة
Check (money/banking) (n)a piece of paper that is used to make a paymentشيك
Checkbook (n)a book containing checks for use with a checking accountدفتر شيكات
Checking account (n)a bank account from which you can take money by writing checksحساب
Check in (hotel) (v)you have to check in first to stay at a hotelنزل في فندق
Checkup (medical) (v)an examination of a person made by a doctorفحص طبي
Check off (weapon) (v)to look at (something) carefully to find mistakes, problems, etc.يفحص سلاح
Check out (hotel) (v)to leave your room in a hotelخروج من فندق
Check out (visit somewhere) (v)to visit somewhereزيارة مكان ما
Checked out on (v)trainedيدرب
Check up on someone (v)monitor someoneيراقب شخص
Cheer up (v)to become happierيبتهج
Chemical (adj)relating to chemistryكيمائي
Chemistry (n)a science that studies substance/matterكيمياء
Cherry/cherries (n)a small round fruit that is usually red or blackكرز
Cheese (n)a yellow or white food that is made from milkجبنة
Chest (n)a box or caseصدر
Chewing gum / gum (n)candy that you chew on but do not swallowلبان، علك
Chicken (n)a bird that is raised by people for its eggs and meatدجاج
Chief (n)the leader of a group of peopleرئيس
Chief master sergeant (n)a non-commissioned officer ranking above senior master sergeant and below warrant officerرقيب
Chief petty officer (n)the rank above chief master sergeantرقيب أول
Chief warrant officer (n)a rank above warrant officer and below the lowest-ranking commissioned officerرئيس رقباء
Chiefly (adv)mainly or mostlyخصوصًا
Child (n)a young personطفل
Children (n)plural of childأطفال
Childhood (n)the period of time when a person is a childطفولة
Chill (n-medicine)a cold feelingبرد
Chill (v)cheer upابتهج
China (n)a nation in East Asiaالصين
Chinese (adj)the people of Chinaالصينية
Chip (n)small piece; microchipرقاقة صغيره
Chip in (v)contribute money to somethingيشارك
Choke (v)to become unable to breatheيختنق
Chocolate (n)a food that is made from cacao beansشوكولاتة
Choice (n)the act of choosing; the act of picking between two or more thingsخيار
Choose (v)to make a choiceيختار
Chop down trees (v)to cut down treesيقطع أشجار
Chopper(n)helicopterطائرة مروحية
Cigarette (n)a small roll of paper that is filled with cut tobacco and smokedسيجارة
Circle (n)a perfectly round shapeدائرة
Circle (v)to form a circle around (something)ضع دائرة
Circuit (n)electric currentدائرة كهربائية
Circulate (v)to move without stopping through a system, place, etc.تدور
Circumference (n)the outer line of a circleمحيط الدائرة
City (cities) (n)a place where people liveمدينة
Citizen (n)a person who legally belongs to a countryمواطن
Civilian (n)non-military personمدني
Claim (v)ask for somethingيطالب
Class (n)type - brand - sort - kindفئة
Classroom (n)you learn in a classroomفصل دراسي
Class A uniform (n)type A clothesلبس من الطراز (أ)
Classic (adj)oldقديم
Classical (adj)of a kind that has been respected for a long timeكلاسيكي
Classified (adj)kept secretسري
Classified Section amsll newspaper advertisementsاعلانات
Classify (v)to put things into groupsيصنف
Clean (adj)free from dirtنظيف
Clean (up) (v)the process of cleaning somethingينظف
Cleaners (n)dry cleaners for clothesمغسلة
Clear (weather) (adj)not having any clouds, fog, etc.جو صافي
Clear up (weather) (v)make clearيصفو الجو
Clear away (v)tidy up; removeيزيل، ينقح
Clearance (n)the space/gap between two thingsتصفية
Cleaver (v)heavy butcher knifeساطور
Clerk (n)a person who keeps recordsكاتب
Clever (adj)a smart personذكي
Click (v)to click on a mouse/computer keyانقر
Client (n)customerزبون
Cliff (n)a high, steep surface of rock, earth, or iceجرف، منحدر صخري
Climate (n)the usual weather conditions in a particular place or regionمناخ
Climb (v)to go up using your feet and handsيتسلق
Clinic (n)a place where people get medical helpعيادة
Clock (n)a device that shows what time it isساعة
Clockwise (adv)in the direction that the hands of a clock moveاتجاه عقارب الساعة
Close (v)to cover the opening of (something)يغلق
Close an account (v)to stop using an accountيغلق حساب
Close to (v)next toقريب
Closed (adj)not openمغلق
Closet (n)a small room or cabinet used for storage spaceخزانة
Cloth (n)thin material made from cotton or polysterقماش
Clothes (n)what people wear such as shirts, pants, socks, etc.ملابس
Clothing store (n)a store for selling clothesمتجر للملابس
Cloud (n)a white mass in the sky that is made of waterغيم
Cloudy (adj)having many clouds in the skyمغيم
Club (n)social meeting placeنادي
Clumsy (adj)moving or doing things in a very awkward wayغير بارع
Clutch (n)pedalدواسة، كلاتش
Coach (n)a person who teaches and trains an athlete or performerمدرب
Coach (v)to teach and train an athlete or performerيدرب
Coarse (n)having a rough quality; not fineخشن
Coast (n)the land along or near a sea or oceanساحل
Coat (n)a cloth you wear to keep you warmمعطف
Coat (n)a thin layer of paint covering a surfaceطلاء، صبغ
Coat (v)to cover with a thin layer of paintيطلي، يصبغ
Coated (adj)covered with paintمطلي
Cockpit (n)the area in a boat, airplane, etc., where the pilot or driver sitsمقصورة طائرة
Code (n)secret writing methodرموز سرية
Coffee (n)a dark brown drink made from ground coffee beans and boiled waterقهوة
Coffee table (n)a small table to put your cup of coffee onطاولة قهوة
Coil (n)part of car engine ignition systemكويل
Coil (n)a wire, rope, etc.سلك موصل
Coin (n)a small and round piece of metal used as moneyعملة، قطعة معدنية
Cold (n)having a feeling of low body heatزكام
Cold (adj)having a very low temperatureبارد
Collapse (n)when a person falls downينهار
Collect (v)to get things and bring them togetherيجمع
Collection (n)a group of objects brought togetherمجموعة
College (n)a place you study at to get a bachelor's degree or an associate's degreeكلية
Collide (v)to hit something or each other with strong forceيصطدم
Collision (n)a crash in which two or more things or people hit each otherاصطدام
Colonel /Col./ (n)a military officer who ranks above a majorعقيد
Color (n)red, blue, green, yellow, etc. are all colorsلون
Column (n)written items in a magazineعمود في صحيفة
Comb (n)to make hair neat and smooth with a combيمشط
Combat (n)active fighting especially in a warقتال
Combine (v)to cause two or more things to be together or to work togetherيجمع
Combination lock (n)the code used to unlock thingsرمز القفل
Combustion (n)the act of burningإحراق
Come (v)to move toward someone or somethingيأتي، يحضر
Come back (v)to returnيعود
Come in (v)enterيدخل
Come over (v)visit someoneيزور
Come across (v)find something unexpectedlyيصادف
Come along with someone (v)to accompany someoneيرافق
Come by (v)pay a short visitيزور
Come down with an illness (v)become sickيمرض
"Come on"(v)let's go, make a showing, start running, progress,come near"هيا"
Come out (v)publish newspaper/magazinesينشر
Come to (v)amount to/totalتوصل إلى (نتيجة)
Come up with (v)think of somethingيخطر بفكره
Comedy (n)a play, movie, television program, novel, etc., that is meant to make people laughفكاهة
Comics (n)children's magazinesمجلة فكاهية
Comfortable (adj)allowing you to be relaxedمريح
Comma (n)a punctuation mark , that is used to separate words or groups of words in a sentenceفاصلة
Commander (n)a person who is in charge of a group of peopleقائد، ضابط بحرية
Comment (n)to give your opinion about somethingيعلق على
Commerce (n)the buying and selling of goods and servicesتجارة
Commercial (adj)related to or used in the buying and selling of goods and servicesتجاري
Commissary (n)a person entrusted with responsibility; delegate - a store on a military baseمندوب
Commissioned officer (n)an officer who has a low rank in the armyضابط مفوض
Commit a crime/offense (v)do something illegalيرتكب جريمة
Commit soldiers/army (v)send to warيرسل جنود
Common (adj)popular, widespreadشائع
Communicate (v)transmit informationيتواصل
Community (n)a group of people living in a particular local areaمجتمع
Company (n)businessشركة
Company (n)socializingيرافق
Compare (v)to say that (something) is similar to something elseيقارن
Comparatively (adv)by comparison to something else; relativelyنسبياَ
Compartment (n)a small space for storageرف
Compass (n)a device that is used to find directionبوصلة
Compensate somebody (v)pay money to cover lossesتعويض
Compensate for (v)to try to correct/reduce a problemعادل
Competent (adj)having the necessary ability or skills; able to do something wellمختص
Compile (v)to create by gathering things; to put togetherيجمع
Complain (v)to say you are not happy or that you do not like somethingيتذمر
Complete (v)to finish making or doing somethingيكمل
Complete (adj)not lacking anythingاكتمال
Complex (adj)not easy to understand or explain : not simpleتعقيد
Complicate (v)make something more difficultيعقد
Complicated (adj)something that is difficultمعقّد
Compliment (n)a remark that says something good about someone or somethingإثناء، إطراء
Compliment (v)to say nice things about someone or somethingيثني على
Component (n)one of the parts of somethingمحتوى
Composite (n)made of different parts or elementsمركب
Compound (n)a word formed by combining two or more wordsكلمة مركبة
Comprehension (n)ability to understandفهم
Compressor (n)a machine that compresses air or gasضاغط
Compulsory (adj)required by a law or rule; mandatoryإجباري
Compute (v)to find out something by using mathematical processesإحصاء
Computer (n)machine that computes; machine that processes dataحاسب
Conceal (v)to keep something secretكتم
Conceited (adj)having or showing too much pride; arrogantمتغطرس
Concept (n)an idea of what something is or how it worksمفهوم
Concentrate (v)to give your attention to the thing you are doingيركز
Concern (n)a feeling of worryقلق، اهتمام
Concern (v)to make someone worriedيقلق، يهتم
Concerned (adj)worriedمهموم
Concerning (prep)relating to something or someone : aboutبخصوص
Concert (n)a public performance of musicحفلة موسيقية
Conclude(v)to stop or finish : to come to an endيختم
Concrete (adj)being real and usefulجوهري
Condense (v)to change from a vapor or gas into a liquid (as by cooling)يكثف
Condensation (n)the change of a vapor or gas to a liquidتكثيف
Condolence (n)a feeling of sadness on the death of someone's family member or friend - Expression of sympathyتعازي
Confidence(n)a feeling of trust or belief in (someone or something)ثقة
Confident (adj)showing that you have confidence - feeling sure of yourself واثق
Confine (v)to prevent someone from leaving - to keep within limits حجز
Conflict (n)a fight or disagreement (between ideas or interests)نزاع
Conflict (v)to disagree with someone - to say opposite thingsينازع
Congratulate (v)to tell somebody that they did a good jobيهنئ
Considerable (adj)important - significantهام
Consideration (n)thinking carefully about something you will make a decision aboutآخذ بعين الاعتبار
Conduct (electrical) (v)to allow (heat or electricity) to move from one place to anotherيوصل
Conduct (behavior) (n)the way a person acts/behaves - a person's behaviorإدارة
Conductor (electrical) (n)a material that allows heat or electricity to go through itموَصل
Confirm (v)to show that something is true or correct - approveيؤكد
Confuse (v)to make someone unable to understand يرتبك
Confused (adj)a person who cannot think clearlyمرتبك
Confusing (adj)difficult to understandمربك
Connect (v)bring together or into contact - join - linkاتصال
Conscious (adj)awake and able to understand what is happening around youواع
Consequently (adv)for that reason - as a result - therefore - so - thusبناء على ذلك
Consider (v)to think about something carefully - to take into accountيأخذ بعين الاعتبار
Consist of (v)to be formed or made up of - contain - to have or include somethingتتكون من
Consonant (n)any letter of the English alphabet except a, e, i, o, uحرف متحرك
Constant (adj)happening all the time - always - staying the same - not changingدائم
Constitution (n)the system of a country or organization - laws and rules of a countryدستور
Construct (v)to build - to create - to make by joining parts togetherيبني
Contact (n)to call - to communicate - speak to - reachيتصل بـ
Contact (electrical) (n)an electrical connectionاتصال
Contain (v)to have something inside - includeيحتوي على
Contaminate (v)to make something dirty - not cleanتلوث
Content (n)the things that are in somethingمحتوى
Continent (n)Asia, Africa and Europe are continentsقاره
Contingency (n)an emergency that might happen and needs planning and fast responseطارئ، بديل
Continue (v)keep doing something without stoppingيكمل
Continuous (adj)continuing without stoppingمستمر
Contraction (n)making something smaller - a short form of a wordمختصر
Contrary to (n)saying or showing the oppositeنقيض، عكس
Contrast (n)difference between dark and light colors of an imageتباين
Contribute (v)to give something or to help make something happenيشارك
Control (n -v)the power to make anything do what you wantيتحكم بــ
Controversy (n)a lot of disagreement and argument about somethingمثير للجدل
Convenient (adj)allowing you to do something easily or without trouble - suitable - properملائم
Convenience (n)something that makes life easy - something that goes with your needsملائمة
Conventional (adj)traditional and doesn't want to try new ideasتقليدي
Converge (n)to come together and meetتقارب
Converse (v)to talk - to speak - to chat - to have a conversationتحدث
Conversation (n)a talk between two or more peopleمحادثة
Convert (v)to change from one form to anotherيتحول
Convince (v)to make someone agree to do something - persuade - induceيقنع
Convinced (adj)completely sure about somethingمقتنع
Convincing (adj)to make someone believe that something is trueمقنع
Cook (n)a person who prepares food طباخ
Cook (v)to prepare food for eatingيطبخ
Cookie (n)a sweet baked food that is made from flour and sugarكعكة صغيره
Competent (n)having the ability and skill - able to do something wellمؤهل
Cool (adj)a bit cold, but not too cold - not warm or hotبارد
Coolant (n)a liquid that is used to stop a machine from getting too hotمبرد
Coordinate (v)to make many different things work better togetherينسق
Copper (n)a metal used in electricity and for making wiresنحاس
Copy (n)something that is exactly like another thingنسخ
Cord (n)an electrical cable - a wire - a string (a telephone cord, a power cord, extension cord)سلك
Core (n)the centre of something - the heart of something - deepness - depthعمق
Corkscrew (n)bottle openerمفتاح علب
Corn (n)the yellow seeds of maize plantذرة
Corner (n)A place where two sides meetزاوية
Corporal (n)a rank below sergeantعريف
Correct (adj)true or accurate - having no mistakesصحيح
Correctly (adv)in a way that is true and have no mistakes - accuratelyبشكل صحيح
Correspond (v)to be similar or equal to somethingيتطابق
Corrode (v)something that is slowly damaged by acid or rustيتآكل
Corrosion(n)damage that happen to metal over a long period of time - wearing awayتآكل
Cost (v)how much money you need to pay for somethingيكلف
Cost (n)the price of something - worth - value - the amount of money that is needed to buy somethingتكلفة
Cotton (n)a soft, white material that is used to make clothsقطن
Couch (n)a piece of furniture that people sit on - a sofaأريكة
Cough (n)forcing air out of the lungs. For example (a cough caused by cold or smoking)سعال
Cough (v)to force air out of your lungs with a loud soundيسعل
Could (suggestion) (v)You could get some money from the bank.باستطاعتك
Could (polite request) (v)Could you please lock the door when you leave?هلَّا
Could (v)was able - He could run very fast when he was a kidاستطعت
Could (possibility) (v)He could go to jail for stealing the moneyاستطاعة
Could (asking permission) (v)Could I ask a question please?هلَّا...؟
Couldn't be (possibility) (v)He couldn't be the one who stole the moneyإستحالة
Could have (past modal) (v)He could have studied harder, but he was too lazyكان يجب أن
Could have/couldn't have (v)(I could have stayed home and studied) - (I couldn't have done that to him, he is my friend)توجب علي
Count (v)to add (people or things) together to find the total number; to say numbers in orderيعد
Count on (v)rely on someoneيعتمد على
Counterclockwise (adv)in the direction opposite to movement of a clock's handsعكس عقارب الساعة
Countless (adj)too many to be counted; very manyلا يحصى
Country (n)an area of land that is controlled by its own governmentبلد
Counselor (n)a person who gives adviceمستشار
Couple (adj)two people or things that are togetherزوجان
Courage (n)the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerousشجاعة
Course (n)motion from one point to anotherمسار
Course of action (n)manner of actionمسار العمل
Court (sports place) (n)like a tennis court, a basketball courtملعب
Court (legal police) (n)a place where legal cases are heardمحكمة
Court-martial (n)a military courtمحكمة عسكرية
Courtesy (n)polite behavior that shows respect for other peopleمجاملة
Courteous (adj)very polite in a way that shows respectمهذب
Cousin (n)a child of your uncle or auntابن عم، ابن خال
Cover (n)to put something over or on top of something else to protect, hide, or close itغطاء
Cow (n)a large animal that is raised by people for milk or meatبقرة
Crack (v)to break something so that there are lines in its surface but it is usually not separated into piecesشق
Crank (n)a machine part with a handle that can be turned in a circular motion to move somethingكرنك
Crash (v)to hit something hard enough to cause serious damage or destructionيصطدم
Crawl (v)to move on your hands and kneesيزحف
Cream (n)the thick part of milk that rises to the topقشدة
Create (v)to make or produce somethingيخلق، يصنع
Credit (n)agrrement to buy something and pay laterائتمان
Credit (v)money that a bank or business will allow a person to use and then pay back in the futureيدين
Credit card (n)a small plastic card that is used to buy things that you agree to pay for laterبطاقة ائتمانية
Crest (n)the highest part or point of somethingقمة
Crew (n)the group of people who operate a ship, airplane, or trainطاقم
Critical (adj)crucial - final - decisiveحاسم
Crime (n)an illegal actجريمة
Criminal (adj)a person who has committed a crimeمجرم
Crop (n)a plant or plant product that is grown and harvestedمحصول
Cross (v)to go from one side of something to the otherيقطع الشارع
Cross off (v)mark something as done on listيشطب
Cross out (v)delete - eraseيحذف
Cross-check (v)to use a different source or method to checkيدقق
Crossing (n)a place where two things cross each otherعبور
Crowded (adj)filled with many or too many people or thingsمزدحم
Crumble (v)to break something into small piecesتفتت
Crush (v)to press or squeeze something so hard that it breaksيسحق
Cry (v)to produce tears from your eyesيبكي
Cuff (v)to put (someone) in handcuffsيغلل
Cuisine (n)a style of cookingمطبخ
Culture (n)the beliefs, customs, arts, etc., of a particular society, group, place, or timeثقافة
Cup (n)a small round container that often has a handle and that is used for drinking liquidsكوب
Cure (n)to stop a disease and make someone healthy againيعالج
Curtain (n)a piece of cloth that hangs down from above a windowستارة
Curvature (n)a part having a somewhat round shapeإنحناء
Curve (n)to turn or cause to turn from a straight line or courseمنحنى
Curved (adj)not straight lineمنحني
Custom (n)tradition - habitتقاليد
Customs (n)at the airport/borderجمارك
Customer (n)someone who buys goods or services from a businessزبون
Cut (v)an opening or hole made with a sharp tool (such as a knife)يقطع
Cut in (v)interruptيقاطع
Cut off (v)electric supply stops workingيفصل
Cut down on (v)reduce - shrinkيخفض
Cut out (v)stop doing somethingيوقف
Curious (adj)eager to learn; having a desire to learn or know more about thingsفضول
Curly (adj)formed into a round shapeمجعد
Currency (n)the money that a country usesعملة
Current (electrical) (n)a flow of electricityتيار
Current (adj)happening or existing nowالراهن
Currently (adv)at the present timeحالي
Cyclinder (n)a long round body - a pressure vessel used to store gases (gas cylinder)أسطوانة
Daily (adv)Everydayبشكل يومي
Damage (v)To injure - to harmيتلف
Damage (n)Injury - or harmتالف
Dance (v)To move your body to the musicرقص
Danger (n)Hazard - risk- threatخطر
Dangle (v)To hang - to suspend - displayتدلى
Dangerous (adj)Hazardous - threatening - riskyخطير
Dark (adj)Opposite of light - dimمظلم
Data (n)Informationبيانات
Date (n)The day, month, and yearتاريخ
Daughter (n)Female Offspring - descendantبنت
Day (n)24 hoursيوم
The day after tomorrow (n)2 days from nowبعد غد
The day before yesterday (n)2 days agoقبل امس
Dead (adj)Not live - deceased - lifelessميت
Deaf (adj)Noh hearing - unable to hear soundاصم
Deal (n)Agreement - arrangement - offer - contractصفقة
Deal with (v)To work with - to reach an agreement with - to handle somethingيتعامل مع
Death (n)The state of being lifelessموت
Debit card (n)A card liked to your bank account you use to withdraw moneyبطاقة صراف
Debt (n)A loan - a responsibility - something you have to pay backديون
Deceive (v)To cheat - to trick - to betrayيخدع - يغش
December(n)The 12th month of the Gregorian yearديسمبر
Decibels (n)A unit for measuring sound wavesوحدة قياس للصوت
Decide to (v)Make a decision- to make up your mindيقرر
Decimal (adj)1/100 - a part of one hundredوحدة مئوية
Decision (n)Choice - conclusion - verdictقرار
Declare (v)To announce - to make known - to affirmاعلان
Decorate (v)To make it look niceيزين
Decrease (v)To become less - to declineيقل
Deep (adj)Opposite of shallow - able to submerge youعميق
Dear (adj)Precious - valuable - belovedعزيز
Defect (v)Flaw- imperfection - faultyخلل
Defective (adj)Faulty - flawed - imperfectفيه خلل
Defend (v)To protectيدافع
Defense (n)Protectionالدفاع
Define (v)To give meaning to - to specifyيحدد
Definite (adj)Well defined - explained properly - specifiedمحدد
Deflect (v)To return - to ricochet - to reboundيغير اتجاه الشيء -يصد
Defy (v)To challenge - disobey - confront - rebelيتحدى
Degree(n)Score - certificate درجة او شهادة
Degree(s) (n)A unit for measuring temperature or measuring anglesدرجة حرارة - او الزاوية
Dehydrated (adj)Lacking water - dry - arid - parchedمجفف
Delay (v)To be late - to postponeياخر
Delicious (adj)Tasty - enjoyable - yummyلذيذ
Deliver (v)To take to - to transport - to send - to distributeيوصل
Demand (v)To ask for - to insist on - to requestيصر- يطلب- يامر
Demand (n)A request - a petitionطلب
Demanding (adj)Requiring effort to complete - difficult to finish - hard - challengingمتطلب
Democracy (n)A system where people vote and give their opinionsديمقراطية
Demolition crew (n)A team of explosive experts that is responsible for blowing up buildingsطاقم الهدم
Demonstrate (v)To show - to explain visually - to proveشرح
Den (n)A burrow - a hole in the ground where animals liveعرين
Denomination (n)An explanation - presentation to show somethingفئة
Dense (adj)Thick - high viscosityكثيف
Density (n)The ratio of mass divided by the volume (density = Mass/Volume ) كثافة
Dent (n)A depression - a cavity - an imperfectionبعج
Dental (adj)Having to do with teethطب اسنان
Dentist (n)A tooth doctorطبيب اسنان
Deny (v)To prevent - to not allow - to rejectيرفض
Depart (v)To leave - to goيغادر
Departure (n)The act of going - the act of leavingمغادرة
Department (n)A section - a branch - a section in charge of one thingقسم
Department store (n)A store with many departments or sectionsمتجر متعدد الاقسام
Depend on (n)To rely onاعتمد على - يعتمد على
Dependable (adj)Being reliable - being trust worthyيعتمد عليه - كفو
Dependent (adj)To be reliant on someone - to need someoneتابع - اتكالي
Deposit (v)To put into - to place into - to insert intoايداع
Deposit (n)Money placed in an account - a payment - a bondوديعة
Depress (v)To compress - to make lower - to squeezeخفض - ضغط - كبس
Depth (n)The distance from the surface - from the surface to the bottomعمق
Derive (v)To take from the original - to reduce from the originalيستمد - ماخوذ من - مشتق من
Descend (v)To come down from atop - go downhillيهبط - ينزل
Descent (n)The act of coming down - the act of going downhillهبوط - نزول
Desert(n)A sweet you eat with a mealحلى
Describe (v)To draw a picture with words- to show - to explainيوصف
Description (n)Explanationوصف
Deserve (n)To earn something- to be worthy of somethingيستحق
Designate (v)To choose - to select - to identify someone for a responsibilityتعيين
Design (v)To plan - to make a strategy - to draw the detailsيصمم
Desire (n)To want - to yearn for - cravingيرغب
Desk (n)A bureau - a table used for workingمكتب
Despite (prep)Regardless - even withعلى الرغم من
Despite the fact thatEven though - nonetheless - regardlessعلى الرغم من ان الحقيقة هي
Dessert (n)Sweetsحلوى
Destination (n)The place where you are going - final stopالمكان المقصود - الوجهه
Destroy (v)To demolish - to break - to obliterateيدمر
Destruction (n)Demolition - obliteration - annihilationالدمار
Detail (n)A particular fact - a point - aspect - featureتفاصيل
Detect (v)To sense - to notice - to catch - to seeكشف
Detergent (n)A soap - a shampoo - a cleaner - a cleaning agentمنظف - مسحوق تنظيف
Determine (v)To make a decision - to control - to regulateيتخذ قرار
Determination (n)The act of being determined - the act of working hard for somethingاصرار
Determined (adj)Be strongminded - persistent - stubborn - working hard for somethingان يكون مصرا
Detonate (v)To blow up - to explode - to igniteتفجير
Develop (v)To grow - to expand - to advanceتطوير
Deviate (v)To change course - to move away from - to change directionينحرف عن المسار
Device (n)A piece of equipment - machinery - gadget - toolجهاز
Diagonal line (n)A line between two verticesخط قطري
Diagram (n)A drawing - a chartرسم بياني
Dial (v) To call - to press the buttons on a phone يتصل
Dial (n)The knob - the controller - the button -the handleمقبض الباب - مقبض التحكم بالصوت
Dial tone (n)The (toot) sound you hear when you lift the phone to make a callنغمة الطلب
Dialog (n)A discussion - a talk - a negotiationالحوار
Diameter (n)A line that cuts a circle in halfقطر الدائرة
Diamond (n)A precious stone made from compressed carbonالماس
Diaper (n)A disposable underwear for babies used to prevent spillsحفاظة
Dictionary (n)A book showing the meaning of wordsقاموس
Die (v)To be dead - to lose life - to not be able to continue livingيموت
Die down (v)Become quiet - to become less intenseيهدأ - يخمد
Diesel (n)A type of liquid fuel made from petroleumديزل
Diet (n)A regime - a way of eatingحمية
Diet drink (n)A drink with less calories than normalمشروب حمية
Differ (v) To be different - to changeيختلف
Difference (n) The variance between - The things not common between two itemsاختلاف - الفرق
Different (adj) Not the sameمختلف
Differential (adj)A difference between the measurement of two or more things - varianceالتفاضل - التباين
Difficult (adj) Hard - challenging - toughصعب
Dig / dug / dug (v)To make a hole in the groundيحفر, حفر
Digest (v)To break down food - to summarize - to make shorterيهضم
Digestion (n)The breaking down of food in ones stomachالهضم
Digestive (adjHaving to do with digestionهضمي
Digit (n)A number from 0-9ارقام
Dime (n)A coin worth 10 cents or $0.10قطعة نقد عشر سنتات
Dimensions (n)The length, width, and height of something - the measurementsالأبعاد
Diminish (v)To make lessيقلل
Dining hall (n)Cafeteria - mess hallقاعة الطعام
Dining room (n)Where you eat your foodغرفة الطعام
Dinner (n)The food you eat at night - the third meal of the dayعشاء
Dip (v)To dunk - to place in a sauceيغمس
Diploma (n)A degree - a certificateدبلوم
Direct (v)To show the way - to instructيرشد
Direct (adj)To be straight forward - clear - knownمستقيم - واضح - معرف
Direction (n)North, south, east, and westاتجاه
Directions (n)Instructions to show the wayارشادات -ملاحة
Dirt (n)Soil - dustقذارة - التراب
Dirty (adj)Not clean - full of dirtقذر
Disability (n)A handicapاعاقة
Disabled(adj)To be handicappedمعاق - معطل
Disadvantage (n)A weakness - To have a weak positionسلبيات
disagree (v)To have a different opinion - to argue withاختلاف الراي
Disagreement (n)An argument - a disputeخلاف
disappoint (v)To make angry - to make upsetيخيب
Disappointed (adj)To be upset or angryخاب امل الشخص
Disappointing (adj)Something that makes you upset or angryمخيب للامال
Disapprove of (adj)To not agree with - to not approve of - something you don't likeلا يوافق على شيء
Disaster (n)A tragedy - a catastropheكارثة
Discard (v)To throw awayالتخلص من- رمي
Discharge (v)To let go - to allow to retire - to dismissتسريح
Discharge (v)To shoot off - to let go - to let outتفريغ - اطلاق- تسريح
Discipline (n)Self-control - to punish - to make respectfulانضباط. تأديب
Disciplined (adj)To have self-controlمنضبط
Discount (n)To reduce the price - to be on saleخصم
Discount store (n)A store where the prices are lowمتجر ذات اسعار مخفضة
Discover (v)To find - to learn - to noticeيكتشف
Dispensary (n)A pharmacyصيدلية
Discrepancy (n)A difference - an inconsistency - a contradictionتناقض
Discuss (v)To talk aboutيناقش
Discussion (n)A talk - a conversationنقاش
Disease (n)A sicknessمرض
Diseased (adj)Sickمريض
Dish (n)A plate - a mealصحن
Dishonest (adj)A cheat - a liar - a tricksterغير امين
Dishwasher (n)A machine for washing dishesغسالة اواني
Disk (n)A wheelالقرص
Dislike (v)To hate - to not wantعدم الاعجاب
Dismiss (v)To let go - to dischargeانصرف
Dismissal (n)Discharge - letting someone goالانصراف او الاقالة
Dismount (n)To get down fromترجل
Dispense (v)To give - to hand out - to distributeالاستغناء -اعطاء
Disperse (v)To separate - to scatter - to dissolveتشتت
Displace (v)To move something - to relocate - to shiftازاح
Display (v)To show something - to display somethingعرض
Dispose (v)To throw out - to discardتخلص من
Disregard (v)To ignoreتجاهل
Disrupt (v)To interrupt - to upset - to disturbازعاج
Dissatisfied (adj)To be unhappy with - to want moreغير راضي
Dissipate (v)To calm down - to let it dissolve - to scatterتبدد
Dissolve(v)To melt into a liquid - to disappear - to dissipateينحل
Distance (n)A length between two pointsمسافة
Distinct (adj)Separate - specific - differentمتميز
Distinguish (v)To show the difference - to discriminateيميز بين
Distinguished (adj)A person who is notable - famous - special - different from the restمميز
Distort (v)To change the appearance of - to alterشوه
Distract (v)To confuse - to divert one's attentionيلهي
Distribute (v)To hand out - to provideيوزع
Distributor (n)A dealer - a supplier - a providerموزع
District (n)A section - a neighborhood - a region - an areaمنطقة
Disturb (v)To anger - to disrupt - to bother - to annoyيزعج
Disturbed (adj)To be angry - disrupted - bothered - annoyedمنزعج
Disturbing (adj)Something annoying - worrying - troubling - upsettingمزعج
Dive (v)To go under waterيغطس
Divide into (v)to divide a number to separate partsتقسيم الى
Divide by (v)To divide a number by another numberتقسيم ب
Divorce (v)To separate - ending a marriage - a splitالطلاق
Dizzy (adj)To be faint - wobbly - loosing balanceمصاب بالدوار
Do /did/ done (v)To act a certain wayيفعل - فعل
Do a favor (v)To provide a service - to helpيسدي خدمة
Do / did /done away with (v)To throw away - to get rid ofينهي - يرمي
Do / did/ done over (v)To try again - to have another chanceيعيد عمل شيء
Do you mind? Do you care - does it bother youهل تمانع
Doctor (n)A medical professionalطبيب
Document (n)An article - essay - paper - a fileوثيقة - ملف
Dog (n)A k-9 from the wolf familyكلب
Dollar (n)100 cents - official American currencyدولار
Don't mention itYou are welcome - it is nothing (shows that you are glad to help)لا تذكر - عفوا
Door (n)An opening from which you enter into a room - a gate - a port of entryالباب
Doorknob (n)A handle on a doorمقبض الباب
Dorm (n)A room - a residenceحظائر
Dot (n)A point - a spotنقطة
Double (n)Twice - two timesضعف
Doubt (n)Hesitation - uncertainty - not being sureشك- يشك
Doubtful (adj)To have hesitation - uncertainty - to not be sureمريب
Down (prep)Below - opposite of upاسفل
Downstairs (n)The floor below the one you are onاسفل الدرج
Downtown(n)The town centerوسط المدينة
Dozen (n)12 of somethingدرزن
Drain (v)To burden - to deplete - to eat up the resources - to lose resources graduallyاستنزاف
Drama (n)Theater - play - performanceدراما
Drapes (n)Curtainsستائر
Draw / drew / drawn (v)To illustrate - to make a representation on paperيرسم - رسم
Drawer (n)A cavity in a desk or dresser where things are storedدرج
Dread something (v)To be anxious about something - to hate somethingالرهبة من الشيء
Dress (n)A piece of women's clothingفستان
Dressing room (n)A room used for changing ones clothsحجرة الملابس
Drift (v)To be carried awayانجراف
Drill (n)A military maneuver - a military exerciseتدريب عسكري
Drill (v)To dig into the groundيحفر
Drill instructor (n)A trainerمعلم التدريب
Drill sergeant (n)A sergeant in charge of training new recruitsرقيب التدريب
Drink (v)To gulp down- to take a liquid into your mouth يشرب
Drive (v)To operate a vehicleيقود
Driver (n)An operator of a vehicleقائد- سائق
Driver's license (n)A documenting authorizing you to drive in the countryرخصة قيادة
Drizzle (n)A light rainرذاذ - تقطير
Drop/ dropped / dropped (v)To rain down on - to allow something to fallقطرة
Drop by (v)To visitيمر على
Drop in (v)To visit unexpectedlyيزور
Drop off (v)To deliverيترك - يوصل
Drop out of (v)To leave - to quit - to resignتوقف عن
Drown (v)To sinkغرق
Drug / drugs (n)A medicine or an illegal substance that alters your mental stateمخدرات - دواء
Drugstore (n)A pharmacy - a dispensaryصيدلية
Drums (n)A musical instrument you hit to make noiseطبول
Dry / dried / dried (v)To dehydrate - to take out the waterيجفف
Dry (adj)Arid - no waterجاف
Dryer (n)A machine to take the water out of clothesنشافة - مجفف ملابس
Dual (adj)Double - twin - two partsثنائي
Duck (n)A birdبط
Duct (n)An opening for ventilationفتحات تهوئة
Due (n)Owing - payable -time something needs to be paidمستحق
Due toBecause ofبسبب
Dull (adj)Not a lot of lightباهت
During (prep)As something is happeningاثناء
During the time (prep)Throughout the timeخلال المدة
Duty (n)Responsibility - commitment - obligationمهمة, خدمة, عمل
Dynamite (n)A type of explosive - TNTمتفجرات, ديناميت
Each Everyoneكل
Each other To one anotherمع بعض
Eager (adj)Having or showing keen interest or intense desireمتحمس - متلهف
Ear (n)The sense organ for hearing/ Good hearingأذن - أحد الاذنين
Earache (n)A pain in the middle or inner earألم في الاذن
Earring (n)A piece of jewelry worn on the earحلق الاذنين
Early (adj)Near the beginning of a period of timeمبكرا
Earn (v)To gain/ To receive payment for work يحصل على المال مقابل عمل معين
Earth (n)The 3rd planet from the sunالارض
Ease (n)Freedom from difficulty or hardship or effortراحة طمأنينة راحة البال سهولة
East (n)The cardinal compass point that is at 90 degreesشرق
Easy (adj)Posing no difficultyسهل بسيط غير صعب
Easily (adv)Adverb- Easy is sometimes used informaly for easilyبسهولة ببساطة
Eat (v)Take in solid food- Eat a mealيأكل يتناول أكل
Echo (n)A repetition of a sound resulting from reflection of the sound wavesصدى / ارتداد الصوت
Economics (n)A branch of scoial science that deals with the productionعلم الاقتصاد
Economy (n)The system of production and distrubutionالاقتصاد
Edge (n)The boundray of a surfaceحافة حد حرف
Editor (n)A person who edits or makes changes to documentsمحرر في صحيفة
Editorial (n)An articale giving opinions or perspectivesمقال رئيس التحرير في صحيفة
Educate (v)Give an education toيعلم
Education (n)The bringing up or training as of a childتعليم
Educator (n)Somebody who educates young peopleمعلم مدرس
Educational (adj)Realating to the process of educationتعليمي
Effect (n)An impressionتأثير
Effective (adj)Functioning effectivelyفعال مؤثر
Efficient (adj)Able to accomplish a purposeفعال
Efficiency (n)Skillulness in a avoiding wasted time and effortفعاليه - الكفاءة
Effort (n)To stimulateجهد مسعى محاولة
Egg (n)An oval body laid by birds and certain other animalsبيضة (بيضة دجاج مثلا )
Egypt (n)A country in the north of africaمصر
Either (adv)As well/ Both/ One or other of two people or thingsو هو أيضا
Either...or A choice of two different plansهذا-------- أو هذا-----
Either side of On one side of something and on the other side of itعلى جانبي
Elastic (adj)A fabric made of yarns containing an elastic things قابل للتمدد/ مطاطي
Elbow(n)A part of your armمرفق اليد
Elderly (n)Older peopleكهل - كهولة - خاص بالكهولة
Elect (v)Chooseينتخب يختار/ شخص منتخب
Electric (adj)Electricity يعمل بالكهرباء
Electrical (adj)Relating to or concerned with electriciy كهربائي
Electrician (n)A person who installs or repairs electrical or telephone linesفني الكهرباء
Electricity (n)A form of energy لطاقة الكهربائية
Electrode (n)A conductor used to make electrical contact with some part of a circuitالقطب الكهربائي
Electron (n)An elementary particle with negative chargeشحنة كهرابائية سالبة وهي جزء من الذرة
Electronics (n)The branch of physics علم الالكترونيات
Element (n)An obstract part of somethingعنصر كيميائي
Elementary (n)Easy and not involved or complicatedابتدائي أساسي
Elementary school (n) for youbg childernمدرسة ابتدائية
Elevate (v)Raise from a lower to a higher positionيرفع/ يشيد/ يقيم
Elevated (adj)Raised above the groundمرفوع - مرتفع
Elevator (n)Liftمصعد
Eligible (adj)Qualified or allowed or worthy of being chosenمؤهل تنطبق عليه الشروط
Eliminate (v)Terminate, Endيزيل/ يبعد/ يتخلص من
Else (adv)Otherwise, If not, Otherاخر
e-mail (n)Communicate electronically on the PCيرسل بريد اليكتروني / بريد اليكتروني
Emblem (n)Quailty, Type, group(Special design or visual object)شعار/ رمز/ يرمز الى
Emergency (n)A sudden unforseen crises usually dangerطواريء
Emission (n)The act of emitting causing to flow forthالغاز/ الدخان المنبعث من العوادم
Emit (v)Expel, To send out or give offينبعث غاز او دخان
Emphasis (n)Special importance or significanceتشديد / توكيد (على كلمة او مقطع)
Emphasize (v)To stress, single outيشدد يوكد
Employ (v)The state of having a jobيوظف - يستخدم بأجر
Employee (n)A worker who is hired to perform a jobالمستخدم الاجير الموظف
Employer (n)A person or firm that employs workersصاحب العمل - الشركة او الادارة التي توظف
Employment (n)Workالوظيفة الخدمة الاستخدام العمل
Empty (adj)Opposite of full- Contains nothingفارغ - فاضي - خالي
Enable (v)Render capable or able for some taskيجعل الشيء ممكن
Encircle (surround) (v)Form a circle aroundيحيط ب من كل مكان
Enclose (contain) (v)Close inيطوق
Encounter (v)meet by chance - have a problemيصادف/ يلاقي/ يواجه مشكلة
Encourage(v)Spur onيشجع
End (v)A final part or sectionينهي
End (n)The point in time at which something endsالنهاية
End table (n)A small table placed beside a chair or at each endof a sofaطاولة زاوية صغيرة
End up (v)To conclude, Turn outينهي - ينتهي
Endanger (v)Pose a threat to, present a dangerيعرض للخطر - يتعرض للخطر
Endure (v)Put up with somethig or somebody unpleasantيتحمل يطيق
Energy (n)Forceful exertionطاقة
Enemy (n)An opposing military forceعدو
Enforce (v)To intensify, make strongerيقوي - يعزز من
Engage (v)Carry out be involved in somethingيشترك بقتال - يهاجم في معركة - يشارك
Engine (n)Motor that converts thermal energy to mechanical workمحرك
Engineer (n)The operator of a railway locomotiveمهندس
Engineering (n)The practical application of science to commerce or industrayعلم الهندسة / هندسة
England (n)A division of the united kingdomانجلترا أحد مقاطعات بريطانيا
English (adj)An Indo- European language belonging to the west Germanic branchاللغة الانجليزية
Enjoy (v)To receive pleasure from, have benefit fromاستمتع ب
Enlarge (v)Make largerيكبر
Enlist (v)Join the militaryيجند يتجند ياتحق بالجندية او العسكرية
Enlisted (adj)(adjective-military) - Someone who joined the military عسكري مجند احد الافراد العسكر
Enough (adj) As much as necessaryمايكفي /كفاية
Enough (adv) sufficient for the purposeالى حد كاف
Enroll (on a course) (v)Register, to enter, roll or listيسجل في دورة
Ensign (n)A person who holds a commissioned rank in the US Navy or coast guardsملازم بحري أصغر رتبة ضابط
Ensure (v)make certain ofتأكد يؤكد
Enter (a place) (v)To come in a placeيدخل مكان
Enter (computing data) (v)make a recordيدخل معلومات في الحاسب
Entertain (v)To amuse someoneيتسلى يلهو يستمتع في وقت الفراغ
Entertaining (adj)Very amusing اللهو المتعة
Entertainment (n)An activity that is diverting and that holds the attentionهو متعة قضاء وقت جميل
Enthusiasm (n)A feeling of excitementحماسة/ تعصب ل
Entire (adj)Wholeجميع/ كل
Entrance (n)Something that provides accessمدخل المبنى
Entry (n)An item inserted in a writtern recordدخول
Envelope (n)A container of a letterظرف من الورق لوضع الرسائل بداخله
Environment (n)The totality of surrounding conditionsبيئة
Envy (n)A feeling of grudging admiration and desire to have something which is not yoursحسد
Equal (v)Having the same quantity or valueيساوي حسابيا
Equally (adv)To the same degree, amounts or sharesبالتساوي - على حد سواء
Equator (n)An imaginary great circle around earthهو خط وهمي يلتف حول كوكب الارض
Equator (n)The Earth equatorخط الاستواء
Equip (v)Provide with abilities or understandingيجهز
Equipment (n)The act of equipping or the state of being equippedمعدات تجهيزات
Equivalent (n)A person or thing equal to anotherin vaue or measure or force or effect مساوي - مكافىء
Erect (v)Upright in position or postureيبني - يشيد - يقيم
Erratic (adj) Having no fixed courseشاذ - غريب - نقص في السيطرة
Error (n)Mistakeخطأ
Escalator (n)A stairway which steps move continuously circulating beltالسلم الدوار سلم ميكانيكي متحرك صعود وهبوطا
Escape (v)The act of escaping physicallyيهرب من - ينجو
Especially (adv)Particularlyخصوصا خاصة
Essential (adj)basic and fundamentalمهم جدا - ضروري - أساسي
Estimate (n) A statement indicating the likely cost of some jobالتثمين التقدير ( تقدير السعر لشيء ما)
Estimate (v) The respect with which a person is heldيقدر سعر/ يثمن شيء
Europe (n) The 2nd smallest continentأوروبا
Evacuate (v)Move out of a unsafe location into safetyيخلي مكان - يغادر مكان
Evaporate (v)Lose or casue to lose liquid by vaporizationيتبخر
Even (adj)in fact - divisible by 2في الواقع في الحقيقة - عدد زوجي
Even so (adv)despite thisرغم هذا
Even if Despite the contraryحتى ولو
Even though despite or in spite of the fact thatحتى بالرغم من / على اي حال
Evening (n) The early part of the nightمساء
Event (n) Something that happens at a given place and time منافسة أو حدث رياضي
Eventually (adv)In the endفي النهاية في الاخير
Ever (adv)At any timeأبدا مطلقا
Every used with count nounsكل
Everybody All peopleكل شخص - كل واحد
Everyone Every personكل واحد
Everything All the things under discussionكل شيء
Everywhere To or in any or all placesكل مكان
Evident (obvious) (adj)Clearlyواضح - جلي
Exactly (adv)Indicating exactness or precisenessبالضبط
Exam - Examination (n) A formal test involving answering questionsامتحان - اختبار
Examine (v)Observe, check out and look over carefully or inspectفحص يختبر
Example (n) An item of information that isntypical of a class or groupمثال
Exceed (v)Be greater in scope or size than something standardيتجاوز - يتخطى
Excess (n) A quantity much larger than is neededالفائض
Excessive (adj)Beyond normal limitsمفرط - زائد
Excellent (adj)Very goodممتاز
Except (prep)To excludeماعدا - الا
Exception (n) A deliberate act of omissionاستثناء
Exchange (n) The act of changing one thing for another thingيحول يبدل يقايض
Exciting (adj)Creating or arousing excitementانفعال اثارة
Excited (adj)In an aroused stateمتحمس - متلهف
Exclamation mark (n) A punctuation mark used after an exclamationعلامة تعجب
Exclude (v)Prevent from being included or considered acceptedيستثني يبعد يقصي
Exert (v)Put to useبذل
Exhale (breathe out) (v)Give out or expel airيزفر - يطلق هواء الزفير
Exhaust (vehicle part) (n) Wear out or gases ejected from an engine as waste productsماسورة شكمان العادم
Exhaust (to use all of something)(v)Use up all resources or materialsاستخدام جميع الإمكانيات
Exhibit (v)Something shown to the publicيعرض يظهر
Exhilaration (n) the feeling of lively and cheerful joy انتعاش ابتهاج
Exist (v)occur - be foundيكون - يوجد
Exit (n) the act of going outمخرج خروج
Expect (v)look forward to the probable ocurrence ofيتوقع
Expel (v)Force to leave or move outيطرد من البلاد - يرحّل
Experience (n) Go or live throughخبرة
Excuse me A term used to ask a person to move to one side as you would like to passعفوا
Exercise (n) Train/ to do an activityتمرين / يتمرن
Expand (v)Become larger/ make biggerيتمدد - يتوسع - ينتشر
Expensive (adj)High in priceغالي - ثمين
Experiment (n) The testing of an ideaتجربة
Expert (adj)The person with extensive knowledge or ability in a given subjectخبير
Explain (v)Define/ to make visible/ to unfoldيشرح
Explanation (n) Makes understandable الشرح
Explode (v)Cause to burst with a violent release of energy تنفجر ( قنبلة)
Explosive (n) A chemical substances liable to lead sudden change or violenceمتفجرات
Export (v)Sell or transfer abroad يصدر ( صادرات)
Expose (v) To show or to make apparentيكشف عن شيء - يفضح - يفشي سرا
Exposure (n) the disclosure of something secretكشف ابداء للعيان
Express (v)Give expression toيعبر عن
Extemporaneously (adv)Without prior preparationبشكل مرتجل
Extend (v)Stretch out over a distance, space, time or scopeيقيم يثمن يخمن
Extension (n) A part that is added to something to enlarge or prolong it تمدد توسع مهلة اضافية وقت اضافي
Extensive (adj)In the nature of an extent, wide, widespreadواسع - شامل
Extent (n) the point or degree to which something extendsالى حد ما
Exterior (n) the region that is outside of somethingخارجي
Extra (adj)Further oe addedاضافي
Extremely (adv)To an extreme degree الى ابعد حد / جدا
Eye (n) The organ of sightعين
Eyebrow (n) the arch of hair above yout eyeالحاجب /حاجب العين
Eyelash (n) One of the hairs which grow along the edge of eyelidsهدب الجفن
Eyelid (n) The cover of the eyeجفن العين
Eyesight (n) View or the range of visionنظر العين
Fabric (n) Textile قماش ( مثال قطن)
Face (n) the front of the human bodyوجه
Face-lift (n) Plastic surgery to remove wrinkles and other signs شد الوجه
Facility (n) A buliding or place that provides a particular serviceمبنى
Fact (n) A piece of information or events that have occurredحقيقة واقع
Factor (n) Anything that contributes causally to a resultعامل رئيسي
Factory (n) A plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilitiesمصنع
Fahrenheit (n) A German physicist who invented the mercury thermometerدرجة الحرارة الفهرنهايت
Fail (v)Be unsuccessfulيخفق (لم يقوم ب )
Failure (n) lack of successاخفاق - رسوب - لم يؤدي العمل بالشكل الصحيح
Faint (v)lacking strengthيغمى عليه, يغشى عليه
Fair (reasonable) (adj)Not extremeجيد معقول
Fairly (adv)Honestly, properlyعلى نحو لائق - مقبول
Faith (n) A strong belief in a supernatural power or powersايمان
Fall (season=Autumn) (n)the season when the leaves fall from the treesفصل الخريف
Fall / fell / fallen (v)Come under/ A sudden sharp decreaseيسقط - سقط - قد سقط
Fall apart (v)come down in stagesيتساقط جزء بعد الاخر
Fall asleep (v)change from a waking to a sleeping stateبدأ النوم - نام
Fall behind (in) (not progress with studies)(v) To be late or retreatمتأخر عن الباقي
Fall in (military parade/drill) (v)Break downصف في الطابور
Fall out (verb-military parade/drill) (v)Come offيخرج من الطابور
False (adj)Not trueخطأ غير صحيح
Familiar (adj)well knownمألوف
Family (n) A social unit living togetherعائلة
Famous (adj)Widely knownمشهور
Fan (cooling machine) (n) A device for creating Airمروحة
Far (adj)Considerable distanceبعيد
Fare (ticket price) (n) Sum charged for riding in a public conveyanceقيمة تذكرة
Farm (n) workplace consisting of farm buildings and cultivated land as a unitمزرعة
Farmer (n) The person who works in a farmمزارع فلاح
Farthest/furthest (superlative) (adj)Most remote in a space or time or orderالابعد
Fascinating (adj)Capturing intrest as if by a spellفاتن - ساحر
Fast (adj - adv)Quickly - in a quick mannerسريع - بشكل سريع
Fast (n-v) Abstrain from eatingالصيام - يصوم
Fasten a seatbelt make tight or tighterأربط حزام الأمان
Fat (adj)excess bodliy weightسمين ( زيادة في الوزن)
Fatal (adj)Bringing death قاتل مميت
Father (n) A male parentأب والد
Faucet (water tap) (n) A regulator for controlling the flow of a liquid حنفية / صمام ماء/ بزبوز
Fault (causing a problem) (n) mistake or errorخطاك أي أنت متسبب بالحادث
Favor (noun-help/assistance) (n) An act of kindnessخدمة مساعدة
Favorite (adj) A special loved oneمفضل او مفضلة
Favorable conditions=good weather Encouraging or approving or pleasing الاجواء المفضلة
Fear (n/v) An anxious feelingيخاف خوف
Feasible (possible) (adj)That can be doneممكن
Feature (n) An important or main item, (part of someone's physical appearance) جزء من مظهر الشخص
February (n) The second month of the gregorian calenderالشهر الثاني ميلادي فبراير
Feel / felt / felt (v) Examine by touchingيشعر يحس احس قد احس او شعر
Feelings (someone's emotions) (n) Emotionalشعور الانسان او احساسه
Female (n) Someone of feminine sex or genderأنثى
Fence (n) A barrier that serves to enclose an areaسياج
Fertile (adj)Capable of reproducingخصب - قابل للإنتاج
Fever (n) A rise in temperature of the bodyحمى
Few (adj)A small elite groupعدد قليل معدود
Few and far between Rare and scareنادر الحدوث
Field (area/subject of study) (n) A piece of land cleard of trees and usually enclosedحقل مجال علمي
Fight / fought / fought (v) A boxing or wrestlingيقاتل / قاتل / قد قاتل
Fight off (military) (v)Force or drive backيقاتل قتال (حربي)
Figure (number) (n) A model of a bodily formرقم
Figure out (to understand) (v)Find a solution to a problemيفهم
File (documents) (n) A set of related recordsملف لوضع الاوراق فيه
File (store documents) (v)Place in a container for keeping recordsيضع الأوراق في الملف
Fill (replenish) (v)Make fullعبي زود بالسوائل
Fill out (a form) (v)To complete a formعبيء نموذج ورقي
Fill up (a kettle, fuel tank, etc) (v)Make fullعبيء غلاية بالماء- عبيء خزان بالوقود
Filling (dentist) (n) Dentistry, a dental appliance consisting of any various substancesحشوة الاسنان
Film (for a camera) (n) Movieفلم كاميرا تصوير
Filter (n) Pass throughصفاية فلتر
Filter (v) Remove by passing through a filterيصفي
Final (adj) The ending/ the last/ eventuallyنهائي
Finally (adv)At the end or conclusionبشكل نهائي
Find / found / found (v) Discover or come uponيجد / وجد / قد وجد
Find out (discover) (v)Investigation/ Establish after a calculationيجد يكتشف
Find one's way (navigate to somewhere) Locateيحدد طريق او مكان
Fine (financial punishment) (n) Issue a ticket as a penaltyمخالفة (مرورية) - غرامة
Fine (adj) Being satisfied جميل
Finger (n) Any of the terminal members of the handأصبع
Fingernail (n) The nail at the end of a fingerظفر الاصبع
Finish (v)The ending/ the last/ eventuallyينهي ينتهي
Fire (n) the event of something burning نار - حريق
Fire (dismiss someone from their job) (v)sackيفصل من عمل او يطرد من عمل
Fire (using a weapon) (v)The act of firing weaponsيطلق النار من مسدس او سلاح
Firearm (gun) (n) A portable gunبندقية
Firing pin (n) Striker that ingnites the charge by striking the primerمسمار او مفتاح الامان
Fireplace (n) An open recess in a wall at the base of a chimney where a fire can be built موقد النار في المسكن
Firing range (n) Target range/ a practice rangeميدان الرماية
Firm (tight/strong) (adj)Not shakableصلب شديد قوي
First (adv) highest in pitchأول - أولي
First aid (n) Enmergency careاسعافات أولية
First of all before anythingأول شيء
First-class (ticket/travel) (adj)the most expensive accommodations on ( ship or train or planدرجة أولى (تذكرة)
First lieutenant (n) A coomissioned officer in the army or air forceملازم أول
Fish (n) the flesh of fish used as foodسمك
Fish (v) catchيصيد سمك
Fishing rod (n) A rod of wood or steel or fiberglassسنارة صيد السمك
Fit (clothing) (adj)Bad temperالقياس الصحيح في الملابس ( مقاس كويس)
Fit / fit / fit (clothing) (v)the manner in which something fitsيجعله منطبقا على مقاس الجسم
Fit (sport/health) (adj)Physically and mentally sound or healthلائق صحيا او رياضيا
Fitness (n) the quality of being suitableاللياقة
Fix up (renovate/improve a place) (v)make arrangements forيجمل يحسن
Fixed (attached) (adj)unmovingمثبت - ثابت
Flag (n) Emblem usually consisting of a rectangular piece of cloth of distinctive design علم الدولة
flash (lights on a car) (v) A sudden intense burst of radiant energyيؤشر بضوء السيارة
Flash (of lightening) (n) Brightnessضوء
Flashlight (n) A small portable batteryكشاف ضوئي
Flashing (of electric light) (adj)A battery- powered hand electric lampالضوء المتقطع للدلالة على شيء ما
Flavor (n) The quality of produced by the sensation of tasteنكهة
Flood (n) the rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry landفيضان
Flap (aircraft part) (n) device mounted on the wing of the aircraftالجزء التحرك من الجناح في الطائرة
Flat (adj) a flat tract of landمنبسط/ مستو
Flaw (fault) (n) defect or weaknessعيب - نقطة ضعف
Fleet (naval) (n) a group of warships operating togetherأسطول بحري
Fleeting (brief/momentary) (adj)lasting for a markedly brief time وقت قصير
Flexible (adj)Capable of being changedمرن - لين - قابل للثني
Flight (a trip by plane) (n) an instance of travelling by airرحلة جوية
Float (v) something floats on the surface of waterيعوم - يطفو
Floor (of a room) (n) a lower limitأرض - أرضية الغرفة
Floor (level in a tall/multi-storey building) (n) the occupants of a floorدور - طابق
Flow (of liquid, e.g. water) (n/v) move a long of liquidsجريان أي سائل
Flower (n) A part of a plantزهرة
Fly / flew / flown (v) display in the air or cause to floatيطير - طار- قد طار
Fly (insect) (n) butterflyحشرة
Flu (n) Common flyزكام
Fluctuate (vary/change) (v)Be unstableيتقلب يتموج ( مثل سعر الاسهم طالع نازل)
Fluid (n) Capable of moving freely easilyسائل
Focus (light/radio wave, etc.) (v)the concentration of attentionيركز
Fog (n) lack of clarity in the airضباب
Foggy (adj)obsured by fogضبابي
Fold (paper/clothes) (v)bend something on itslefيسفط الملابس او الورق
Follow (v)go after someone or somethingيتبع
(to be) fond (of someone/something) (adj)likeيعجب بالشيء أو بالشخص لدرجة كبيرة
Food (n) Anything to provide energyطعام - أكل
Foodstuffs (n) plural noun of foodstuffمواد غذائية
Foot/feet (body part) (n) the lower part of the leg أعضاء في جسم الانسان أقدام قدم
Foot/feet/ft (dimensions) (n) a linear unit of length equal to 12 inches أقدام / قدم للقياس (20قدم)
Football (n) A sport which uses the ballكرة القدم
Forbid / forbade / forbidden (v) to disallowيحرم/ حرم/ قد حرم
Force (group of military/police personnel) (n) a powerful effect or influenceقوة عسكرية ( شرطة /جيش )
Force (the strength of wind in a storm) (n) phyical intensityقوة ( قوة الريح)
Force (v) move with forceيدفع بالقوة - يستخدم القوة - يقوي
Forecast (weather) (n) prediiction how something will developالتنبؤ بحالة الجو
Forecast / forecast / forecast (v) Prefict in advanceيتنبأ تنبأ قد تنبأ
Foreign (adj)from a different countryأجنبي
Forest (n) the trees and other plants in a large wooded areaغابة
Forfeit (v)surrendered as a penaltyيغرم - يصادر - يخسر
Forgive / forgave / forgiven (v) stop blaming or grant forgivenessيغفر - يسمح - يصفح - غفر - قد غفر
Fork (n) used for eating foodشوكة
Form (document) (n) a printed document with spaces in which to writeنموذج ورقي مثل نموذج اجازة
Form (the shape of something) (n) A visual apprearanceشكل
Form (to make the shape of something) (v)a perceptual structureيشكل يجعله بشكل معين
Former (previous) (adj)belonging to the distant past السابق ( رئيس سابق )
Formula (maths) (n) a group of symbols that make a mathematical statementمعادلة رياضية او مسألة
For example As an exampleعلى سبيل المثال
For instance As an exampleلمدة لحظة
For lack of short ofلعدم وجود - قلة
For rent Being offered for rentingللايجار
For sale Being offered for saleللبيع
For the sake of because of, out of consideration for, in the interst ofمن أجل - من أجل مصلحة
For a living As a main source of incomeمن أجل العيش
Forget / forgot / forgotten (v)nor rememberينسى نسي قد نسي
Formal (adj) Officialرسمي
Formulate a plan (make a plan) (n) come up withيخطط - يقوم بعمل خطة
Forward (adj)A position on a gameامام - في المقدمة
Found (start a company/organization/town) (v)come uponأسس أنشأ
Foundation (knowledge) (n) the basis on which something is groundedتأسيس انشاء
Fracture (bone injury) (n) breakingof hard tissue such as boneشعر ( كسر خفيف)
Fraction (numerical) (n) a small part or item forming a piece of a wholeجزء من الرقم الصحيح
Frame (for picture) (n) the framework for a pair of eyeglassesبرواز صورة
France (n) a coumtry in west Europeدولة فرنسا
Free (adj)not busy, able to act at willحر
Free time (n) Spare time, available for hobbiesوقت الفراغ
Freeway (road) (n) motorway, a toll- free highwayالطريق السريع بمسارات متعددة
Freeze / froze / frozen (v) very cold, enough to cause freezingيثلج - ثلج - قد ثلج
Freezing (adj) suffering or causing frostمثلج
French (adj)a persong who comes from Franceفرنسي
Frequency (of radio waves) (n) the number of observations in a given statistical catergoryذبذبة الراديو
Frequently (adv)many times at short intervalsتكرار في وقت قصير
Fresh (food/flowers) (adj)recently made, produced or harvestedطازج
Friction (n) a state of conflict between personsاحتكاك
Friday (n) the 6th day of the weekيوم الجمعة
Fried (adj) cooked by frying in oil or fatمقلي بالزيت
Friend (adj)a person who you know really well and regard with affection and trustصديق
Friendly (adv)easy to understand or useمحب - ودود - طيب
Friendship (n) the state of being friendsصداقة
Frighten (v)cause fear inيرعب - يخوف
Frightening (adj)the act of inspiring with fearمخيف
Frightened (adj)made afraidخائف
From now on from this momentمن الان وصاعدا
From time to time now and then or here and thereمن وقت لاخر
Front (adj,n) the side that is seen or that goes firstأمام أمامي
Fruit (n) an amount of a product, bear fruitفواكه
Fry (v)cook on a hot surface using fatيقلي
Fuel injector (engine part) (n) a device for pumping fuelبخاخ ( حاقن وقود)
Fully (adv)to the greatest degree or extendتماما - بكل ماتعنيه الكلمة
Fumes (smoke/gas) (n) gases enjected from an engine as waste productsدخان
Fun (n) activities that are enjoyable or amusingمرح - وقت جميل
Function (n) what something is used forعمل - مهنة - وظيفة
Funds (n) assets in the form of moneyاعتماد مالي - رأس مال مخصص لغرض معين - تمويل
Fundamental (adj)essential componentأساسي - اصل - اولي
Funny(adj)someone who makes laughمسل- مثير للضحك
Funnies (cartoons) (n) comic stripsمضحكة
Furnace (n) a device for heatingفرن
Furnish (v) to supply or giveيؤثث بالاثاث
Furnished (adj) equipped with whatever is needed, suplied with furnitureمؤثث - مؤثثة
Furniture (n) movable objects intented to support human activitiesاثاث
Furthermore (adv)In additionعلاوة على ذلك
Fuse (explosives) (n) An electrical device that can interrupt the flow of electrical currentفتيل متفجرات
Fuselage (n) The central body of an airplane, Cargoجسم الطائرة
Future (n) the time yet to comeمستقبل
Farther/further (adv) to or at a greater extent or degree or a more advanced stageابعد
Feel like (want to do something) (v)have an inclination for something or some activityيشعر ان يريد ان يفعل( شيء ما)
Field (sports place) (n) a piece of land cleared of trees and usually enclosedمكان رياضي - حقل
Fix (v)cause to be firmly attachedيصلح
For the purpose of the reason forمن اجل الغرض
Freedom (n) Immunity from an obligation or duty, the state of being freeحرية
Full (adj)increase in phase, fiiled up/ having the normally expected amountممتلىء
Gain (v)Obtain/ a quantity that is added/ Increaseيزداد وزنا - يكسب
Galaxy (n) A splendid assemblage of starsالمجرة الكوكبة
Gallon / gal (n) A unit of volumeجالون
Game (sport) (n) A amusement or pastimeلعبة
Gamble (v)A risky act or ventureيقامر - يلعب القمار
Garage (parking place for car at home) (n) keep or store in a garageقراج السيارة في البيت
Garage (place cars serviced/repaired) (n) A repair shop where cars and trucks are servicedقراج ورشة سيارات
Garbage (n) a worthless messgae نفايات
Garbage disposal (garbage removal service) (n) a kitchen applianceنفايات خدمة ازالة النفايات
Garden (n) a plot of ground where plants are cultivatedحديقة
Gas / gasoline (n) attach with gas, subject to gas fumesبنزين
Gas (utility for cooking/heating) (n) a fossilfuel in the gaseous stateغاز المنازل
Gas (chemical element) (n) Same as natural gasغاز عنصر كيميائي
Gate (noun-at airport) (n) Passageway(as in an air terminal)بوابة (في المطار)
Gate (noun-yard entrance at home) (n) A movable barrier in a fence or wallبوابة الحديقة في المنزل
Gather (v)get togetherيجمع
Gauge (n) the thickness of wireعداد أداة قياس في الطائرة أو السيارة
Gear (n) Wheelwork consisting of a connected set of rotating gears by forceقير( صندوق الحركة في السيارة )
Gender (n)A division betwwen a male and a femaleالجنس من حيث الذكورة او الانوثة
General / Gen (military rank) (n) a general officer of the highest rankلواء رتبة عسكرية
General (adj) a fact about the wholeعام
Generate (electricity) (v)give or suply/ produceيولد الطاقة الكهربائية
Generator (n) An electronic device for producing a signal voltageماطور - مولد الطاقة الكهربائية
Generous (adj)somebody who gives time and money willinglyكريم
Genuine (adj)not fakeأصلي
Geography (n) study of the earth's surface and the physical structureجغرافيا
Gesticulate (=move your arms around wildly) (v)show, expressor direct through movementيوميء وخاصة أثناء الكلام
Get-together (informal party/meeting) informal meeting with friendsاجتماع بشكل غير رسمي
Get /got / got (become) (v)come intoيصير - صار - قد صار
Get (v)cause to move, casue to be in a certain positionيحصل - يجد
Get something across (explain) To explainيشرح
Get ahead (make progress)To improve/ develop in a positive wayيتقدم يسبق يتطور
Get along (in life) (to live ok) proceed/ have smooth relationsيتعايش مع (بدون مشاكل )
Get along with someone (a good relationship) have a good relationship with somebodyعلاقة جيدة
Get back (receive something back) return backيسترجع شيء ما
Get behind in (work/studies)to lag or linger behindمتأخر سواء في عمل او دراسة
Get by with something (manage/cope) come to terms withيتغلب على المشكلات
Get dressed (v) wearيلبس
Get one's hands on something (obtain) to have itيحصل على
Get in (a vehicle) (n) go intoيركب السيارة
Get in (arrive somewhere) (n) arriveيصل الى
Get into shape (v) lose weightيخفف الوزن ليصبح رشيق
Get married (v) Groom and brideيتزوج
Get off (a plane/train, etc) (v)go out of/ leaveينزل من الطائرة او القطار
Get (a day/week, etc) off (v)take/ haveياخذ اجازة (يوم اسبوع )
Get on (plane, train, etc) (v)go intoيصعد يركب طائرة او قطار
Get on with something (continue) carry onيستمر في
Get out (of vehicle) (v)leave/ go outيخرج من السيارة او ينزل
Get over an illness (recover) recover/ be wellيشفى يتعافى
Get a prescription filled (obtain prescription) to take a medication from the doctorيأخذ وصفة دواء
Get rid of (someone) (fire someone at work)to sack/ fireيفصل الشخص - يتخلص من
Get someone to do something (v) to ask sombody to to do something for youيجعل شخصاما يقوم بعمل ما
Get the point (to understand) (v)understandيفهم
Get there (varrive) arriveيصل
Get through to someone (reach) (v)try to make someone to understandيصل
Get through with something, (finish a task) (v)to contiue a taskينهي يخلص عمل
Get (to) (arrive) (v)turn upيصل
Get together (meet) (v)to meet upاجتماع مقابلة
Get up (v) wake upينهض - يصحو
Gift (n) present/ act of givingهدية
Girl (n) a young womanفتاة - بنية
Give / gave / given (v) be the cause or source ofيعطي - اعطى - قد أعطى
Give away (give something for free) (v)make a gift ofيعطي مجانا
Give a ring (telephone) (v)Call somebody on the telephoneيتصل هاتفيا
Give back (v) Pay backيعيد يرجع الشيء
Give a hand (help someone) (v)help outيقدم يد العون او المساعدة
Give in (stop/surrender) (v)to collapse or fallيستسلم
Give out (distribute) (v)give off, to issueيوزع
Give up (stop doing something) (v)lose out/ never claiming back/ abandonيبطل ( مثلا يبطل التدخين)
Glad (adj)happyمسرور - سعيد
Glance (verb=to quickly look at) (n) quick lookنظرة سريعة
Glass (for drinking) (n) A cup for drinkingكأس للشرب
Glass (material) (n) A brittle transparent solidزجاج
Glasses (for eyesight) (n) Spectacles, frames bearing two lenses worn in front of the eyesنظارات
Global (adj)not limited/ having the shape of a sphere or ballعالمي - شامل - كروي
Gloves (n) handwear which covers the hand and writقفازات
Glow (n) an alter and refreshed stateالتوهج - كون الشيء يصبح احمر متورد
Glue (n/v)be fixed as if by glueيصمغ - يغري
Go ahead (continue) (v)proceed/ to beginيتقدم يستمر
Go back (v) return backيرجع يعود
Go to bed (v) Go to sleepيخلد الى النوم
Go by somewhere (visit) (v)To visitيزور
Go on a diet (v) to try to lose weightيعمل حمية (رجيم)
Go with something (continue) (v)carry on/ contiueيستمر - يواصل
Go out (go out with friends) (v)leave the house to go somewhere with your friendsيخرج في نزهة مع الاصدقاء
Go out (to lose electrical power) (v)no electricity/ become extinguishedينقطع التيار الكهربائي
Go over (to somewhere) (visit) (v)to visit somewhereيزور
Go over (assess/examine) (v)to reviewيقوم بفحص شيء مرة اخرى للتأكد
Go right (be ok/go well) (v)All alright/ fineكل شيء جيد
Go shopping (v) to buy stuff from the marketيتسوق (من السوق)
Go sightseeing (v) going about to look at places of interestيذهب للفرجة - يتمشى ويتفرج
Go through something (endure) (v)go or live throughيتحمل (يمر بحالة صعبة)
Go wrong (not be ok/go badly) (v)be unsuccessfulبشكل سيء بشكل خاطيء
Goal (football) (n) The act or instance of propelling the ball into the netهدف كرة قدم - قول
Goof (make a mistake) (v)a man who is a stupid incompetent foolيخطيء
Gold (n) a deep yellow colorذهب (معدن نفيس)
Good (adj)benefitجيد
Goods (products) (n) That which is produced, then traded, bought or soldبضائع
Goggles (n) tight- fitting spectaclesنظارات سلامة للورش
Govern (v)direct or strongly influence the behavior ofيحكم - يسيطر على
Government (n) The management or control of a systemحكومة
Governor (n) the head of a state governmentحاكم
Grab (seize) (v)get hold ofيمسك او يشد على بقوة
Grade (test result) (n) resultنتيجة امتحان
Grade (someone's level/year at school) (n) a position on a scale of intensity or amount or qualityالمستوى الدراسي
Grade (noun-someone's salary level) (n) the level of the money someone's earnsمستوى الراتب
Grandchild (n) a child of your son or daughterحفيد ابن (ولد الولد او البنت)
Granddaughter (n) a female grandchildحفيدة (بنت الولد او بنت البنت)
Grandfather (n) the fathers's of your father or motherجد
Grandmother (n) the mother's of your father or motherجدة
Grandparent (n) a parent of your father or motherجد جدة
Grandson (n) a male grandchildحفيد
Gradual (n) step by step/ little by littleتدرج
Gradually (adv)by degrees/ making slow progressبشكل تدريجي
Graduate (v)confer an academic degree uponيتخرج من معهد او جامعة
Graduation (n) the successful completion of a program of study التخرج
Graph (maths/info) (n) a visual representation of the relations between certain quantitiesرسم بياني توضيحي
Grasp (hold firmly) (v)hold firmlyيمسك بقوة
Grass (n) narrow- leaved green; grown as lawnsزرع - عشب
Grateful (adj)showing appreciation/ thankful feelingممنون لك
Gravity (n) Resultant force on Earth's surfaceجاذبية
Gravitate (v)move towardيتحرك بفعل الجاذبية
Gray (adj)a color between white and blackلون رمادي
Graze (agriculture/cows) (v)feed as in a meadow or pastureترعى الماشية
Great (adj) Remarkable/ very good/ major significanceعظيم - كبير
"Great!" (phrase = wonderful) outstandingرائع
Great-grandfather (n) a father of your grandfatherأبو الجد
Great-grandmother (n) a mother of your grandmotherأم الجدة
Grease (n) a thick fatty oilالشحم ( زيت التشحيم)
Grease (v) lubricate with greaseيشحم الالة
Greasy (adj) containing a lot fat or greaseيحتوي على الشحم او زيت التشحيم
Green (adj)a color, the color of grassأخضر
Grill (v) cook over a grillيشوي
Grind/ground/ground (v)press or making sound with a crushing noiseيطحن - طحن - قد طحن
Grip (hold on tightly) (v)to hold tightlyيمسك بقوة
Gripe (v)complainيشتكي من
Grocery store (n) a marketplace where groceries are soldبقالة
Groceries (n) Multiple retailers of groceriesمايبيعه البقال من بضائع
Groove (n) a long narrow furrow cutأخدود( حفر)
Ground (n) the solid part of the earth's surfaceأرض
Group (several people together) (n) a number of things or personsمجموعة
Grow / grew / grown (v) become larger, greater or biggerينمو - يكبر - كبر- قد كبر
Growth (increase in economy, size, etc) (n) a progression from simpler to more complex formsنمو اقتصادي أو أي نمو أخر
Guarantee (n) a written assurance that some product or serviceالضمان
Guarantee (v) make certain ofيضمن
Guard (n/v) a person who keeps watch over something or someoneيحرس- الحارس
Guard against something (prevent) (v)a posture of defence in boxing or fencingيمنع - يقي من
Guess (v) expect, believe or supposeيخمن
Guest (n) a visitor to whom hospitality is extendedضيف
Guidance (n) showing the wayدليل - ارشاد - توجيه - هداية
Guide (v) somebody who shows the way by leading or advisingيدل - يرشد - يهدي - يوجه
Guilty (adj)showing a sense of guiltمذنب - مجرم
Guitar (n) to play the guitarقيتار الة موسيقية
Gun (n) a weapon that discharges a missile at high velocityبندقية( سلاح )
Guy (n) an informal term for youth or manشخص
Gymnasium / gym (n) physical education classصالة رياضية
Habit (n) An established customعادة - روتين
Had better (should) (v)Adviseالمفروض من الافضل
Hail (frozen rain) (v/n)be a native of/ call for/ to pour forcibly down/ healthyبرد - حبيبات برد
Hair (n) a covering for the bodyشعر
Haircut (n) the act of cutting the hairحلاقة شعر الرأس
Half (adj)one of two divisions into which some games or performances are divivedنصف 1/2
Half/halves (adj)of half/ plural form of halfنصف انصاف
Half past (time) thirsty minutes past any hourونص ( الساعة 7 ونص)
Half dollar (50 cents) (n) a USA coin worth half of a dollarنص دولار
Ham (n) meat cut from the thigh of a hog/son of Noah/ an unskilled amateur radio operatorلحم فخذ الخنزير
Hamburger (n) Beef that has been groundلحم بقري
Hammer (n) a hand toolnwith heavybrigid head and a handleمطرقة شاكوش
Hand (n) Ability/ the extremity of the superior limb/ something written by handيد
Hand in (homework, etc.) (v) to give something to a responsible personيقوم بتسليم ورق الواجب
Hand out (distribute) (v)give to several people/ to distributeيوزع
Handicap (physical disability) (n) being unable to perform as a result of physical or mental unfitness/ injure permanentlyاعاقة جسدية
Hang on to something (keep something) (v)fix to/ attach/ refuse to stop/ to wait/ to keepيحفظ شيء ما
Handle a problem (solve a problem) (v)act on/ be in chargeof/ dispose ofحل المشكلة
Handsome (adj)pleasing in appreaance/ given freely/ impressive/ elegantly/ having a good appearanceوسيم - شكله جميل
Hang / hung / hung up (clothes) (v)the way a garment hangs/ fall or flow in a certain wayيعلق ملابس
Hang up (telephone) (v)finish the callينزل سماعة الهاتف ويضعها في مكانها
Hang around (spending time in a place doing nothing important) (v)to stay, to spend time be friendsيتمشى
Hanger (for clothes) (n) a bridle iron/ one who hangs or causes to be hangedمعلاق - علاق ملابس
Happy (adj)enjoying or showing joy or pleasureمبسوط - سعيد - فرحان
Hard (adjdifficult)very strong/ difficultصعب
Hard (do a lot, e.g. study hard) (adv)to the full extent possible, all the way/ working really hardبجد ( يعمل بجد)
Hard drive (computing) (n) PC that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on itالقرص الصلب في الكمبيوتر
Hardly (doing little, e.g. hardly study) (adv)only a very short time beforeبالكاد - شيء قليل
Hardship (n) a state of misfortune/ that which is hard to hear, as foil/ unluckyمشقة - صعوبة - شدة - ضيق
Hardware (computing) (n) Instrumentalities (stools or implements made of metal)أجزاء الكمبيوتر
Hardworking (adj)of a person, taking their work seriuosly and doing it well and rapidlyعمل شاق
Harmful (adj)causing or capable of causing harmضار مؤذ
Hat (n) headdress that protects the head from bad weatherقبعة غطاء الراس
Hate (v) don't likeيكره لايحب
Hateful (of an unpleasant person) (adj)dislikeable/ full of hateمكروه
Have / had / had (possession) (v)have ownership or possession ofفعل يملك
Have got (possession) (v)possess,to have, own, obligatedفعل يملك
Have (food), (e.g. have lunch) (v)take lunchيتناول يأكل
Have a good time (v)spend a dood timeيستمتع بالوقت
Have a look at something (examine/inspect) (v)examine or inspect itأفحص - تأكد من
Have over (having guests at your home) (v)hosting visitors at your houseيستضيف - ضيوف
Have fun (v)enjoy yourself/ pleasureستمتع بوقتك - امرح
Have to (modal=must) (v)obligationيجب
Have got to (modal=must) (v)obligationيجب
Harvest (n/v) the season for gathering crops/ reap or gatherيحصد - حصاد
Hazard (n) a source of dangerخطر
Hazardous (adj)Involving risk or dangerخطر
Hazy (not clear-of a view/memory) (adj)Filled or abounding with fog or mist/ Not clear or transparentليس واضح
Head (body part) (n) the upper part of the human body or the front part of the body, contains the face and brainsرأس ( جزء من جسم الانسان)
Head (boss of a section/department) (n) a person who is in chargeرئيس (قسم او ادارة)
Head (lead/run a section/department) (v)be in charge ofيقود - يدير - يرأس
Headache (n) Pain in the head صداع ألم في الرأس
Headphones (n) a pair of speakers worn overسماعات
Hard (not soft) (adj)Not soft/ very strongقاسي يابس صلب
Head set (n) A pair of headphones or earphonesسماعات للراس
Head wind (wind in opposite direction) (n) Opposite windرياح عكسية
Health (n) the general codition of body and mindصحه
Healthy (adj)Indicating good heath in body or mindصحي
Hear (v)Perceive sound via the auditory senseيسمع
Heart (n) the locus of feelings and intuitionsقلب
Heat (n) the presence of heatحرارة
Heat ( e.g. heat water) (v)make hot or hotterيسخن
Heating (in your home) (n)A system that raises the temperature of a room or building/ Confer heaterتدفئة المنزل او تسخين المياه
Heavy (adj)Large and powerful/ opposite lightثقيل
Heavy traffic too many cars on the roadزحمة مرورية زحمة سير
Heel (v)recover/ get healthy againعقب القدم / كعب الحذاء
Height (how tall someone is) (n) the distance from the base of something to the topطول الشخص
Helicopter (n) A kind of an airplaneطائرة هيلوكبتر طوافة
Helmet (n) A protective headgear made of hard material to resist blowsخوذة غطاء واقي للرأس
Help (v) a means of servingيساعد
Help (n) a resourceمساعدة
Helpful (adj) providing assistance or servingمساعد
Helpless (adj) unable to fuction/ without helpغير مساعد عديم المساعدة
Her (object pronoun) Belonging to herضمير ملكية ( كتابكي حرف الياء )
Hers (possessive pronoun) the possessive case of SHEصفة ملكية مثلا كتابها ( يخصها حقها )
Herself A self- important femaleنفسها (عملت ذلك بنفسها)
Herd (group of animals) (n) A group of cattle or sheep or other domestic mammals all of the same kindقطيع - ماشية
Here (adv)the present locationهنا
Here it is! /Here they are! (expression) It is an expression in Englishتفضل - هذا هو
Here you are (giving something to someone) take this/ give out تفضل خذ
Hesitate (v)think twiceيتردد
Hexagonal (6-sided shapes) (adj)having six sides or divided into hexagonsالمسدس شكل سدادسي
Hide / hid / hid (v)prevent from being seenيخفي
High (adj) greater than normal degreeعالي
High (adv) In or to a high position, amount, or degreeعاليا
High school (n) Secondary schoolمدرسة ثانوية
Highway (n) A major road for any form of motor transportطريق سريع
Hilarious (adj)Very funnyمرح (مع صخب )
Hill (n) mountainتل هضبة
Him Belonging to himضمير مفعول به مفرد مذكر ( انا أعطيته قلم ) الها في اعطيته ضمير مفعول به
Himself A self- important maleنفسه
Hinge (n) A joint that holds two parts togetherمفصلة( باب )
Hire (someone) (give employment) (v)the act of giving somebody a jobيوظف
History (n) Past eventsتاريخ - مادة التاريخ
Historic (adj)Important in historyتاريخي
His (possessive pronoun) the possessive case of HEضمير ملكيه ( كتابه)
Hit / hit / hit (v) Cause to move by strikingيضرب - ضرب - قد ضرب
Hold / held / held (v) Keep in certain state, position or activityيمسك - مسك - قد مسك
Hold (a celebration, e.g. wedding, party, etc.) (v)Organizeيقيم - حفلة
Hold on (wait)Waitينتظر
Hold the line (wait for connection on telephone) (v)Waitانتظر على الهاتف
Hold up something/someone (delay) (v)delayيؤخر
Holiday (n) Vaccation/ time offعطلة اجازة
Hoist (lift something heavy with equipment) (v)lifting device for raising heavy objectsيرفع شيء ثقيل برافعة
Hole (n) An unoccupied spaceفتحة
Home (n) houseمنزل - دار - بيت
Homework (n) Work that is done at home, especially school set by teacherواجب - عمل منزلي
Homicide (murder) (n)A person who kills anotherأنتحار - قتل النفس
Honest (adj)marked by truthشخص أمين موثوق
Honeymoon (n) A holiday taken by a newly wedded coupleشهر العسل
Honor (v/n) the state of being honored الشرف - يشرف
Honorable (adj)Worthy of being honored and respectedمشرف
Hook (n)a catch for locking a doorخطاف
Hope (to do something) (v) A specific instance of feeling hopeful/ Expect and wishيأمل - تأ مل
Horse (n) An animal with hoofed- hoofedحصان
Horizontal (adj)Parallel to or in the plane of the horizon or a base lineأفقي
Horizon (n) the line at which the sky and earth appear to meetالأفق
Hose (n) A flexiable pipeهوز - خرطوش - لي
Hospital (n) A medical facility where sick be go to or admitted toمستشفى
Host (someone entertaining guests at home) (v) A person who invites guests to a social event like a partyيستضيف - يكرم الضيف
Hot (adj)Opposite coldحار - ساخن
Hour (n) A period of time equal to 60 mintuesساعة - فترة - ساعة من الزمن
House (n) homeبيت - دار - منزل
Hover (v) move to and fromيرفرف - يحوم
How..? In what state, condition, or plight/ for what reason, from what causeبمعنى كيف تضاف الى الصفة وتعطي المعنى بعد وضع الصفة
HoweverBy contrast, on the other hand/ to whatever degree or extentمع ذلك - بالرغم من
How many...? What number كم للمعدود
How often...? How many timesكم مرة
Hub cap (n) Cap that fits over the hub of a wheelغطاء كفر السيارة (طاسة)
Huge (adj)Very largeضخم عملاق
Hull (body ship) (n) the frame or body of shipجسم السفينة
Human (adj) relating to a personبشري انسان
Human (person) (n)A human beingأنسان
Humid (adj)Containing by a great deal of water vaporرطب
Humidity (n) Wetness in the atmosphereرطوبة
Humor (n) Being funnyدعابة فكاهة
Humorous (adj)Funny and laughter/ amusement/ wittyظريف هزلي
Hundred (n) the number 100مئة
Hungry (adj)feeling the desire to eat foodجوعان
Hunt (v) Chase relentlessly or pursueيصيد - يطارد
Hurricane (n) A severe tropical cyclone usually with heavy rain and winds moving fastاعصار مصحوب برعد وبرق
Hurry up (v)to increase the speedاستعجل
Hurt / hurt / hurt (v)Physical painيصيب - يجرح - جرح - قٌد جرح
Hurt someone's feelings (v)Mental painيجرح شعور الاخرين
Husband (n) A married manزوج
Hybrid (a mix of 2 species of animal or system) (adj)A composite of mixed originهجين
Hydraulic (adj)Moved or operated by liquid(Water or oil)قوة ضغط السوائل
Hydrogen (n) The lightest of chemical element(Symbol H)غاز الهيدروجين
Ice (n) frozen waterثلج
Ice cream (n) frozen food containing cream, sugar and flavoringأيس كريم
ID card (n) identity cardبطاقة اثبات الهوية
idea (n) a thought in the mindفكرة
ideal (adj)standard of perfectionتصوري - مثالي - ذهني - فكري
identical (adj)similar or alikeمماثل - مطابق
identification (n) something that identifies a personهوية- تطابق - تماثل
identify someone/something (v)to recognize a person or thingتعريف شخص أو شيء
idle (adj)not working or activeلايعمل او لا تعمل
if (prep)in case that; supposing thatاذا - لو ( أداة شرط)
if not negative result or effect of somethingالا اذا
ignite (v)to set on fire/make something burnشعل - احرق
ignition (n) a means or device for igniting/-fuel burning system in your carنظام الاشتعال في السيارة
ignore (v)to refuse to take notice ofتجاهل شخص او شيء
ill (adj)unwell; not healthyمريض
illegal (adj)unlawful; against he lawغير قانوني او غير شرعي
image (n) picture on a TV, computer or RADAR screenصورة على التلفزيون او الكمبيوتر
imagine (v)to form a mental imageتخيل - تصور
imitate (v)to copy or mimic / copy someone else's behaviorيقلد
immediate (adj)without delay; instantعاجل او فوري
immediately (adv)without delayمباشرة - توا - فورا
impact (n) forceful contact; collision /when something hits something elseيصدم
impartial (adj)fair; just; treating all equallyنزيه - متجرد - غير متحيز
implacable (adj)resolute; not capable of being signicantly changed عنيد - حقود - لايعرف الصفح
implement (v)start using somethingينفذ - ينجز - يطبق
imply (v)to indicate or suggest without being explicitly statedيتضمن - يدل ضمنا على
impolite (adj)not politeغير مهذب
impolitely (adv)not polite; rudeبشكل غير مهذب او مؤدب
import (v)to bring from a foreign source/countryيستورد
impossible (adj)not possible; unable to beمستحيل
important (adj)of much or great significance or consequenceمهم
impression (n) people's first opinion on meeting someoneانطباع - تصور عن
improve (v)to make betterيتحسن - يتطور
Incapable (adj)not able to do somethingعاجز - غير قادر
Incident (n) an individual occurence or eventحدث عرضي
incorporate (v)include the use of something with something elseيندمج او يتحد
increase (v)to make greater يزيد
indefinite (adj)without a fixed or specified limit; unlimitedغير محدد
indent (first line of a paragraph) (v)to set in or back in a margin, as the first line of a paragraphالسطر الاول من من وثيقة او قطعة كتابية
in additionfurthermoreبالاضافة الى
in addition to (someone/something)anything or anyone addedبالاضافة الى /شخص او شيء
in advanceto bring forward in timeمقدما
in allthe whole of المجموع
in factreality; truth; actually;reallyفي الحقيقة في الواقع
(be) in a hurryto move or act with great hasteأستعجل - بسرعة
in back of (somewhere/someone)the rear part; behindخلف
in case if ; as a precaution against the event thatفي حالة
(be) in charge of someone/somewherea superior rank or levelمسئول عن
(have) something in commonshared alike by ; belonging equally toيتشاركون نفس الاهتمامات او الصفات
(be) in connection within relation to / be about/relate to somethingيكون على علاقة مع او ب
in conclusionfinally;lastly;in closing; to sum upفي النهاية
in shortin brief; having little length; brieflyباختصار
in contact with someonein touch with; in communication withعلى اتصال مع
in essencethe basic; the real; basicallyبشكل اساسي
in exchange forThe act of giving or taking one thing in return for another; in place ofفي تبادل ل
in front of (somewhere/someone)the forward part or surfaceأمام - في مقدمة
(be) in full bloomhaving flowersتفتح الزهرة كاملا
in generalof or relating to all persons or things belonging to a group or categoryفي العادة - بشكل عام
in good/bad shapein good or bad conditionفي حالةجيدة - سيئة
(have) something in mindto be thinking ofتفكر في شيء( في عقلك )
in my opinionwhat a person thinks about somethingمن وجهة نظري - في رأيي
(be) in opposition to somethingnot to agree; to disagree; be against someone/somethingمعارض ل - لا يتفق
in order toso that / for the purpose of; as a means to من أجل
in place of someone/somethinginstead of; as a substitute forفي محل شخص او شيء - بدلا من
in the event of/thatresult of something; as it turns out or turned out ; if something happensفي حالة حصل كذا
in the morning/afternoon/eveningtime expressionsفي الصباح - بعد الظهر - في المساء
in a month/week/year/hour, etctime expressions - future timeخلال شهر - أسبوع -سنة
in regard toconcerning; about; be about somethingبخصوص
in search of someone/somethinglooking for; trying to find في البحث عن - خلال البحث عن
in spite of all / the fact thatexpress a contrast between two things بغض النظر عن - بالرغم من
in that case because of that في هذه الحالة
in the course ofin the process of ; duringخلال
In the first place the beginning of a situtaionفي بداية ال
In the meantime during the time before something happensفي الوقت الراهن
In the open outdoorsفي الخارج - (خارج)المنزل
In the Army/Navy/Air Force working in or employed by theseفي الجيش- البحرية - الجوية
In the same way done in an identical mannerبنفس الطريقة
In touch with someone in contact with a person by email, phone etcعلى أتصال مع
(be) in working order operating correctly as in a machine; be operational/not brokenتعمل بشكل جيد
Inch/inches (n) unit of measurementبوصة - بوصات قياس (2,5سم)
Incision (n) a sharp cut made in something; medical= skin cut openجرح
Include someone/something (v)to involve ; include; take in; incorporate بالاضافة الى( شخص/شيء )
Income (n) money earned from workingالدخل الشهري - الراتب
Incomplete (adj)not finished or completedناقص - غير كامل
Inconsolable (adj)so unhappy or disappointed that no one can make you feel betterلاعزاء له
Independent (adj)not influenced or controlled by othersمستقل
Indicate (v)to show; point out; show information about somethingيظهر - يبيّن - يؤشر على
Individual (adj)a person; realting to one person or thing, rather than to a large groupفرد - شخص
Indoors (adj)inside a buildingداخل المبنى
Industry (n) related to manufacturing - making products in a factoryصناعة
Ineligible (adj)not suitable, not permitted; someone unqualified to do a jobغير مؤهل (شخص)
Infantry (n) soldiers or military units that fight on foot with riflesمشاة جمع جندي المشاة
Infection (n) an infecting with germs of diseaseميكروب معدي - يلوث بالجراثيم
Inferior (adj)lower in rank or positionأقل مرتبة -أدنى
Inflate (a tire) (v)put air into a tireينفخ أطار (كفر) بالهواء
Inflexible (adj)not flexible; immovable; rigidغير مرن
Influence (n/v) the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force; to affect; to impactتأثير - يؤثر
Inform (someone) (v)to give informationيبلغ - يخبر
Informal (adj)not following established custom or rules; casual; easygoingغير رسمي
Information (n) a collection of factual knowledge about somethingمعلومات - استعلامات
Ingredient (cooking)(n) things that are used to make something, especially all the different foods you use when you are cooking a particular dish. تركيبة الغذاء - يتكون من - مقادير الاكل
Inhale (v)to breath in opposite of exhale/ breath outيتنفس - يستنشق
Initial (adj)the first; something that happens at the beginning of a process.أولي
Inject (medicine) (v)to force a fluid into a passage, cavity or tissueيحقن - يدخل الابرة في الجسم
Injure (v)to hurt or damage; cause bodily damageيصيب - يجرح
Injury (n) something that causes loss or painأصابة - جرح
Inner (adj) situated farther in; inside; interiorداخلي
Innocent (adj)not guilty of a crime بريء
Input (v)If you input information into a computer, you feed it in, for example by typing it on a keyboard.يدخل المعلومات الى الحاسب
Inquire about someone/something (v)to search through or seek information; to ask aboutيستفسر عن - يسأل عن
Insect (n) fly; mosquitoحشرة
Insert (v)to put or place inيدخل شيء في شيء
Inside (n) opposite of outsideالى داخل - داخل
Insignia (n) military rank badgeشارة الرتبة العسكرية
Insist (v) to be emphatic, firm, resolute; to state as a fact usuallt forecfullyيصر على
Inspect something/somewhere (v)to look over closely; checkيفحص شيء او مكان
Inspired (adj)to fill with courage or strength of purposeيلهم (الهام)
Install (v)to place in a position or connect يركب أجهزة جديدة
Installation (n)military baseتركيب
Installation (n)process of installing new equipmentعملية تركيب الأجهزة
Instant (n)immediate; a moment of timeاللحظة
Instantly (adv)immediately, at onceفورا - حالاً
Instantaneous (adj)immediate, instant, straightawayفوري - لحظي
Instead (of someone/something else) (adv)in place of بدلا من
Instruct (v)to educate, teach, tutorيعلم - يعطي أرشادات - يرشد
Instruction (n) the act or practice of instructing or teaching; education; military order/trainingأومر عسكرية - تدريبات
Instructions (n) how to do/operate somethingتعليمات
Instructor (n) a person who instructsمعلم
Instrument (n) a mechanical tool or implement ; musical instrument - guitarألة موسيقية - آداة - آلة
Instrument (n) gauges in an aircraft's cockpitعدادات طائرة أجهزة قياس
Insulate (v) to protect from cold or noise by covering with a thick layer; preventing loss of heating in a homeيعزل
Insulated (adj)protected from cold or noiseمعزول حراريا
Insulation (n) a thick layer of substance that keeps something warmعزل حراري
Insulator (n) a material that insulates something; conducting cover of electrical wireعازل على السلك الكهربائي
Insult someone (v)to speak to someone rudelyيهين شخص بالكلام
Insurance (n) a means of guaranteeing protection or safetyتأمين
Intake valve (n) used to control the timing and quantity of gas or vapor flow into engineالصمام الساحب للهواء
Integrity (n) goodness, decency, honesty; someone's good character/reputationكرامة الانسان
Intense (adj)extreme in degree; intensified, emphasizedحاد - شديد
Intermittent (adj)occuring or appearing at intervals; continual, on-and-offمتقطع
Interpret (v)how you understand something, e.g. the law/language; to make understandable; clarify, explainيفسر - يؤول - يترجم
Intelligent (adj)having or showing quickness of mind; clever, brightشخص ذكي
Intend (to do something) (adj)plan to do somethingينوي
Intention (n) a plan to do somethingنية
(be) Interested (in something) (adj)to hold the attention of; to fascinateيهوى يحب لدرجة عالية ( الصيد الرحلات السفر)
Interesting (adj)exciting and holding the attention of a personالشيء الممتع المشوق ( مبارة فلم كتاب)
Interior (n)the insideداخل /داخلي
Intermediate (adj)being, situated, or acting between two points, stages, things, personsمتوسط
Internal (adj) situated or exisiting in the interior of somethingداخلي - باطني
International (adj)between or among nationsدولي
Internet (n) a vast computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwideأنترنت
Interval (n)a break in continuity; a gap, interim, intermissionفاصل - فترة فاصلة
Intestinal (adj)occuring in or affecting the intestines; medical=of the intestinesمعوي
Intestines (n)the yubes in your body through which food passes when it has left the stomachالأمعاء
Into (prep)abbreviated form for introductionالى داخل
Introduce (someone to somebody else) (v)to make (one person) known (to another) socially يعرف شخص الى أخر -يقدم شخص الى اخر
Introduction (n) a short section that leads to or explains the main part in a book etcتعارف
Inventory (n) to make a list of; itemize, listجرد موجودات - او مستودع
Invert (v)to change the position of (an object) so that the opposite side or end is showing;turn upside downيقلب رأسا على عقب
Invisible (adj)cannot be seen; concealed, hiddenغير مرئي
Invitation (n) a written or spoken request to come to an event such as a party, a meal etcدعوة
Invite (v)ask someone to come to a party, meal etcيدعو
Invent (v)making or thinking of something for the first time; create, developاخترع
Involve (v)if a situation or activity involves someone, they are taking part in itيشمل
Iron (n) silver white mettallic elementحديد
Iron your clothes (v) use a heated device to press clothesيكوي
Iron (n)a device for ironing clothes الة الكوي
Irregular (adj)not accepted standard of what is normal; an iregular verbغير اعتيادي - غير منتظم
Irresponsible (adj)not responsible; lacking a sense of responsibilityغير مسؤول - متهور
Irritate (v)annoy someone; bother يزعج
Irritated (adj)feeling annoyed or botheredازعج
Irritating (adj)something that annoys or bothersمزعج
Isolate (v)to set apart from othersيعزل
Issue (v)something published, printed and distributed مساله
Italian (adj)someone / something from Italyايطالي
Item (n) a thing or objectشيء
Jack (n)a device used to raise a car in order to change a tireرافعة (عفريتة)
Jack up (v)to raise a car using a jackيرفع
Jail (n)a place where prisoners are keptسجن
Jacket (n) a short coat for the upper body معطف (جاكيت)
January /Jan (n) first month of the yearالشهر الاول من السنة الميلادية
Japan (n) a country in south-ease Asiaدولة اليابان
Japanese (adj)a person or thing from Japanياباني
Jar (n)a widemouthed container made typically of glassحاوية زجاجية
Jeans (n) pants made of denim بنطلون جينز
Jet (n) an airplane powered by one or more jet enginesنفاث - طائرة نفاثة ( محرك نفاث للطائرة)
Jewelry (n) objects of precious metal often set with gems and worn by a personمجوهرات
Job (n) a post of employment; full-time or part-timeعمل - وظيفة
Jog (v)to run at a slow paceهرولة
Join (a team) (v)to become a member of a sports team التحق ب - ينضم الى نادي
Join (the Army/Navy/Air Force) (v)to become a member or start work as an employeeيلتحق - ينضم الى العسكرية
Join (v)to put or bring together as to form a unit; assemble 2 things togetherيركب اشياء في بعضها البعض
Joint (n) combined together, e.g. joint military operationمعا- متشارك في العلاقة او المصلحة
Judge (n)a public official authorized to decide questions brought before a courtقاضي المحكمة
Judge (v)to pass a legal judgment; to hear evidence; find someone guilty/not guilty in courtيقاضي/ يحكم على شخص
Judgment (n)the act of judgingالحكم في قضية ما
Judicial (adj)of or relating to a judgment; the law; the courtsقضائي - صادر عن المحكمة
Juice (from fruit) (n) the natural fluid, fluid content, or liquid extracted from a plant or one of its partsعصير
July / Jul (n) the seventh month of the yearشهر يوليو ميلادي
Jump (v/n) to spring into the air; to leapالقفز - يقفز
Junior (n) military=lower in rankحدث - الاصغر رتبة - او الاصغر سنا
June / Jun (n) the sixth month of the yearشهر 6 يونيو شهر ميلادي
Junk (n)something of poor quality; trash; old,useless equipment/itemsمعدات قديمة( سكراب )
Jury (n) group of 12 people in law court who judge an accused personأعضاء المحكمة 12 عضو
Just (adj)simply/onlyفقط
Justly (adv)used with Present Perfect - I have just finished the work.منذ لحظة
(be) just (adj)to act in a just way or manner / right in the lawعدل
Just as at the exact momentفي نفس اللحظة
"Just a minute" used to ask someone to wait or stop briefly/short time/ just a momentفقط انتظر لحظة لوسمحت
Just in time arriving just at the arranged time with no time to spare/almost, but not actually too late على الوقت
Justice (n) about the law/courts; the legal system that a country uses in order to deal with people who break the law.العدل ( يحكم بالعدل )
Just the same anyway; in any case; neverthelessنفس الشيء - على أي حال
Keep / kept / kept (v) to hold or retain in one's possession يحفظ - حفظ - قد حفظ
Keep an eye on something/someone to look after; watch carefully راقب - انتبه على
Keep something away from store something separately - keep the gasoline away from the electrical equipment.ابعد هذا الشيء بعيد عن
Keep on (doing something) (v)to continue doing something without stoppingأستمر في عمل ...
Keep track of something stay informed about; know the location of something at all timesتابع أعرف مكان الشيء
Keep up with something/someone maintain the same level/position; to go or make progress at the same rate as others: to stay even with others in a race, competitionتابع العمل في نفس المستوى
Ketchup (n)a thick cold sauce, usually made from tomatoes, that is sold in bottlesكاتش اب - عصير طماطم
Key (n)for a door - to open or lockمفتاح باب
Key (n)for a car etc - to start engine مفتاح سيارة
Keyboard (n)the keyboard of a computer, tablet, or on some phones is the set of keys that you press in order to operate itلوحة مفاتيح الكمبيوتر
Kick (v)to hit something forcefully with your foot; a footballيرفس الكرة
Kid (n)a childطفل
Kidnap (v)to take someone illegally and by force, and usually hold them prisonerيخطف
Kidney (n) the organs in the body that take waste matter from your blood and is sent out of your body as urineاحد الكليتين
Kill (v) to deprive of life in any manner; cause the death ofيقتل
Kind (adj)a person who acts in a gentle, caring, and helpful way towards other people; nie/generousكريم - سخي - معطاء
King (n) a man who is the most important member of the royal family of his countrywho rules a major territorial unitملك - عاهل
Kit (n) equipment; set of tools, supplies; a group of personal thingsطقم عدة - معدة
Kitchen (n) a place with cooking facilitiesمطبخ
Kilogram/kilo/kg (n) a unit of measurement to calculate weightكيلوغرام
Kilometer / km (n) a unit of measurement to calculate distanceكيلو متر
(be) a kind of (n)type of/sort of somethingنوع من
Knee (n) a joint in the middle part of the human leg that allows for movement between the femur and the tibiaركبة
Knife/knives (n) a tool for cutting or a weapon that consists of a flat piece of metal with a sharp edgeon the end of a handleسكين - سكاكين
Knob (of door) (n) a round handle on a door or drawer used to open or close itمقبض الباب
Knob (n)control handle on a machineيد او ذراع ألة
Knot (n)a point where string, rope, or cloth is tied together, or twisted togetherعقدة في حبل او ربطة
Know (v)to have an understanding of; to perceive or understand as fact or truth clearly and with certaintyيعرف
Knowledge (n) information and understanding about a subject which a person has, or which people haveالمعرفة - العلم
Korean (adj)belonging to or realting to Korea, or to their people, language, or cultureشخص كوري
Lab (laboratory) (n) a building or room where scientific experiments, analyses, and research are carried outمعمل - مختبر
Label (n)a piece of paper or plastic that is attached to an object in order to give information about itعلامة - ورقة تلصق ويكتب عليه معلومة مختصرة
Lack (v)not have enough of somethingيفتقر الى
Lack (of something) (adj)not enough of something; deficient; need of somethingنقص في- عدم وجود مايكفي من
Ladies' Room (n)a room equipped with lavatories and toilets for the use of womenحمام السيدات
Lady (n) refers to a a woman when showing respect or politenessسيدة
Landmark (n) a famous, well-known place used to give directions; a buiding or feature which is easily noticed and can be used to judge your position of other buildingsعلامة أرضية مميزة
Lap (n)sport=one time around a running trackدورة حول المضمار (رياضة)
Laundry (n)articles of clothes and linen that need to be washedمغسلة /غسيل
Lake (n) a large area of freas water , surrounded by landبحيرة
Lamb (n) a young sheep; the flesh of a lamb eaten as foodلحم الضأن لحم الخروف
Lamp (n) a light that works by using electricity; a bedside lampلمبة - مصباح - قنديل
Land (n) an area of ground , especially one that is used for a particular purpose such as farming or buildingأرض
Land (for an aircraft) (v)a palne arrives somewhere after a journey; the plane landed on the runwayتهبط ( الطائرة)
Lane (n)part of a main road which is marked by the edge of the road and a painted lineأحد المسارات في الطريق السريع
Language (n) a system of communication which consists of a set of sounds and written symbols which are used by the people of a partcular country or regionلغة
Large (adj)a thing or person greater in size than usual or averageضخم
Last (adj) following all the rest; being the only remainingالأخير
Last/lastly (adv)after all the others; at the end; finallyأخيرا
Last (month/week/year, etc.) (adj)used in expresions such as last Friday, last night, and last year to refer to the most recent Friday, night, or yearلماضي ( الشهر الاسبوع السنة الماضية)
Last (v)to continue in time - The movie lasted two hours. يستمر - يبقى - يظل
Late (adj)near the end of the day or past the time that you feel something should have been doneمتأخر
Latent (adj)something that is hidden and not obvious at the moment, but which may develop in the futureكامن مستتر
Later (adj)a time or situation that is after the one that you have been talking about or after the present oneبعدين - بعد فترة قصيرة
Latter (adj)to describe the later part of a period of time or event; the last of somethingأخير - ختامي
Latitude (n) the latitude of a place is its distance from the equatorخط العرض
Laugh (v)to make a noise with your throat while smiling and show that you are happy or amusedيضحك
Launch a missile, etc. (v) to send a rocket or missile into the air or spaceيطلق صاروخ
Law (n)a system of rules thjat a society or government develops to deal with crime, business agreements and social relationshipsقانون - نظام معمول به
Lawyer (n) a person who is qualified to advise people about the law and represent them in courtمحامي
Lay/laid/laid (something) down if you lay something somewhere , you put it there in a careful, gentle, or neat way; place, put, setيمد شيء على الأرض
Layer (noun) a quantity of material or substance that covers a surface or that is between two thingsطبقة
Lazya person who does not work or make any effort to do anythingكسول
Lead/led/led a country (v)to be in control or in charge of the people in a country - to be President, Prime Minister, Kingيقود يحكم
Leader (n)the person who is in charge or leads the people in a country القائد
Leadership (n)the people who are in control of a group or organization; process of leading a countryالقيادة
Leaf/leaves (n) the leaves of a tree or plant are the parts that are flat, thin, and usualy greenورقة/ أوراق ( شجر )
Leak (n) a crack, hole, or other gap that a substance such as liquid or gas can pass throughالتسرب
Leak (v) let a substance such as liquid or gas escape through a hole or crackيتسرب السوائل
Leaky (adj) an object is leaky when it has holes, cracks, or other faults which allow liquids and gases to pass throughتسريبي
Lean (v)to rest against or on something for support; not stand uprightيميل - يتكيء - ينحدر
Leap over (v)to jump over someone or somethingيقفز - فوق
Learn (v)to obtain knowledge or a skill through studying or trainingيتعلم
Learn a lesson (v)to learn through painful expereince not to do something يتعلم درس أو تجربة
Lease a house/flat (v)to use something like a property or car for regular payments of moneyيؤجر بيت او منزل
Lease (n)a legal agreement by which the owner of a building, a piece of land; a rental contract for house etcعقد تأجير
(the) least (adj) a smaller amount than anyone or anything else, or the smallest amount possibleالأقل
Leather (n) treated animal skin which is used for making shoes, clothes, bags, and furnitureجلد
Leave/left/left (v) to go away from a place or personيغادر- غادر- قد غادر
Leave a tip (for a waiter) (v)to give money to someone in order to thank them for their servicesيترك بخشيش للعامل في المطعم
Leave a message (v)to give a message to someone so that they will pass it on to another personيترك رسالة
leave out something (v)If you leave out someone or something out you omit it or don't use it.يترك شيء - لا يستخدم
Leave (n)a period of time when you are not working at your job because you are on vacationإجازة - عطلة
Lecture (n) a talk someone gives in order to teach people about a particular subject, usually at university or collegeمحاضرة
Left (preposition/direction) (n) opposite of right - Turn left at the traffic signalsيسار
Leg (n) a person or animal's legs are part of their body that they use to stand onرجل مفرد ارجل
Legal (adj)things that are related to the lawقانوني
Legislature (US, n)a group of people who have the power to make and pass laws; US noun = governmentالمشرّع - من يصوغ القانون
Leisure (adj)free and unoccupied timeمتعة - لهو - وقت فراغ
Lemon (n) an acid fruit with very sour juice. Lemons grow on trees in warm countriesليمون
Lend / lent / lent (v) When people or organizations such as banks lend you money, they give it to you and you agree to pay it back at a future dateيقرض مال او أي شيء - أقرض - قد أقرض
Lend a hand (v)help someone; assistيساعد شخص
Length (n)noun-trouser/clothing sizeالطول/ طول
Length (n) sportthe distance from one of a swimming pool to the other end; length of sports fieldطول الطول
Lenient (adj)a person who is not strict or severe; not be strict or harsh, e.g. of punishmentلين - متساهل - رفيق
Lens (n)a thin curved piece of glass or palstic used in things such as cameras, and a pair of glassesعدسات
Less (adj)a smaller amount of something than before or than average; opposite of 'more'أقل من
Less (adv)to indicate that something or someone has a smaller amount of a quality than they used to or is average or usualأقل(أقل وزنا من )
Lesson (n) a unit or single period of instruction in a subject; classدرس
Let (v)if toy let someone do something, you give them permission to do itيسمح يدع
"Let me introduce..." If you introduce one person to another, you tell them each other's names, so that they can get to know each otherدعني أعرفك على فلان
Letter (from alphabet) (n) a written symbol which represents one of the sounds in a languageاحد حروف الهجاء
Letter (for the post) (n) a message on paper and then sent by post/mail رسالة
Lettuce (n) a palnt with large green leaves that is the basic ingredient of many saladsخس من الخضار
Level (n)for academic/training/study - an intellectual standard; a point on a scale of difficulty-standard, gradeمستوى علمي
Level (adj)to be at the same height; having a flat horizontal surfaceمستوي أي غير مائل (بناء بلاط و ماشابه ذلك )
Lever (n)a handle or bar that is attached to a piece of machinary and which you push or pull to operate the machineryعمود ألة
Library (n) a building where things such as books, newspapers, videos are kept for people to reads, use, or borrowمكتبة عامة
Lie (v)If someone is lying, they are saying something which they know is not true.يكذب
Lie / lay / lay down (v)If you are lying somewhere, you are in a horizontal position and are not standing or sittingتمدد على السرير
Lieutenant / Lt 4 (n) an officer in the army, navy, or air force with afairly low rankرتبة ملازم
Lieutenant Colonel / Lt Col (n) a commissioned officer in the army, air force, or marine corps ranking above a major and below a colonel مقدم رتبة عسكريه
Lieutenant General (n) a commissioned officer in the army, air force, or marine corps who ranks above a major general and whose insignia is three starsفريق - رتبة عسكريه
Life/lives (n)someone's life is the period of time which they are aliveحياة
Lifestyle (n)the living conditions, behavior, and habits that are typical of them or are chosen by themنوعية الحياة او العيش التي تختار أن تعيشها
light (adj)something that is light does not weigh very much; not heavyخفيف
Light (n)A light is something such as an electric lamp which produces light; a traffic lightضوء كهربائي / أشارة مرور
Light bulb (n)the round glass part of an electric light or lamp which light shines fromمصباح لمبة
Light (adj)full of natural light , not darkمضيء واضح
Light / lit / lit (v)if you light something such as a cigarettte or fire, or if it lights, it starts burningيشعل نار او يشعل سيجارة
Lightning (n) bright flashes of light in the sky that happen during thunderstormsبرق
Like to (v=enjoy) If you like something something or someone, you think they are interesting, enjoyable, or attractiveيستمتع - يحب
(be) like (v) having the charateristics of, similar to : e.g. What's your teacher like?)ماهي أوصاف مدرسك شخصية
(be) likely (adv)to indicate that something is probably the case or will probably happen in a particular situationمحتمل
Likewise (adv)in the same manner/way; the same; similarilyفي نفس الطريقة
Limb (n) Your limbs are your arms and legsاطراف الجسم (يد -رجل)
Limit (v/n) If you limit something, you prevent it from becoming greater; a limit is the greatest amount, extent, or degree of something that is possibleيحدد / محدد
Limited (adj) something that is limited is not very great in amount, range, or degree - restricted, controlledمحدود
Line up (v)If you line things up, you move them into a staright row.ينظم في صف واحد
Line (n)a long thin mark which is drawn or painted on a surfaceيرسم خط على الورق
Line (n) A line is a connection which makes it possible for two people to speak to each other on the phone.خط هاتفي
Line (n)a long piece of strong nylon or silk that is used for fishing and is part of a fishing rod سنارة لصيد السمك
Line (n)piping for conveying a fluid such as gasoline, water, gas electricity etcماسورة الوقود في السيارة
Link (n)A link (short for hyperlink) is an HTML object that allows you to jumo to a new location when you click or tap it. Links are found on almost every webpage.رابط انترنت
Link (n)a link between two things or places is a physical connection or relationship between them.تواصل بين شيئين أو فكرتين
Lip (n) the two outer parts of the edge of the mouthأحد الشفتين - شفه
Liquid (n) a substance which is not solid but which flows and can be poured, for example waterسائل
Liquefy (v)When a gas or solid substance liquefies or is liquefied, it changes its form and becomes liquidتسييل (تحويل الموجودات الى سيولة نقدية)
List (n)a number of items written on a piece of paperقائمة
List (v) To list several things such as reasone or names to write or say them one after the other in particular orderيعد قائمة
Listen (v)If you listen to someone who is talking or to a sound, you give your attention to them or itيصغي جيدا
Little (adj)Little things are small in size; small, shortصغير - قصير
Little (adj)A little distance, period of time, or event is short in lengthقليل
Little by little (adv)If something happens little by little, it happens very graduallyشيأ فشيأ (شوي شوي)
Live (v) If someone lives in a particular place or with a particular person, their home is in that place or with that personيعيش - يسكن
Living room (n) The living room in a house is the room where people sit and relaxصالة الجلوس
Livelihood (n)Your livelihood is the job or other source of income that gives you the money to buy the things طريقة كسب العيش
Load (v)If you load a vehicle or a container, you put a large quantity of things in it.يحمّل سيارة او شاحنة
Load a program (v)To load a piece of equipment means to put something into it so that it is ready to use as in a computer program.حمل برنامج على الكمبيوتر ( الحاسب )
Loan (n) A loan is a sum of money that you borrow.قرض من البنك
Local (adj) Local means exisiting or belonging to the area where you live, or to the area that you are talking about.محلي - داخلي
Locate (v) If you locate something or someone, you find out where they are.يحدد مكان
Location (n)A location is the place where something happens or is situatedمكان
Lock (v/n)When you lock something such as a door, or case, you fasten it, usually with a key, so that othe people cannot open it; device used to keep door shut. يقفل
Long (adj)Something that is long measures a great distance from one end to the other. Dimensionsطويل (قياس)
Long (adj)A long distance is a great distance. A long journey or route covers a great distance. A long timeطويل او طويلة مثلا رحلة طويلة
Long distance a call outside the local area - more expensive than a local callمكالمة بعيدة من مدينة الى مدينة
Longitude (n) The longitude of a place is its distance to the west or east of a line passing through Greenwich.خطوط الطول
Look (at) (v) To turn one's eyes toward something or in some direction in order to see.ينظر الى
Look after (v)If you look after someone you do what is necessary to keep them healthy, safe, or in good condition.يهتم ب - يعتني ب
Look down on someone/something (v)To consider that the person is inferior or unimportant, usually when it is not trueيزدري - يحتقر
Look for (v) to search or hunt forيبحث عن
Look forward to (something) If you look forward to something that is going to happen, you want it to happen because you think you will enjoy it.يتطلع الى
Look into something (v)to find out about a situation and examine the facts - The police are looking into the crime; to investigate يحقق في
Look out for something (v)If you look out for something, you pay attentioin to things so that you notice it if or when it happens; take care ofانتبه
Look over something (v)To examine; inspect - especially for errors/mistakesأبحث عن الخلل او المشكلة
Look up (v)If you look up a fact or a piece of information, you find it out by looking in something such as a reference book or online. أبحث عن كلمة في القاموس
Look up to someone (v)If you look up to someone, especially older than you, you respect and admire them.أحترم الشخص - يٌعجب بشخص
Look like (v)to have an appearance that is very similar (to someone or something): to resembleيشبه شخص ما (مظهر)
Loose (adj)Something that is loose is not firmly held or fixed in place; not tightواسع ليس ضيق ( ملابس)
Loosen (v)to make looser: loosen a scew - loosened his tieيفك - يرخي صامولة برغي
Lose/lost/lost (v) to miss from one's possession; to come to be without (something in one's possession or care) through accident, theft, etcيفقد - يضيع شيء ما - أضاع -قد أضاع
Lose your temper (v)To become angry and shout at someone or show in another way that you are no longer in control of yourself.يعصب- يفقد أعصابه
Lose track of something (v)to fail to keep informed about; lose sight or knowledge ofيفقد مسار/ يضيع شيء ما
Lost (adj) Do not know where you are or unable to find the way; cannot find something ضائع مفقود
Lots ofa great number of; a great deal; very muchكثير من
Loud (adj) If a noise is loud the sound level is very high and it can be easily heard. Someone or something that is loud produces a lot of noise. عالي ( صوت عالي )
Loudly (adv)in a loud manner - The person spoke loudly. عالي ( يتحدث بصوت عالي او مرتفع)
Love (n) a very strong feeling of happiness; to like very muchحب - عشق
Love (v) If you love something, you like it very much. يحب - يعشق
Low (adj)Something that is low measures only a short distance from the bottom to the top, or from the ground to the top. Opposite of high.منخفض
Low (adv)a low degree or level - The palne flew at a low altitude. منخفضا
Lower (v)If you lower something, you move it slowly downwards.ينزل (رافعة ) يخفض شيء ما
Loyal (adj) Someone who is loyal remains firm in their friendship or support for a person or thing.مخلص- وفي
Loyalty (n) Loyalty is the quality of staying firm in your friendship or support for someone or something.اخلاص- وفاء
Lubricate (v) If you lubricate something such as a part of a machine, you put a substance such as oil on it so that it moves smoothly.يزيّت
Lubrication (n) Adding a substance between solid surfaces that are moving against each other in order to reduce friction or wear. التزييت او التشحيم للالات
Lubrication system (n) Mechanical system of lubricating internal combustion engines in which a pump forces oil into the engine bearings.نظام دورة زيت المحرك
Luck (n) Luck or good luck is success or good things that happen to you, that do not come from your own abilities or efforts.حظ
Lucky (adj) a lucky experience or action that was good or successful which happpened by chance and not as a result of planning or preparation.محظوظ - ذو حظ عظيم
Lug nut (n) a nut used to secure a wheel on a carصامولة جنط الكفر
Lumber (n)Lumber consists of trees and large pieces of wood that have been roughly cut up; timber, woodخشب الاشجار للبناء بعد تقطيعها
Lunch (n) Lunch is a meal that you have in the middle of the day.غداء
Luncheon (n) A luncheon is a formal lunch, for example to celebrtae an important event or to raise money for charity.غداء
Lung (n) Your lungs are the two organs inside your chest which fill with air when you breathe in. رئه - أحد الرئتين
Luxury (n) Luxury is a very great comfort, especially among beautiful expensive surroundings. ترف - رفاهية - رغد العيش
Ma'am nice way to address a femaleسيدة (أمرأة برتبة ضابط )
Machine (n) an apparatus that require mechanical powerألة - جهاز - مكينة
Magazine (n) a publication with articles and illustrationsمجلة
Magazine (n) contains the bullets, part of a gunمخزن الذخيرة في البندقية
Magnet (n) a metal that attracts or repelsمغناطيس
Magnetic (adj)capable of being attractedمغناطيسي
Mail (n) a letter you send to somebody's house viaبريد ( الرسائل )
Mailman (n) the person who delivers the lettersساعي البريد
Main (adj)chief in size or importanceالرئيسي
Maintain (v)to keep to a standardيعتني ب - يقوم بصيانة
Maintenance (n) to look after an object (preserve a condition)صيانة
Major/Maj (n) a rank of an officerرائد (رتبة عسكرية)
Major (adj)important, seriousمهم - كبير
Make (v)to create/ to produceيصنع - صنع- قد صنع
Make (v)cause, to influence something to happenيجعل
Make someone do something influence a personاجعل شخص ما يقوم بعمل
Make a cake to bake/cook a cakeيصنع كعك
Make a mistake to do something wrongيخطأ
Make a phone call to talk to somebody over a phoneيجري مكالمة هاتفية
Make a reservation call up a restaurant to reserve a tableيقوم بحجز (غرفة /مقعد طائرة )
Make sense to someone to be understood/acceptableي يقوم بحجز (غرفة /مقعد طائرة )
Make sure (v)to ensure, to confirmتأكد
Make up (v)to right a wrong; forgive each other after an argumentيعفو - يصفح - يغفر
Make up for something to right a wrong for somethingيعوض عن شيء
Make up your mind to decideيقرر - يتخذ قرار
Make it (v)to arrive on timeيصل على الوقت
Male (n) a man - opposite of a womanذكر
Malfunction (n) a problem or a faultخلل - عطل فني
Malfunction (n) when a machine stops workingخلل, عطل فني
(shopping) mall (n) a plave to buy clothes/itemsتسوق
Man/men (n) opposite of a female/womanرجل /رجال
Man-made (adj)an object made by a human صناعة يدوية
Manage (v)to be in charge of يدير - يشرف على
Manager (n) a person responsible for the businessمدير - رئيس - مشرف
Mandatory (adj)required by law/ compulsoryألزامي - أجباري
Maneuver (n) a movement يناور - يراوغ بالطائرة
Manual (n) a device controlled by handsيدوي
Manufacture (v)to make something on a large scale using machinesيصنع - ( سيارات/ ثلاجات )
Many (n) more than one (countable)عديد من - عدد من
Map (n) a view of land that shows where you areخارطة
March (n) 3rd month in the English calenderمارس الشهر الثالث من السنة الميلادية
March (v)walk in military mannerيمشي (في تمرين مشاة عسكري)
Marriage (n) union of a man and womanزواج
Married (adj)united in marriageمتزوج
Marine (n) naval soldier in the armyجندي من مشاة البحرية الامريكية
Marine (n) a member of the army trained to serve on land or seaفيلق البحرية
Mark (v)when a pencil or a pen touches a paper; using a pen/pencil to put a line/circle on paperيضع علامة بقلم خط خاص
Marksman/marksmen (n) a person skilled in shootingرامي ممتاز في تحديد
Marry (v)take someone as a wife/husbandيتزوج
(oxygen) mask equipment to help you breatheقناع اوكسجين
Mass (n) a large number of people together; a large amount of somethingكمية كبيرة من - كتلة
Master's degree (n) a skilled practitionerماجستير (شهادة جامعية)
(football) match (n) a game of football between two teamsلعبة كرة القدم
Match (v)to resemble someone or something; put 2 things together to make a pairيقارن شيئين ببعض
Mate (n) a friend or a companion; wife/husbandصديق
Material (n) cloth , fabric; plastic/metal/glass, etcمواد مثل بلاستك حديد زجاج الى أخره
Math (n) addition, subtraction, division, multiplication; Math (USA)/mathematics (UK)الرياضيات
Matter (n) a particular substanceمادة ( مواد)
Maximum (adj)the most amount of somethingحد أعلى - حد أقصى
May month (n) the 5th month in the Gregorian calenderمايو شهر 5 ميلادي
May modal (v) for permissiona polite way to ask for permissionممكن ( يستأذن)
May modal (v) for possibilitya nice way to discuss possibilityممكن ( أمكانية أستطاعة)
May have (v)to use to discuss possibility; e.g. "He may have left his keys at home"يمكن - أمكانية
Maybe possibilyيمكن - يكون
Mayonnaise (n) a sauce you put on shwarmaمايونيز (توضع على السلطة)
Mayor (n) the man/woman in charge of a cityمحافظ المدينة - رئيس البلدية
Me pronoun for Iأنا
Meal (n) A meal is eaten at breakfast lunch or dinnerوجبة طعام
Mean (unkind) a person who is not niceنذل - دنيء - خسيس - حقير
Mean to (intend to)a way to state intentionيعتزم فعل - ينوي فعل
Mean (signify) (v)a way to signifyيعني - تعني
Meaning (n) the deeper understanding of somethingمعنى
Measure (v)the action to find out the size of someone or somethingيقيس
Measurement (n) the unit or system of measurementقياس
Meat (n) the flesh of an animalلحم (لحم خروف عجل جمل)
Mechanic (n) the person who has the ability to fix carsميكانيكي ( مصلح مكاين)
Mechanical (adj)operated by person or machinary ميكانيكي او اتوماتيكي
Mechanism (n) a system of parts working togetherتقنية الالات
Mechanized (adj)introduce machines into a process or placeأليا - يجعله آليا
Medical (adj)the practice of medicineطبي
Medication (n) a drug used to treat diseaseدواء
Medicine (n) the science or practise of diagnosisطب - دواء - علاج
Medium (adj)a size of a garmentمقاس وسط ( ملابس )
Meet / met / met (v)make the acquiantence of someone for the first timeيقابل- قابل- قد قابل
Meeting (n) a situation where two or more meetأجتماع - مقابلة
Melt (v)heating of a substance till it becomes liquidيذوب
Member (n) a person or animal belonging to a groupعضو( من مجموعة )
Memorize (v)to remember a documentيحفظ (يحفظ بالذاكرة )
Memory (n) storage allowance of dataذاكرة الانسان
Mental (adj)relating to the mindفكري - عقلي
Men's Room (n) a room for men to urinateحمام رجال
Mention (v)to briefly talk about a particular subjectأذكر - يذكر
Menu (n) the document you read at a restaurant to decide what you want to eatقائمة الطعام في مطعم
Merchandise (n) the sale of goodsبضاعة
Mercury (n) liquid used in thermometers; liquid, silver colored metalمادة الزئبق
Mess Hall (n) a place where soldiers eat together; canteenقاعة الطعام
Message (n) a communication sent to somebodyرسالة
Mess up (v)to ruin somethingيفسد - يخربط
Messy (adj)used to describe a person or a place; untidyفوضى
Metal (n) the strong substance used to make cars, planes etcحديد - معادن
Meter (n) a device that measures and records the quantityمتر
"Me too" imitation of another persons viewsوأنا أيضا
Method (n) the way to do somethingطريقة
Microphone (n) the device used to record or amplify voiceمايكروفون
Microwave (n) the device used to heat food فرن مايكروويف
Middle (adj)the halfway point of anythingالأوسط
Middle (adj)at an equal distance from something centralوسط
Midnight (n) twelve o clock at nightمنتصف الليل
Might (v)used to express possibilityممكن
Might have (v)used to express possibility; e.g. "He might have left his keys at home"ممكن
Mild manner behaving in a gentle manner معتدل - متوازن
Mile/mi (n) english unit of length ميل قياس مسافة
Miles per hour/m.p.h. (n) a measurement of distance over timeميل لكل ساعة ( سرعة السيارة)
Mileage (n) the distance a car has travelledكم عداد السيارة
Millimeter / mm (n) one thousandth of a meterمليميتر
Military (n) characteristic of soldiersحربي عسكري
Milk (n) a fluid extracted from cows and camelsحليب
Million (n) a number equilivent to a thousand thousandsمليون
Mind (v)be annoyed by somethingما يضايق الانسان
mind (v)used in requestsاذا ما عندك مانع
mind (n) a persons ability to think; noun-of your brain/opinions/thoughtsالفكر
Mine possessive pronoun - that car is mineخاص بي ملكي
Mine (n) where minerals are dug from منجم معادن او فحم تحت
Mine (v)the verb to dig minerals from groundيبحث عن معادن من خلال تنقيب الأرض
Mineral (n) a substance obtained by miningمعادن
Minimum (adj)the smalles amount of quantity possibleالاقل - الحد الأدنى
Minimize (v)to reduce to the smalles possible degreeيقلل - ينقص كمية
Minor (adj)unimportantصغير - غير هام
Minor (adj)young person under the age of 18شخص عمره أقل من
Minus (n) to mathematically subtractناقص
Minute (n) equivelant to 60 secondsدقيقة (وقت)
Minute (adj) something very smallصغير جدا
Mirror (n) a glass where you see a reflectionمراية
Misplace (adj)to forget where you placed somethingيضع الشيء في غير مكانه
Miss/Ms a title to an unmarried womanلقب يطلق على المرأة الغير متزوجة
Miss a failure to catch or hit لم يصب الهدف - يخطيء الهدف
Miss someone the feeling of wanting to be with someone; be sad because someone is away from youيشتاق الى (شخص عزيز)
Missing (adj)not able to be foundمفقود
Missile (n) a weapon used in warصاروخ
Mission (n) an important assignment in the military; military objectiveمهمة عسكرية
Mission (n) the function of company/organizationعمل أو دور المنظومة او الشركة
Mistake (n) an action that is wrongخطأ
Mix (v)to combine two or more substances; verb - cooking preparationيخلط مكونات الطبخة
Mixture (n) the combination of more than one substance; noun-of cooking preparationمخلوط مكونات الطبخة
Mobile (n) the ability to move متحرك غير ثابت
Mobility (n) the ability to move تنقل - انتقال - تحرك
Model (n) the things used as an example; an excellent/perfect example -e.g. "He is very hard-working. He is a model employee."نموذج ممتاز كامل ( لاأي شيء )
Moderate (adj)average in amount ; reasonable - moderate priceمعقول - معتدل
Modern (adj)characterized using up to date techniquesحديث
moisture (n) water or liquid diffused in a small quantityبخار الماء
Molecule (n) a group of atoms bondingجزيء - مثقال - ذرة
Moment (n) a very brief period of timeلحظة زمنية
Monday (n) first day of the working week in UKيوم الاثنين
Money (n) a piece of paper you chase all your lifeنقود - دراهم
Money order (n) a piece of paper representing a sum of money which can be bought at a post officeشبيه للشيك المصدق
Monitor (v)screen on a computerشاشة الكمبيوتر
Month (n) 12 periods in a yearشهر
Moon (n) the natural satellite to Earthالقمر
Mop (v)a thick mass of strips of cloth used to clean the floorيمسح/ مساحة بخيوط تبلل لمسح الأرض
Morale (n) the mood of a personمعنوية - حالة معنوية
Morale (n) the confidence, enthusiasm of an individualالمعنوية
More (adj)an additional amout of degreeأكثر من
More (adj)to a greater extent أكثر من
Moreover (adv)as a further matter; in additionبالاضافة - زيادة على ذلك
Morning (n) the time from sunrise to noonصباح - فترة صباحية
Most (adj)greatest amount in degreeمعظم
Most (adv)superlative to moreالأكثر (مع الصفات مثل: الأكثر جمالا)
Mostly (adv)more frequently, usuallyفي الاغلب - في المقام الأول
Motel (n) a roadside bed and breakfast for motoristsفندق على الطريق العام يبيت الناس الرحالون فيه ليلتهم
Mother (n) a woman who gives birth to a childالام
Motion (n) a gesture; a movementحركة
Motivate (v)to increase someones enthusiasm in achieving something يحث يدفع الانسان لعمل شيء
Motivated (adj)a person who is highly enthusiastic about completing somethingمحرض - مدفوع بواسطة
Motivated (adj)provides someone with a reason to do somethingمحرك سيارة
Mount (v)climb or move on upيركب شيء علي شيء أخر
Mountain (n) a large natural elevation of Earths surface جبل
Mouse (n) a curser controller for a computerفارة الكمبيوتر لتحريك السهم
Move (v)go in a specific directionيتحرك يحرك
Mra title used before a surname for a manسيد(لقب يطلق على الرجل)
Mrs. a title used for a married womanسيدة (لقب يطلق على المرأة)
Much (quantifier)a large amount كثير
Much (adv)to a great extent, a great deal كثير - جدا
Mugged attack and robأنسرق ( حرامي سرقه )
Multiply (v)verb-mathematical function xضرب ب- مضروب ب
Muscle (n) a band of fibrous tissue in the body that has the ability to contractعضلة قوة عضلية
Muscular (adj)to describe a person with big musclesنامي العضلات قوي
Museum (n) a place with historic artefacts are displayedمتحف معرض
Music (n) sounds manipulated in a way to feel goodموسيقى
Musical (adj)related to musicموسيقي ( خاص بالموسيقى)
Musical (adj)a film with lots of singing and dancingموسيقي ( خاص بالموسيقى)
Musician (n) a person who plays instruments مؤلف الموسيقى العازف المحترف
Must/mustn't be or not to be obliged to يجب الزامي
Must (modal,v)to be obliged to يجب الزامي
Mustache (n) a collection of hair grown between the upper lip and noseشارب شوارب
Must have (v)past modal for certainty - e.g. "He must have gone home. His car isn't in the car park anymore"لابد ان يكون
Mustard (n) a a strong relish used for breakfasts in the UKماسترد صلصة توضع على اللحم
My belonging to or associated with the speakerلي خاص بي
Myselfused by speaker to refer to himself بنفسي
Nail (n) a small metal spike with a broadened flat head used by a carpenterمسمار
Name (n) a word or set of words by which a person or thing is knownاسم
Nap (n) a short sleep, especially during the dayغفوة نومة قصيرة
Napkin (n) a square piece of cloth or paper used at a mealمنديل لمسح الفم بعد الاكل -قماش او ورق
Narrow (adj)of small width in relation to length. Opposite of wideضيق
Nation (n) a large body of people united by common descentأمة( من الناس )
National (adj)relating to or characteristic of a nationوطني
Native (n)  person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth,ابن البلد - أحد السكان الاصلين
Natural (adj)existing in or derived from nature.Opposite: artificialطبيعي
Nature (n) animals, the landscape, and other features and products of the earthطبيعة الشخص - الطبيعة
Navigate (v)plan and direct the course of a ship, aircraft, or other form of transportيبحر يقود سفينة
Navigator (n) a person who navigates a ship, aircraft,الملاح المستكشف / ربان السفينة
Navy (n) military operations at seaبحرية
Naval (adj)relating to a navy or navies.بحري
Near (adj)a short time away in the future.قرب قريب من
Neat (adj)arranged in a tidy way; in good order.شكل مرتب
Necessary (n) needed to be done, achieved, or present; essentialضروري
Neck (n) the part of a person's or animal's body connecting the head to the rest of the bodyعنق رقبة
Necklace (n) an ornamental chain or string of beads, jewels, or links worn round the neck.عقد - قلادة
Necktie (n) another term for tieربطة عنق ( كرفته)
Need (v)require (something) because it is essential or very important rather than just desirableيحتاج الى
Needle (n) on a compassأبرة البوصلة
Needle (n) used for injections أبرة طبية لحقن الدواء
Negative (n) expressing or implying denial, disagreement, or refusalنفي-لا - سلبي
Neglect to (v)fail to care for properly or fail to do something that is necessary يهمل في عمل ما
Neighbor (n) a person living next door to or very near to the speakerجار - من يسكن بجانبك
Neighborhood (n) a district or community within a town or city.الحارة-الحي
Neither not the one nor the other of two people or things; not either (e.g. "I had 2 students. Neither of them studied hard"/"I don't like capsa & neither does he")لا هذا ولاهذا
Nephew (n) a son of one's brother or sister, or of one's brother-in-law or sister-in-law.ابن الاخ او الأخت
Nerve (n) (medical noun-in body/tooth) - long thin fibres that transmit messages between the brain and other parts of the body.عصب أحد الاعصاب في جسم الانسان
Network (n) for computers - a computer networkشبكة حاسبات
Neutral (adj)not supporting or helping either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc.; impartialمحايد
Nervous (adj)easily agitated or alarmed; worriedقلق - معصب - يعيش حالة من القلق
Never (adv)at no time in the past or future; not ever.مطلقا أبدا
Nevertheless (adv)in spite of that; notwithstanding; all the same; howeverومع ذلك - وبالرغم من
New (adj)not previously used or owned.جديد
News (n) a broadcast or published report of newsأخبار
Newspaper (n) a printed publication (usually issued daily or weekly)صحيفة جريدة
Next (adj)(of a time) coming immediately after the time of writing or speakingالذي بعده بعده
Next toin or into a position immediately to one side of; beside.بجانب
Next day the day afterالقادم ( اليوم و الشهر و الاسبوع و السنة )
Nice (adj)giving pleasure or satisfaction; pleasant or attractiveجميل- كويس-حلو
Nickel (n) a five-cent coin; five cents.عملة معدنية أمريكية = خمسة سنتات
Niece (n) a daughter of one's brother or sister, or of one's brother-in-law or sister-in-law.أبنة الاخ أو الاخت
Night (n) the period from sunset to sunrise in each twenty-four hours.ليلة
Nitrogen (n) the chemical element of atomic number 7; a gasغاز نيتروجين
No not any. e.g. There's no money in the accountلا يوجد ( غير متوفر )
No longer not now as formerly; not any more.ليس أطول من ( اسبوع)
No-one no person; not a single person.لا أحد
Nobody (n) no person; no one.لا أحد
No matter who/where/what regardless of. (=it's not important who/where/what)لا يهم من او أين أو متى
Noise (n) a sound, especially one that is loud or unpleasant or that causes disturbance.ضوضاء أزعاج
Noisy (adj)making or given to making a lot of noise.مزعج محدث ضجة
Nominate (v)propose or formally enter as a candidate for election or for an honour or award.يرشح شخص لجائزة
Non-commissioned officer/NCO (n) non-commissioned officer/ lower ranks, e.g. sergeant, etcرتبة ضباط الصف و الجنود
None (adv)no person; no one.لاأحد البتة لاشيء مطلقا
Noon (n) no person; not a single person.الظهر الساعة 12 بالضبط
North (n) the compass point corresponding to north.شمال
Northeast (n) the direction towards the point of the horizon midway between north and east.شمال شرقي
Northwest (n) the direction towards the point of the horizon midway between north and west.شمال غربي
Normal (adj)conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.طبيعي عادي
Nose (n) the part projecting above the mouth on the face of a person or animal, containing the nostrils and used for breathing and smelling.      أنف خشم
Not only...but also...not only, but also / (e.g."Not only was he late but also he hadn't done his homework") وعلاوة على ذلك
Notes (n) a brief record of points or ideas written down as an aid to memory.ملاحظات
Notebook (n) a small book with blank or ruled pages for writing notes in.دفتر كراسة يكتب بها
Notice (n) the fact of observing or paying attention to something.يلاحظ
Nothing (adv)not anything; no single thing.لاشيء
Nothing (adv)not at all.لاشيء أخر
Notify (v)inform (someone) of something, typically in a formal or official manner.يبلغ يخبر
Novel (n) a fictitious book; story bookرواية قصة طويلة
November (n) the eleventh month of the year, in the northern hemisphere usually considered the last month of autumn.نوفمبر شهر 11 ميلادي
Now (adv)at the present time or momentالان الحاضر
Nowadays (adv)at the present time, in contrast with the past.هذه الايام
Nowhere (adv)not in or to any place; not anywhere.ليس في أي مكان
Nozzle (n) a cylindrical or round spout at the end of a pipeطرف الخرطوم او( اللي الهوز )
Nuclear (adj)relating to the nucleus of an atom.نووي خاص بالطاقة النووية
Numb (adj)(of a part of the body) deprived of the power of physical sensation.تخدر فقدان الاحساس وبخاصة بسبب البرد
Number (n) an arithmetical valueرقم - عدد
Numerous (adj)great in number; many.عدة(عديدة) عدد من
Nurse (n) a person trained to care for the sick or infirm, especially in a hospital.ممرض ممرضة
Nut (n) A nut is a thick metal ring which you screw onto a metal rod called a bolt. الجوزة البندقة (أكل)
Nut (used with a bolt) (n) a small flat piece of metal or other material,صامولة ما يربط به البرغي
Nylon (plastic material) (n) fabric or yarn made from nylon fibres.مادة النايلون ( بلاستيك )
Oatmeal (n) meal made from ground oats, used in porridge, oatcakes, or other foodوجبة الشوفان
Obey (v)submit to the authority of (someone) or comply with (a law)يطيع
Object (n) a material thing that can be seen and touched.شيء
Object to (v)to hold a stance against something; disagreeيعارض على
Objective (n) having a fair/balanced opinionموضوعي غير متحيز
Obligation (n) an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a dutyتعهد - التزام
Observe (v)notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significantيراقب
Observation (n) the ability to notice things, especially significant details.مراقبة
Obsolete (adj)no longer produced or used; out of dateمهمل مهجور
Obstacle (n) a thing that blocks one's way or prevents or hinders progress.عائق أو عقبة -حائل
Obstruct (v)block (an opening, path, road, etc.); يسد (طريقا أو أنبوبا )يعوقه او يعترض سبيله
Obtain (v)get, acquire, or secure (something)يحصل
Obvious (adj)easily perceived or understood; clear, self-evident, or apparentواضح جلي بين
Occasion (n) a particular event, or the time at which it takes placeمناسبة أحتفال مهرجان
Occasionally (adv)at infrequent or irregular intervals; now and then.بعض الأوقات
Occluded vision (n) blocked/obstructed visionنظر غير واضح ( صعوبة في النظر )
Occupy (v)reside or have one's place of business in (a building)يشغل - يحتل يشغل منزلا
Occupied (adj)(of a building, seat, etc.) being used by someoneمشغول - محتل
Occur (v)happen; take place.يحدث
Occurrence (n) an incident or event.الحدث
Ocean (n) a very large expanse of sea, محيط (أكبر البحار )
O'clock used to specify the hour when telling the time.الساعة ( التاسعة تماما )
October (n) the tenth month of the yearأكتوبر شهر 10 من السنة الميلادية
Occupation (n) work or a jobوظيفة عمل ( الوظيفة التي تعمل بها )
Odometer (n) gauge in a vehicle showing distance travelled     عداد المسافة في السيارة
of courseused for agreementطبعا-أكيد
offense (n) legal/law noun=a crimeإساءة - إهانة - جنحة
Offer (n) make available for saleيعرض شيء / يقدم عرض معين
Office (n) a room, set of rooms,منصب عام
Office (n) tenure of an official positionمكتب
Officer (n) a policeman or policewomanضابط
Official (adj)civil servant/government employeeموظف حكومي
Official (adj)relating to an authority or public bodyرسمي
Often (adv)frequently; many times.كثيرا ما - في أحوال كثيرة
Oil (n) a viscous liquid derived from petroleumزيت - بترول
Oil (v) lubricateيزيت ( فعل )
Oily (adj)containing oil.زيتي - دهني
Old (adj)having lived for a long time; no longer young.قديم
Omit (v)leave out or excludيهمل / يسقط/ يحذف/ يغفل
On (prep)physically in contact with and supported byحرف جر حسب مابعدها ( في )
On Monday, Tuesday on the dayفي يوم الاثنين
On and on continuousمستمر بدون توقف بدون نهاية
On and off intermittently; sometimesبعض الأوقات
On account of because of.بسبب
On the other hand however, althoughمن جانب اخر - في سياق اخر
On behalf of someone completeing an action for someoneبالنيابة عن
On top of on the highest point or uppermost surface of.في أعلى
On alert to be aware, and ready; military=in a state of readinessحالة مرابطة ( حالة جاهزية أعلى )
(be) on board an aircraft/shipto be on an airplane or a shipعلى متن الطائرة او الباخرة
On hand ready in case someone needs; availableمتوفر او موجود
(be) on time to arrive on the time agreedتكون موجود في الوقت المحدد
(be) on sale to have something to sell at a reduced priceتخفيضات تنزيلات للاسعار
Once (adv)one timeمرة( من المرات )
Once (adv)when/at the timeفي أحد الاوقات
Once in a while sometimesبين حين و أخر
One-way (adj)air ticketذهاب فقط ( تذكرة ذهاب فقط )
One-way (adj)street - in one directionشارع باتجاه واحد
Online (adj) controlled by or connected to a computer.على النت - استخدام الانترنت
Onion (n) a swollen edible bulb used as a vegetable5 بصل
Only (adj)and no one or nothing more besides; solely.فقط
Open (v)door, window, يفتح ( باب شباك )
Open (n) allowing access, passageمفتوح
Open an account (v)to open a bank accountيفتح حساب بنكي
Opening (n) access hole on a machineفتحة في الة
Opera (n) a dramatic work in one or more acts,الاوبرا مسرحية موسيقية مغناة
Operate (v)a medical procedureيقوم بأجراء عملية جراحية
Operate (v)to work a machine يشغل الة
Operation (n) an act of surgery performed on a patient.عملية جراحية
Operator (n) person helping on telephone - a telephone operatorمشغل سنترال الهاتف
Opinion (n) a view or judgement formed about something,رأي أو أعتقاد
Opportunity (n) a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.فرصة
Oppose (v)disagree with and attempt to prevent,يقابل يوازن يقاوم يعارض
Opponent (n) someone who competes with or opposes another in a contest, game, or argument.خصم - مناويء - مقاوم - معادي - مواجه
Opposite (adj / n / prep)completely different; of a contrary kind.مقابل أو من الجهة المقابلة
Optional (adj)not compulsoryأختياري
Or (conj)used to link alternatives. أو
Orange (n) a large round juicy citrus fruit برتقال فاكهة
Orange (adj)reddish yellow colorلون برتقالي
Orchestra (n) a group of instrumentalists, الاوركسترا = فرقة موسيقية
Order (n) sequence, e.g. alphabetical orderتسلسل منظم
Order (n) in a (café/restaurant) طلب - يطلب مشروب قهوة /مطعم
Order (n) the arrangement or disposition of people or thingsطلب طلبية /يطلب شيء
Orderly (adv)neatly and methodically arranged.منظم مرتب خاضع لنظام منهجي
Ordinal (adj)relating to the order of something in a seriesالعد الترتيبي
Ordinary (adj)something normalعادي دون المتوسط مألوف معتاد
Ore (n) a naturally occurring solid materialمعدن خام
Organ (n) medical noun-part of the bodyعضو من أعضاء الجسم في الانسان
Organize (v)arrange systematically; order.ينظم ينشيء يؤسس
Original (adj)present or existing from the beginning; first or earliest.أصلي جديد مبتكر
Origin (n) the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derivedأصل مصدر منشأ
Originate (v)to come fromيبدي ينشأ
Other (adj)alternative of two.أخر
Otherwise in other respects; apart from that.بطريقة أخرى - والا
Ought to (modal,v)used to indicate duty or correctness; should; المفروض
Ought to have (+verb 3) (past modal) المفروض انه قد
Ounce/oz. (n) weight measure=28 gramsألاونسة = وحدة وزن تساوي 28.35 غرام
Our belonging to or associated with the speaker الضمير( نا ) صفة ملكية (بيتنا - كتابنا)
Ours used to refer to a thing or things belonging to or associated with the speakeلنا خاص بنا ضمير ملكية ( بدون أضافة اسم )
Ourselves used as the object of a verb or prepositionانفسنا = عملناه بأنفسنا
out ofnot have anymore of somethingنقص أو عدم وجود شيء ما
out of order something that is not in use عطلان خربان خارج الخدمة
out of shape a person who is unfitغير لائق( مثلا واحد سمين جدا)
Outgrow (v)to grow further or taller than someoneينمو بسرعة فائقة
Outlet (n) US word for electric wall socketفيش كهرباء في الجدار( مصدر كهرباء)
Outside (adv)opposite of insideخارج في الخارج
Outfit (n) a set of clothes worn together,طقم ملابس
Outfit (n) supply equipment to someone/somewhereيجهز -يتجهز
Outdoors (n) in or into the open air; outside a building or shelterخارج المبنى في
Outwit (v)deceive by greater ingenuityيخدع أنسا ن او يفوقه حيله
Outer (adj)outside; external.خارجي برا
Output (n) the amount of something produced by a personمنتجات مصنع مخرجات
Outskirts (n) the outer parts of a town or city.ضواحي
Oven (n) a small furnace or kiln.فرن - تنور
Over (adv)extending directly upwards from.فوق
Overall (adv)taking everything into accountجميع
Overcome/overcame/overcome (v)successfully deal with a problemيتغلب على
Overnight (n) for the duration of a night.طوال الليل
Overseas (n) in or to a foreign country, especially one across the sea.عبر البحار -واقع
Over herea place close to the speakerهنا
Over there a place far from the speakerهناك
Overhaul (v)take apart (a piece of machinery or equipment)يفحص بعناية
Overheat (v)make or become too hot.يحمي أو يحمي أكثر مما ينبغي
Overindulged (adj)have too much of something enjoyable,يفرط في الاستمتاع
Overlook (v)fail to notice.يغفل عن يفوته الانتباه الى
Owe (v)owe something, especially money, toيدين ب - مدين
Own (adj / v)something belonging to someone; possessيملك
Oxygen (n) a gas required for humans to breatheغاز الاوكسجين
Pack (n) of cigarettesحزمة, مجموعة
Pack (v)your bags for travelاحزم, اجمع, وضب
Package (n) an object or group of objects wrapped in paper or packed in a box (in the post) طرد بريدي
Page (n) one or both sides of a sheet of paper in a bookصفحة
Pain (n) highly unpleasant physical sensationألم
Pair (n) a set of two things used together or regarded as a unit.زوج من
Pan (n) a metal container used for cooking food in.مقلاة
Panel (n) group of people working on a taskلجنة
(instrument )Panel gauges/controls assembled togetherلوحة
Pants (n) trousersبنطلون
Paper (n) a sheet of paper with something written or printed on itورق
Paragraph (n) a distinct section of a piece of writingفقرة, بند
"Pardon?" the action of forgiving or being forgiven for an error or offence; "Excuse me.""عفو؟"
Parents (n) a person's father or mother.أهل ( أب و أم
Park (n) public leisure areaحديقة, منتزه
Park (n) a large public garden or area of land used for recreation.يوقف سيارة
Parking lot (n) place to park carsمواقف سيارات
Part (n) a piece of somethingجزء
Part (n) component for a car/machineقطعة غيار سيارة أو آلة
Part with something (v)to be seperated from something; verb-sell/give away/throw away something,يفارق, يترك
Participate (v)be involved; take part.يشارك
Participant (n) a person who takes part in somethingمشارك, حضور
Particle (n) a minute portion of matterأداة , جسيم
Particular (adj)used to single out an individual member of a specified group or classمعين, خاص
Pattern (n) a repeated decorative designنمط
Party (n) a social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainmentحفلة
Pass (v)move or cause to move in a specified direction; go around another vehicleيتجاوز بالسيارة
Pass a law (v)to approve a billيصدر قانون
Pass out (v)distribute/hand outيوزع , ينشر
Pass out (v)to lose consciousnessيغمى عليه, يغشى عليه
Passenger (n) a traveller on a public or privateراكب
Passport (n) an official document issued by a governmentجواز
(the) Past time/event before nowالماضي
Past (adj)previous سابق
Past (prep)e.g. He drove past the bankتعدى , إلى ماوراء
Pastry (n) a dough of flour, fat, and water,معجنات
Path (n) a way or track laid down for walkingطريق
Patience (n) be calm & not easily get angryصبر
Patient (adj)able to accept or tolerate delays, problemsصبور
Patient (n)a person receiving or registered to receive medical treatmentمريض
Paved (adj)cover (a piece of ground) with flat stones or bricks; lay paving over.يمهد
Pay / paid / paid (v)give (someone) money that is due for work doneيدفع , دفع
Pay back (v)return borrowed moneyيرجع المال
Pay phone (n) a phone in a public place that requires coins to callهاتف عملة
Peace (n) freedom from disturbance; tranquillityسلام
Peak (n) the pointed top of a mountain.قمة
Pear (n)  edible fruit which is narrow at the stalkكمثرى
Pedal (n) each of a pair of foot-operated levers; control on a car, brake, clutch, acceleratorدواسة
Peers (n) colleague or a partner قرين , زميل
Pen (n) an instrument for writing or drawing with inkقلم
Pencil (n) an instrument for writing or drawing,قلم رصاص
Pedestrian (n) a person walking rather than travelling in a vehicleمشاه
Penetrate (v)go into or through (something), especially with force or effortيخترق
Penicillin (n) an antibiotic or group of antibioticsبنيسلين (مضاد حيوي)
Penny (n) 1 cent عملة نقدية (سنت واحد)
People (n) men, women and childrenالناس
Pepper (n) used with salt to flavor foodفلفل
Per (prep)for each (used with units to express a rate).لكل
Percent (adj)by a specified amount in or for every hundred %نسبة مئوية
Percentage (n) a rate, number, or amount in each hundred.النسبة
Perceptible (adj)noticeableمحسوس - مدرك
Perform (v)do a job/dutyيؤدي عمل
Perform (v)act in a film/theatre playيمثل
Performer (n) a person who entertains an audience.ممثل
Performance (n) an actor's part in film/ theatre playأداء
Perfect (adj)free from any flaw or defect تام , كامل
Perfect (adj)make (something) completely free from faultsيتقن
Perhaps (adv)used to express uncertainty or possibility.ربما
Period (n) US for full-stopنقطة السطر
Period (n) -an interval of timeمدة زمنية
Periodic (adj)occasionalدوري , متكرر
Peripheral (adj)relating to or situated on the edge or periphery of somethingمحيطي, هامشي
Permanent (adj)something ever lastingدائم , مستمر
Permit (n) officially allow (someone) to do somethingتصريح
Persistent (adj)continuing to exist or occur over a prolonged periodمستمر
Person (n) a human being regarded as an individual.شخص
Personal (adj)belonging to or affecting a particular personشخصي , فردي
Personally (adv)with the personal presence or action of the individual specifiedشخصياً
Personality (adv)the combination of characteristicsشخصية
Personnel (n) people employed in an organization أفراد , طاقم
Persuade (v)induce (someone) to do something through reasoning or argumentيقنع , يحث
Pertain (v)be appropriate, related, or applicable toيخص - يتناسب مع
Pet (n) a domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasureحيوان أليف
Petroleum (n) a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons بترول
Petty officer (n) a rank of non-commissioned officer in the navyرقيب ( بحرية)
Pharmacy (n) a place that dispences medicineصيدلية
Pharmacist (adj)the person who dispences medicineصيدلي
Phase (n) a distinct period or stageمرحلة
Phone (n) a telephone.هاتف
Photograph/photo (n) a picture made using a cameraصورة , تصوير
Physical (adj)medical examinationكشف طبي
Physical (adj)adjective=of the bodyجسدي
Physical condition how healthy/fit a person isالحالة الصحية
Physical Training the systematic use of exercises to promote bodily fitness and strengthتمارين لياقة
Physician (n) a person qualified to practise medicine,طبيب عام
Physics (n) the branch of science concerned with the nature and properties of matter and energyفيزياء
Piano (n) a large keyboard musical instrument with a wooden caseآلة موسيقية (بيانو)
Pile (n) a heap of things laid or lying one on top of anotherكومة , تراكم , جمع
Pin (n) a thin piece of metal with a sharp point وتد , دبوس
Pick out (v)to select or to chooseيختار
Pick up the phone to answer the phoneيرد على الهاتف
Pick up another language to learn a languageيتعلم لغة آخرى
Pickles (n) a relish consisting of vegetables مخلل
Picnic (n) a lunch at a parkنزهة , رحلة
Picture (n) a painting or drawingصورة
Pie (n) a baked dish of fruitكعكة , فطيرة
Piece (n) a portion of an object or of material,قطعة
Pill (n) a small round mass of solid medicine for swallowing wholeحبة دواء
Pillow (n) a rectangular cloth bag stuffed with featherمخدة
Pilot (n) a person who operates the flying controls of an aircraft.طيار
Pink (adj)of a colour intermediate between red and white,لون وردي
Pint (n) one eighth of a gallon,نصف ليتر
Pipe (n) for carrying liquid/gasأنبوب
Pistol (n) a small firearm designed to be held in one hand.مسدس
Piston (n) a disc or short cylinder fitting closely within a tubeمكبس
Place (n) a particular position,ضع
Place (v)put in a particular position.مكان
Plain (adj)of one colored clothes, e.g. a plain white t-shirtعادي, واضح
Plan (n) a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something.يخطط
Plan (n) course of actionخطة
Plan (n) layout of a buildingرسم فني لبناية
Plane (n) a flat surface on which a straight line joining any two pointsطائرة
Plant (n) a living organismزرع , نبته
Plant (v)put (a seed, bulb, or plant) in the ground so that it can grow.يزرع
Plastic (adj)a synthetic material made from a wide range of organic polymersبلاستيك
Plate (n) a flat dish,طبق , صحيفة
Platform (n) a raised level surface on which people or things can standمنصة
Play (v)a sportيمارس رياضة
Play (v)music on a CDيشغل أسطوانة غنائية
Play (n) a show in a theatreيعزف آلة موسيقية
Player (n) a person taking part in a sport or game.لاعب
Please cause to feel happy and satisfied.يسعد - يدخل السرور
(be) pleased (adj)feeling or showing pleasure and satisfactionمسرور
Pleasant (adj)giving a sense of happy satisfaction or enjoymentجميل - يبعث السعادة
Pleasure (n) a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.متعة , سرور
Plenty (n) a large or sufficient amount or quantity;كثير , وفير
Pliers (n) pincers with parallel, flat, and typically serrated surfacesزرادية , كماشة
Plot a course abundanceرسم مسار
Plug (n) a piece of solid material fitting tightly into a hole and blocking it upقابس , فيش
Plug in (v)a device for making an electrical connectionركب في القابس
Plus (n) addition, +جمع , يجمع
Pocket (n) the tapered, sharp end of a tool, weapon, or other object.جيب
Point (v)show/indicate somethingيشير إلى
Point (n) sport, goalنقطة في لعبة رياضية
Point (n) subject/issueإشكالية - نقطة مهمة
Point (n) the end of a knife, pin, etcحد السكين
Point of view (n) a particular attitude or way of considering a matterوجهة نظر
Point out (v)direct someone's gaze or attention towards,يبين
Point out (v)say something to make someone aware of a fact or circumstanceينبه إلى , يشير إلى نقطة مهمة
Poison (n) a substance that is capable of causing the illness or deathسم
Poisonous (adj)(of a substance or plant) causing or capable of causing death سام
Pole (n) a long, slender, rounded piece of wood or metal,عمود
Pole (n) either of the two locations ( North Pole or South Pole ) عصا
Pole (adj)a native or inhabitant of Poland,بولندي
Police officer (n) a policeman or policewoman.ضابط شرطة
Policy working methods ideas & rules in an organization/governmentشروط ,بوليصة
Polish (v)make the surface of (something) smooth and shiny by rubbing it.يلمع حذاء
Polite (adj)having or showing behaviour that is respectful and considerate of other people.مؤدب , لبق
Politely (adv)in a respectful and considerate manner.بأدب
Political (adj)relating to the government or public affairs of a countryسياسي
Pollute (v)contaminate (water, the air, etc.) with harmful or poisonous substancesيلوث
Poor (adj)lacking sufficient money to live at a standardمسكين
Poor (adj)of a low or inferior standard or quality.فقير
Poorly (adj)unwellسيء
Populate (v)form the population of (a place).يزداد السكان
Population (n) all the inhabitants of a particular place.سكان
Popular (adj)liked or admired by many people or by a particular person or group.محبوب , مشهور
Pork (n) the flesh of a pig used as food, especially when uncured.لحم الخنزير
Port (n) a town or city with a harbour or access to navigable water where ships load or unload.مرفأ
Portable (adj)able to be easily carried or moved, محمول
Portion (n) a part of a wholeجزء
Position (n) a place where someone or something is located or has been put.منصب
Position (n) a situation, especially as it affects one's power to act.موضع
Position (n) locationمكان
Positive (adj)constructive, optimistic, or confident.إيجابي, موجب
(be) positive (adj)be optimisticمتأكد , متيقن
Possible (adj)able to be done or achieved.ممكن , محتمل
Possibly (adv)able to be done or achieved.ربما
Post (n) police stationمخفر , مركز
Postcard (n) a card for sending a message by post without an envelopeبطاقة بريدية
Post office (n) a place to post letters to be deliveredمكتب البريد
Postpone (v)to hold or to delayيؤجل
Pot (n) a rounded or cylindrical containerقدر الطبخ
Potato (n) a starchy plant tuber which is one of the most important food cropsبطاطا
Pound/lb (n) pound(s) (in weight).رطل
Pour (v)flow rapidly in a steady stream.يسكب , يصب
Powder (n) fine, dry particles produced by the grindingبودرة , مسحوق
Power (n) the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular wayتيار كهربائي
Power (n) the capacity or ability to direct or influenceقوة
Powerful (adj)having great power or strength.قوي
p.mafter noonمساءاً
Practice (n) the actual application or use of an ideaيتمرن , يتدرب
Practice (v)the carrying out or exercise of a professionتدريب , تمرين
Practical (adj)of or concerned with the actual doing or use of somethingعملي , تطبيقي
Practically (adv)virtually; almostعملياً
Praise (v)express warm approval or admiration of.يثني على , يمدح
Precaution (n) a measure taken in advance to prevent something dangerousاحتياط , حذر
Precede (v)come before somethingسبق , تقدم
Precipitation (n) the action or process of precipitating a substance from a solutionتوقع هطول الامطار
Precise (adj)marked by exactness and accuracy of expression or detaiبالضبط
Prefer (v)like (one thing or person) better than another or others; tend to chooseيفضل
Preference (n) a greater liking for one alternative over another or others.تفضيل , مفضل
Prejudiced (adj)having or showing a dislike or distrust that is derived from prejudice; bigoted.متحامل , متحيز
Prepare (v)make (something) ready for use or consideration.يتهيأ , يتجهز
Prescribe (v)(of a medical practitioner) advise and authorize the use of (a medicine or treatment)يكتب وصفة طبية
Prescription (n) an instruction written by a medical practitionerالوصفة الطبية
Present (adj)someone is hereحالي
(the) Present (n) nowالحاضر
Preserve (v)to keep, look afterيحتفظ , يحافظ
President (n) the chief of a country or a companyرئيس
Press (v)move or cause to move into a position of contactيضغط على
Pressure (n) continuous physical force exerted on or against an object by something in contact with itالضغط
Pretty (adj)(of a person, especially a woman or child) attractiveجميل , جداً
Prevent (adj)keep (something) from happening.يمنع , يقي
Preventable (adj)the ability to keep (something) from happening.يمكن الوقاية منه
Preventative medicine medicine to keep (something) from happening.العلاج الوقائي
Previous (adj)existing or occurring before in time or order.سابق
Price (n) the amount of money expected, required, or given in payment for something.سعر
Primary (adj)of chief importance; principal.أساسي
Primarily (adv)for the most part; mainlyفي المقام الأول
Primitive (adj)relating to, denoting, or preserving the character of an early stage in the evolutionaryبدائي
Principal (adj)first in order of importance; main.رئيسي
Principle (adj)morally correct behaviour and attitudes.فكرة , نظرية
Print (v)produce (books, newspapers, etc.),يطبع
Printer (n) machine for printing text or pictures, طابعة
Prior (adj)existing or coming before in time,مسبق
Priority (n) the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important than othersأولوية
Prison (n) a building in which people are legally held as a punishment for a crimeسجن
Prisoner (n) a person legally committed to prison as a punishmentسجين
Privacy (n) a state in which one is not observed or disturbed by other people.خصوصية
Private (adj)belonging to or for the use of one particular person or group of people only.خاص
Private (n) the lowest rank in the army,جندي (رتبة عسكرية)
Privilege (n) a special right, advantageامتياز
Probable (adj)likely to happen or be the case.محتمل
Probably (adv)almost certainly; as far as one knows or can tellربما
Problem (n) a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome مشكلة
Procedure (n) an established or official way of doing somethingإجراء , خطوات
Proceed (v)begin a course of actionيكمل , يستأنف
Process (n) a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.إجراءات
Processed (adj)perform a series of mechanical or chemical operationsمعالجة , نظر في أمر
Produce (v)make or manufacture from components or raw materialينتج , يعمل
Producer (n) a person, company, or country that makes, grows, or supplies goodsمنتج
Product (n) an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for saleمُنتَج
Production (n) the action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materialsإنتاج
Profession (n) a paid occupationمهنة
Professional (adj)relating to or belonging to a professionمحترف
Proficient (adj)competent or skilled in doing or using somethingماهر , خبير
Program (n) a planned series of future events or performances.برنامج
Program (v)provide (a computer or other machine) with coded instructionsبرنامج على الحاسب
Program (v)arrange according to a plan or scheduleبرنامج أو جدول دراسي
Progress (n) forward or onward movement towardsتقدم , تطور
Prohibit (v)formally forbid (something) by law, rule, or other authorityيمنع , يحظر
Project (n) an individual or collaborative enterprise مشروع
Promise (n) a declaration or assurance that one will do something يعد
Promote (v)support or actively encourageيرقي - يدعم
Promotion (n) activity that supports or encourages a cause,ترقيه عسكرية
Prompt (adj)(of an event or fact) cause or bring about (an action or feeling)سريع
Promptly (adv)with little or no delay; immediatelyفوري
Propel (v)drive or push something forwards.يدفع
Propeller (n) a mechanical device for propelling a boat or aircraftمروحة على طائرة
Proper (adj)something that is truly what it is said or regarded to be; genuineملائم
Properly (adv)correctly or satisfactorily.كما ينبغي
Property (n) a thing or things belonging to someone; possessions collectively.ممتلكات , عقار
Property (n) the right to the possessionحق الملكية
Proportion (n) a part, share, or number considered in comparative relation to a whole.نسبة , حصة
Propulsion (n) the action of driving or pushing forwardsدفع , تسيير
Protect (v)keep safe from harm or injury.يحمي
Protection (n) the action of protecting, or the state of being protectedحماية
Protrude (v)extend beyond or above a surface.برز
Proud (adj)feeling deep pleasure or satisfactionفخور
Proudly (adv)with a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfactionبفخر
Provide (n) make available for use; supplyيزود
Psychologist (n) an expert or specialist in psychology.سيكولوجي , طبيب
Public (adj)of or concerning the people as a wholeعام
Public phone (n) a phone available for the use of the publicهاتف عمومي
Publish (v)to print a bookينشر كتاب
Pull (v)exert force on (someone or something) so as to cause movement towards oneself.يسحب
Pull apart (v)exert force to cause movement in two directionsيمزق , يقطع , يفصل
Pull someone's leg (v)to make a jokeيمازح , يداعب شخص
Pull over (v)to stop a vehicleأوقف السيارة جانباً
Pull through (v)to surviveيتحسن ( صحياً)
Pulled muscle/back (v)a strained muscleشد عضلي
Pulled muscle/back (v)a strained muscle in the back بكْرهـ , حبل تنشيف الملابس
Pulse (n) the heart beatنبض القلب
Pulse (v)throb rhythmically; pulsate.يضخ
Punch (v)strike with the fist.يلكم , يضرب
Punctuate (v)insert punctuation marks in (text).بنشر , ثقب في العجل
Punctuation (n) the marks, such as full stop, comma, and bracketsعلامات التنقيط , الترقيم
Punish (v)inflict a penalty or sanction on (someone) يعاقب
Punishment (n) the infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offence.عقاب
Purchase (v)acquire (something) by paying for it; buy.السلعة
Purchase (v)the action of buying something.يشتري
Purple (adj)a colour intermediate between red and blue.لون البنفسج
Purpose (v)the reason for which something is doneسبب, غرض
Pure (adj)not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material.نقي - صافي
Pursue (v)follow or chase (someone or something).يلاحق , يطارد
Push (v)exert force on (someone or something) in order to move them away from oneself.يدفع
Push-button (v)any button with the ability to be pushedيضغط زر
Push-up (n) a form of exercise for the arms and chestتمارين الضغط
Put / put / put (v)applyيضع
Put across an idea (v)to propose an ideaيشرح
Put across an idea (v)to propose an ideaيعرض فكرة
Put away something (v)to place an item in its original placeيخزن , يحفظ
Put off (v)to cancelيؤجل
Put on (v)to wearيلبس ملابس
Put out (v)to extinguishيطفئ النار
Put together (v)to bond togetherيجمع , يركب
Put up with someone/something (v)to have to bear something or someone, against your willيتحمل شخص
Qualification (n)attributes/experienceمؤهلات (خبرة علمية او عملية)
Qualified (adj)someone with qualificationمؤهل
Qualify (v)to make someone qualifiedيؤهل يعد الشخص بالتدريب ليصبح مؤهل
Quality (n)personal characteristic, ميزات شخصية
Quantity (n)amountكمية
Quart (n)quantity= a quarter of a gallon=2 pints/1 litreربع جالون
Quarter (n)fraction/money/timeربع
Queen (n)opposite to Kingملكة
Quench your thirst drink to satisfy your thirstأروي عطشك
Question (n)A sentence to find informationسؤال
Question mark (n)Punctuation (?)علامة أستفهام
Quick (adj)fastسريع
Quickly (adv)adverb of quickبسرعة
Quit (v)give up/stop doing somethingيبطل يتوقف عن يترك
Quiz (n)short testتمرين أختبار تجريبي
Quiet (n)silenceهاديء
Quiet down (v)become less noisy/excitedألزم الهدوء هديء
Quite (adv)e.g. The course is quite difficult (very)جدا
Quite a few a considerable number/manyعدد كبير
Quotation marks (n)" " - punctuationعلامة أقتباس ( من كتاب او مجلة)
Race (n)in sportسباق
Radar (n)system for finding presence of aircraft and shipsرادار
Radiate (v)radio wavesيشع
Radiation (n)(noun-of radio wavesإشعاع
Radio (n)used to send and receive sound messagesراديو
Radioactive (adj)energy from the breaking up of atoms إشعاعي
Radius (n) straight line from centre to edge of a circle قُطْر
Rag (n)old piece of cloth for cleaningممسحة
Railroad crossing (n)where a road crosses a railway trackتقاطع سكة حديد
Rain (n)drops of water that fall from cloudsمطر
Rain check (n)delay a meetingيؤجل
Raincoat (n)jacket used for protection from the rainمعطف مطر
Rainy (adj)Adjective of (rain)جو ممطر
Raise (v)salary increaseعلاوة
Raise (v)lift something upيرفع
Raise crops or animals (v)agriculture=grow crops/ breed animalsيزرع
Ranch (n)US cattle farmمزرعة
Rancher (n)noun-a farmer on a ranchمزارع
Rancid (v)rotten or spoiled foodطعام فاسد
Rank (n)a position in the militaryرتبة عسكر
Rapid (adj)quickسريع
Rare (adj)seldomنادر
Rarely (adv)adverbنادراً
Rate (n)how fast something is doneقدْر, توقيت
Rate (n)the cost of somethingسعر
Raw (adj)uncookedنيء
Raze a building destroy completelyيدمر مبنى
Razor (n)sharp blade to remove unwanted hair from the faceموس حلاقه
Reach (v)attain/achieve a goal/aimيحقق
Reach (v)arrive at a place/destinationيصل لمكان ما
Reach a decision (v)decide somethingيتوصل إلى قرار
Reaction (n)a response to a situation or eventردة فعل
Read (v)look at and understand يقرأ/قرأ
Ready (adj)preparedمستعد
Real (adj)genuine/not artificialواقعي
Real estate (n)property for saleعقار
Realize (v)become fully aware/understand clearlyيدرك
Really (adv)of courseجداً
Rear (adj)back/behindخلف/ خلفية
Reason (n)why something happensسبب
Reasonable (adj)fairمنطقي
Reasonably (adv)adverb of reasonableبمنطقية
Rebuild (v)make up againيعيد بناء
Receipt (n)proof of paymentإيصال
Receive (v)to get low on stocks/suppliesيتلقى
Recent (adj)a few moments agoحديثأ
Reception (n)a wedding partyاستقبال
Recipe (n)way/method of cookingوصفة طبخ
Reciprocate (v)return a good deedيتردد للأمام والخلف
Reckless (adj)(careless)لا مبالي
Recognize (v)identifyيتعرف على
Recommend (v)commend or entrust something to someoneيوصي بـ
Record (n)old music discأسطوانة موسيقى قديمة
Record (n)the sum of past achievments, illnesses or things in generalسجل
Recover (v)get betterيتحسن
Recovery (n)noun recoverتحسّن
Rectangle (n)shape with equal length and widthمستطيل
Recruit (v)noun-someone new in the militaryتوظيف
Red (adj)colorأحمر
Redhead (adj)someone with red hairشعر أحمر
Reduce (v)to make lessيخفض
Re-enlist (v)join the military again after having leftيعيد الالتحاق بالجيش بعد فصله منه
Refer to manual/dictionary, etc (v)use a book for informationإشاره إلى الكتاب
Reference (n)source of information مرجع
Refine something (v)make a material pure يكرر
Reflect (v)from mirrors, glass, etcيعكس
Reflection (n)noun-in a mirrorإنعكاس
Refreshments (n)small amount of food/drinkمشروب
Refrigerator (n)an appliance used to cool foodثلاجة
Refund (n)giving someone back his moneyيعيد مال
Refund (v)give someone back his money, usually at a storeيعيد مال
Refusal (n)to refuse رفض
Refuse (v)verb of refusalيرفض
Regardless of "it is not important"بغض النظر
Region (n)areaمنطقة
Registered letter (n)a letter sent by special post, which is signed forرسالة مختومة
Regret (n)to feel sorry for doing something ندم
Regret (v)verb : to feel sorry about something يندم
Regular (adj)routineدوري
Regularly (adv)adverb of regularبشكل دوري
Regulation (n)rule/lawقوانين
Regulate (v)control, see يضبط
Reject (v)not acceptيرفض
Relate (v)tell/informيخبر
Relationship (n)between peopleعلاقة
Relative (n)member of the familyقريب (عائلة)
Relatively (adv)quiteنسبيا
Reliable (adj)dependableيعتمد عليه
Relieve pain (v)stop something hurting, e.g. a bad toothيخفف ألم
Religion (n)one's beliefدين
Religious (adj)adjective of religionمتدين
Rely on someone/something (v)depend onيعتمد على شخص
Relax (v)calm downيسترخي
Relaxed (adj)adjective of calm downمسترخي
Relaxation (n)noun of calm downإسترخاء
Remain (v)stayيبقى
Remainder (n)left overذكرى
Remedy (n)cureعلاج
Remember (v)to recall somethingيتذكر
Remind (v)to make someone recall somethingيذكر
Remote (adj)distant/far away بعيد المسافة
Remove (v)take awayيزيل
Render a salute (v)military, to give a saluteيعطي تحيه عسكري
Renounce (v)to give upنبذ
Rent (v)the money you pay to use something for a period of timeإيجار
Repair (v)fixيصلح
Repel (v)push/force away يصد, يبعد
Repeat (v)say againيكرر
Repeatedly (adv) (over and over againمراراً وتكرار
Replace (v)verb ( to put something in place of something)يبدل
Report (n)document providing informationتقرير
Represent (v)to act on behalf of someoneيمّثل
Reprimand (v)punishيوبخ
Reprimand (v)tell someone off/criticizeينتقد
Report for duty military verb-arrive at workيداوم للعمل
Reporter (n)person working at a newspaperصحفي مراسل
Reputation (n)what people know you forسمعة
Request (v)ask for somethingيطلب
Require (v)needيحتاج
Rescue (v)to help someone facing dangerينقذ
Resemble (v)look likeيشبه
Reserve (v)book a flight/ticket/hotel room etcيحجز فندق
Reserved (adj)booked ticket/hotelمحجوز
Reservation (n)noun- a ticket/hotelحجز
Reservoir (n)lake for storing waterخزان
Reside (v)live somewhereيقيم
Resident (n)someone living somewhereسكان
Residence (n)somewhere to live, house, flat, etcسكن
Residue (n)debries or small particles left of somethingرواسب
Resist (v)work againstيقاوم
Resign (v)leave your jobإستقالة
Resistance (n)military=fight againstمقاومة
Resources (n)noun-minerals/oilموارد
Respect (n)admiration you give to someone احترام
Respiratory (n)the system in your body you breathe withجهاز التنفس
Respond to something (v)react to something/take actionيتفاعل مع
Responsibility (n)dutyمسئولية
Responsible (adj)someone who assumes responsibilityمسئول عن
Rest (n)take a breakاستراحة
Restroom (n)US word for public toiletدورة المياة
Restaurant (n)place to eatمطعم
Restrict (v)not allowيمنع
Result (n)outcomeنتيجة
Result from something be caused byنتيجة شيئا ما
Result in something be caused byيتسبب في
Retain (v)keepيبقي
Retire (v)stop workingيتقاعد
Retired (adj)stopped workingمتقاعد
Retirement (n)the time after you stop workingالتقاعد
Retreat (n)military=withdrawينسحب
Return (v)come backيعود
Return address for a letter in the postعنوان بريد المرسل
Return a call call someone backيعاود الاتصال
Reveal (v)to showيكشف
Reverse (v)go backwardsيرجع للخلف
Review (v)go over/revise your study notesمراجعة
Revolve (v)turnيدور حول
Rice (n)a grainأرز
Rich (adj)wealthy/having a lot of moneyغني
Ride / rode / ridden (v)to be on a vehicleيركب
Rider (n)the person who is ridingراكب
Ridicule (v)make fun of someoneيستخف
Ridiculous (adj)crazy, stupidسخيف
Rifle (n)weaponبندقية
Right (n)entitlementحق
Right (n)directionيمين
Right now at the momentالان
Right away immediatelyحالاً
Right here exactly in this place/locationهنا
Right-of-way about drivingحق الطريق
Rigid (adj)stiff/firmجامد
Rigorous (adj)roughصارم
Ring / rang / rung (v)call someone by phoneيرن
Ring (n)jewelryخاتم
Rinse (v)washشطف
Risk (n)chanceيخاطر
River (n)water running from a mountain to the sea e.g. Nile Riverنهر
Rivet (n)nailمسمار - يثبت
Road (n)street or avenueطريق
Rock (n)stoneحجر
Rocket (n)a propelled weaponصاروخ
Rod (n)small bar/stick of metal/woodقضيب
Roll (n)of film/tapeلفة
Role (n)someone's part in film/theatre playدور
Roof (n)cover on top of a buildingسطح
Room (n)in a house/flatغرفة
Roommate (n)person you share a room with, usually in the military or at universityزميل سكن
Rope (n)thick stringحبل
Rotary (adj)something that rotateدوراني
Rotate (v)turnيدور
Rotor (n)part of a motorيدور
Rough (adj)adjective- of materials, not smooth/coarseقاسي
Rough (adj)adjective-of weather=bad, or a trip=uncomfortableعنيف
Round (adj)adjective-of shapeدائري
Round-trip ticket to go from one place to anotherتذكرة ذهاب وعودة
Route (n)directionطريق
Row (n)a line of chairs, trees, shelvesصف, طابور
Rubber (n)materialمطاط
Rude (adj)bad mannersوقح
Rudely (adv)adverb of rudeبوقاحة
Rug (n)small carpetسجادة, بساط
Ruined (adj)destroyedمحطم
Rule (n)lawقانون
Rumor (n)fake newsإشاعة
Run / ran run (v)(to jog fastيركض, ركض
run a temperature have a temperatureيقيس الحرارة
run across the street/roadto walk from one side of the street to the otherيقطع الشارع
run across someone encounter someoneيصادف شخص ما
Run out of something to no longer have somethingينفذ من شيء
Run short of something to get low on stocks/suppliesيقل العدد أو الكمية
Run for president try to become president in an electionيترشح لرئاسة
Runway (n)on an airfield/airportمدرج طائرات
runny nose when you have a cold/the fluرشح, زكام
(be) in a rush be in a hurrysomeone who ran out of timeمستعجل
Rush (v)hurry somewhereفي عجلة
Russia (n)country north of Eurpoeروسيا
Russian (adj)adjective; people of Russiaروسي
Rust (n)corrosion of steel/ironصدأ
Rusty (adj)corroded-of steel/ironمصدي
Saccharine (n)artificial sweetnerسكري, سكرين
Sad (adj)not happyحزين
Safe (adj)protected/not dangerousامن
Safely (adv)adverb of safeامان
Safety (n)protectionسلامة
Sail (v)travel by waterيبحر
Sailor (n)works on a shipبحار
Salad (n)mixture of vegetables سلطة
Salary (n)pay/income/wagesراتب
a Sale (n)reduced prices in a shopتخفيضات
Sales slip (n)receipt from a shopفاتورة شراء
Salesman (n)a man who sells thingsبائع
Saleswoman (n)a woman who sells thingsالبائعة
Salt (n)salineملح
Salty (adj)adjective-of tasteمالح
Salute (v)miltary - greetingيلقي تحية عسكري
Salute (n)military greetingتحية عسكري
Same (adjective)similar/equal/sameنفسه
Sand (n)small particles found in the desertرمل
Sand (v)verb of sandترميل
Sandpaper (n)sheets of abrasive paper used to sand/clean wood/metalورق سنفرة
Sandwich (n)two pices of bread with veriety of food insideشطير
Satellite (n)an artificial body placed in orbit قمر اصطناعي
Satisfaction (n)pleasure/fullfillmentرضا
Satisfactory (adj)adjective-of tasteمرضي
Satisfied (adj)happyراضي
Saturday (n)day of the weekالسبت
Saturate (v)make very wetمشبع
Saturated (adj)very wetمشبع
Sauce (n)liquid added to food to add flavorصلصة
Save(v)put away/aside; money in the bankيوفر
Savings account (n)bank account for saving moneyحساب التوفير
Saw (n)tool to cut woodمنشار
Saw (v)verb-to cut woodنشر بمنشار
Say (v)speakقول
Scales (n)equipment used for weighing someone/somethingموازين
Scarcely (adv)hardly/very fewنادر
Scared (adj)frightenedخائف
Scary (adj)frighteningمخيف
Scarf/scarves (n)piece of clothing rapped around the neckوشاح
Scatter (v)disperse/spreadتبعثر
Scenery (n)landscape/viewمشهد
Schedule (n)plan/programجدول
School (n)place where people learn thingsمدرسة
Science (n)field of knowledgeعلم
Scientific (adj)adjectives of scienceعلمي
Scissors (n)cuttersمقص
Scope (n)an electronic display unit on a RADARجهاز رؤيا
Score (n)result in a testنتيجة
Score (n)result of a football matchسجل هدفاً
Score (n)a point in sport, e.g. a goal in footballيسجل
Screen (n)on a computer/T.V.شاشة
Screw (n)metal fastenerبرغي
Screwdriver (n)toolمفك البراغي
Scrub (v)rub/cleanفرك
Sea (n)oceanبحر
Sea level (n)altitude from the sea = 0 ft.مستوى البحر
Seal (v)to close something very thoroughlyيقفل بأحكام
Seaman (n)navy rank, the same as Private in the Armyبحار
Seaport (n)noun=a port on the coast, e.g. Dammamميناء
Search (v)look forيبحث
Season (n)time of the year, summer, springموسم
Seat (n)chairمقعد
Seat belt (n)a belt used in a car for protectionحزام الامان
Second (adv)of times, e.g. minute, hour, etcثانية
Secondary (adj)adjective=not the main/most importantثانوي
Secret (n)someone kept between two peopleسر
Secretary (n)someone who helps a managerسكرتير
Security (n)opposite of dangerامان
Secure (adj)adjective of securityآمن
Securely (adv)adverbs of secureبإمان
Secure (v)make a place safeيؤمِن, يجعل المكان آمن
See /saw / seen (v)vision of the eyesيرى
See about something (v)verb=investigate the possibility of somethingسأنظر في الامر
Seem (v)appears;e.g. He seems nervousيبدو
Seep (v)leakتسرب
Segment (n)part/section/pieceقطعة
Seize (v)take hold ofينتهز
Seldom (adv)not often/hardly everنادراً ما
Select (v)chooseيختار
Selection (n)choice/collectionاختيار
Self-confidence (n)assurance; self assuranceثقة بالنفسة
Selfish (adj)self centered/egocentricاناني
Sell / sold / sold (v)to offer things to people for money. Selling cars, clothesيبيع
Semester (n)part of the academic year at college or universityفصل دراسي
Senator (n)someone in the US Senate, part of the governmentعظو مجلس الشيوخ
Send / sent / sent (v)to convey something from one end to the otherيرسل
Send for someone (v)request someone to come to see youارسال الى شخص
Senior (adj)older/superiorكبير
Sense (n)brains/feeling/common senseاحساس
Sensible (adj)level headed/saneمعقول
Separate (adj)divide/partيفرق
Separate (v)part/divideيفرق
September (n)month of the yearسمبتمر
Sequence (n)series/chain/cycleتسلسل
Series (n)several things togetherسلسلة
Serious (adj)adjective, not jokingجدّي, جاد
Serve (v)in the militaryيخدم
Serve food (v)provide food for someoneيقدم الطعام
Service (n)in a restaurant/caféخدمة
Service (v)maintenance of a car, machineصيانة
Set (n)group of items, e.g. a tool setمجموعة
Set / set / set up (v)install somethingضبط
Set up (v)create/establish somethingتنصيب
Set off (v)detonate/cause an explosionيفجّر
Set out (v)begin a journeyيبدأ رحلة
Set about doing something (v)begin doing somethingيبدأ بفعل شيء
Settle (v)to go and live in a placeيستقرّ
Settle (v)resolve a problemيحل
Setting (n)location/placeتحديد موقع
Several (adj)quantifier, multipleعدة
Severe (adj)adjective-of weather=very badقاس
Severely (adv)adverb=seriously/badly, e.g. severely injuredبقسوة
Sew / sewed / sown (v)e.g. button onto a shirtيخيط
Sex (n)gender-male/femaleجنس
Shake / shook / shook someone's hand (v)to vibrate somethingهز
Shallow (adj)not deep, e.g. shallow waterضحل
Shampoo (n,v)soap used in bathشامبو
Shape (n)noun, how something looksشكل
Share (v)split/divideشارك
Sharp (adj)e.g. a sharp knifeحاد
Sharp (adj)precisely, e.g. "Please arrive at 10am sharp"تماماً
Sharpen (v)to make something very sharpيشحذ
Sharpener (n)tool used to sharpen penciles مشحذ
Shatter (v)smash/break into many piecesيكسر
Shave (v)using a razor to cut your hairحلاقة
She (pronoun)(pronoun) 3rd person - femaleهي
Shed (n)small wooden store house in the gardenكوخ
Sheep (n)animals in farmsخروف
Sheet (n)cover on a bedغطاء الأثاث
Shelf/shelves (n)a flat length of wood to put things onرف / رفوف
Shell (n)metal container for a bulletقذيفة
Shield (n)something to protect your bodyدرع
Shift gear (v)change gears in a manual transmission carنقل السرعات
Shine / shone / shone (v)of the sun/lightsيلمع
Shiny (adj)adjective of (shine)لامع
Ship (n)boatسفينة
shock (adj)violant shaking movement (electric shock)صدمة (صدمة كهربائية)
Shocked (adj)feeling unpleasantly surprisedمصدوم
Shocking (adj)very bad/terrible/dreadful/شيء يسبب الصدمة
Shoes (n)what you wear on your feet for walkingاحذية
Shoelace (n)the small rope that ties your shoesرباط الحذاء
Shoot / shot / shot (v)to fire a gunأطلق النار
Shop (n)a place where you could buy somethingمتجر
Shopping centre (n)a building with a lot of shopsمركز تسوق
Short (adj)someone's heightقصير القامة
Short (adj)adjective of timeوقت قصير
Shot (n)medical = an injectionحقنة
Should (v)modal verbيجب
Should have (v)past modalكان يجب, كان من المفترض
Shoulder (n)part of your body that connects your torso to your armكتف
Shout (v)to say something out loudيصرخ
Shovel (n)tool for diggingمجرفة
Show (n)noun-on T.V.) عرض
Show (v)verb to project somethingيعرض
Shower (n,v)noun/verb taking a bathيستحم
Shut / shut / shut (v)closeغلق
Shut down (v)turn off the electrical powerقفل
Shut off (v)turn off the electrical powerقفل
Sick (adj)someone who is illمريض
Side (n)the position to the right or the left of an objectجانب
Sidewalk (n)concrete part of the street used for pedestriansرصيف
Sight (n)noun=part of gun used to aimنظر
Sight (n)noun=an interesting place to see, e.g. the Pyramidsرؤية
sightseeing (n)go and see interesting placesاذهب لمشاهدة معالم المدينة
Sign (n)notice on a street, e.g. showing maximum speedلافتة
Sign (v)put your signature on a documentيوقع
Sign in (v)to enter a forum or start your workتسجيل الدخول
Sign out (v)to exit a forum or leave your workتسجيل الخروج
Sign language (n)communication with hands used by deaf/dumb peopleلغة الأشارة
Signature (n)a person's name written in a special wayتوقيع
Signal (n)gesture, action or sound used to convey informationإشارة
Silent (adj)quietصامت
Silk (n)noun-materialحرير
Silo (n)-a storage tank for grain on a farmصومعة
Silver (adj)adjective-colorفضّي
Similar (adj)almost the sameمماثل
Similarly (adv)adverb of similarوبالمثل
Simulate (v)imitate the appearance or the character of somethingمحاكاة
Simultaneous (adj)at the same timeفي نفس الوقت
Simple (adj)easyبسيط
Since (adv)adverb of time, e.g. I've lived here since 2008منذ
Sing / sang / sung (v)make musical sounds with your voiceيغني
Single (adj)not marriedأعزب
Sink (n)wash basin in bathroom/kitchenحوض غسيل
Sink / sank / sunk (v)verb-e.g. a ship a person going under waterيغرق
Sir (n)title for an officerسيدي
Sister (n)your female siblingأخت
Sit down (v)to change your position from standing to sittingاجلس
Site (n)locationموقع
Size (n)for clothing, large, mediumمقاس
Skeleton (n)all the bones in your bodyهيكل عظمي
Skill (n)the ability to do something wellمهارة
Skilled (adj)adjective of skillماهر
Skin (n)on bodyجلد
Skip a meal (v)verb-miss/don't eat a mealتخطي وجبة
Skirt (n)a women's piece of clothingتنورة
Skull (n)the bone of your headجمجمة
Sky (n)the outer spaceسماء
Slacks (n)trousers/pantsبنطلون
Slam into something (v)impact hard into somethingيصطدم بشيء
Sleep (v)to shut your eyes for resting نوم
Sleet (n,v)half snow/half rainمطر متجمد
Sleeve (n)on clothes, for the armكم
Slice (n)a piece of cakeقطعة
Slide / slid / slid (v)to slipينزلق
Slight (adj)small/minorطفيف
Slip (v)fallينخفض
Slippery (adj)greasy/slimeyزلق
Slot (n)hole/opening for moneyفتحة
Slow down (v)reduce the speed of your carتمهل
Slow (adj)opposite of fastبطيء
Slowly (adv)adverb of slowببطئ
Small (adj)little/tinyصغير
Smart (adj)adjective-clever/intelligentذكاء
Smell (v)That soup smells niceرائحته
Smell (v)perceiving odoresيشم
Smile (n)grinيبتسم
Smoke (v)cigarettesدخان
Smooth (adj)when something goes wellمريح
Smooth (adj)of skin, material etc., not roughناعم
Snack (n)small amount of food/chocolate/sweetsوجبة خفيفة
Snack bar café (n)a shop that sells coffe and foodمقصف
Snake (n)poisoneous animal ثعبان
Snatch (v)grab/takeينتزع
Sneeze (v)explosion of air from nose and mouthيعطس
Snow (n)frozen particles fall from the skyثلج
Snowy (adj)adjective-of weatherمثلج
So (conj)therefore/as a resultلذا
Soak (v)to make something very wetيبلل
Soak up (v)absorbيمتص
Soaked (adj)very wetمبلل
Soap (n)used for washingصابون
Soccer (n)US for footballكرة قدم
Social (adj)communal/community/likes peopleاجتماعي
Sociology (n)academic subjectعلم الاجتماع
Socks (n)piece of cloth you wear on your feetجوارب
Soda pop (n)soft drink, e.g. Pepsiمشروب غازي
Sofa (n)couchأريكة
Soft (adj)of material, e.g. wool, hairناعم
Soft (adj)of sound=quiet/gentle, e.g. a soft voiceعذب
Softly (adv)of sound=quietly/gentlyبهدوء
Software (n)on a computerالبرمجيات
Soil (n)earth/ ground for growing crops, grass, etcتربة
Solid (n)state of a material, not liquid or gasصلب
Solidify (v)become solid, e.g. water becoming iceتصلب
Solution (n)an answer to a problemحل
Solve (v)find a solution to a problemيحل
Some (adj)a few/a littleبعض
Someone somebody/important personما شخص
Someday eventuallyيوماً ما
Someplacesomewhereفي مكان ما
Sometimes not alwaysأحياناً
Somethingan objectبعض شيء
Somewhatrather/fairlyشيء ما
Somewhereany place مكان ما
Son (n)young boy/ladابن
Sonar (n)device used by ships/submarines to find other vesselsرادار صوتي (سونار)
Song (n)words combined with musicاغنية
Soon (adv)almost immediatelyقريباً
Sore (adj)painfulقرحة
Sorry (adj)to offer apologiesيكون آسف
Sort (n)type or kind ofنوع
Sound (n)noiseصوت
Sound (v)e.g. That music sounds niceيبدو
Soup (n)brothحساء
Sour (adj)not sweetحامض
Source (n)the origin/cause of somethingمصدر
South (n)direcion; opposite of northجنوب
Southeast (n)directionشرقي جنوب
Southwest (n)directionجنوب غربي
Souvenir (n)memento/reminderتذكار
Space (n)volume of something/somewhereمساحة
Spain (n)country un south-west Europeاسبانيا
Spank (v)smack/beat a child's bottom if they are naughtyصفعة
Spanish (adj)adjective of Spainاسباني
Spare tire (n)an extra tireغيار الأطارات
Spare (n)verb=save timeخصص
Spark plug (n)part of an engine's ignition systemشمعة الأشعال (البواجي)
Speak / spoke / spoken (v)talkتكلم
Speak up (v)speak louderارفع صوتك
Speaker (n)on a radio, CD playerمكبر الصوت
Special (adj)abnormal, not regualrخاص
Specific (adj)exactمحدد
Specify (v)to make something exactيحدد
Speech (n)a formal address to an audienceخطاب
Speed (n)how fastسرعة
Speed up (v)go faster in your carاسرع
Speed limit (n)how fast you can drive on a roadسرعة القصوى
Spell (v)write or name the lettersتهجى
Spend / spent / spent (v)time/money ينفق
Spice (n)what you add to food to make it tasty or hotبهار
Spill (v)cause liquid to flow over ينثر
Spin / spun / spun (v)turn/rotateدوران
Spinach (n)green, leafy vegetableسبانخ
Spine (n)backboneالعمود الفقري
Splash (n)a sound made by striking into liquidرش
Spoil (v)of food=to go badيفَسد
Spoil (v)to let a child do/ what they wantيدلل
Spoon (n)e.g. used to eat soup or cerealملعقة
Sport (n)pysical gamesرياضة
Spot (v)see/observe someone/somethingبقعة
Spouse (n)wifeزوجة
Sprain you wrist/ankle (v)verb=hurt/injure your wrist/ankle but not actually break itالتواء معصمك / كاحلك
Spray (v)liquid that is blown رذاذ
Spread / spread / spread (v)open out somethingينتشر
Spring (n)time of yearربيع
Spy (n)a government employee who gets information secretlyجاسوس
Squad (n)a group of soldiersفرقة
Square (n)shapeمربع
Squash (n)a type of vegetableالدبا
Squeeze (v)firmly press somethingيضغط
Squelch (v)making a sound while drinkingيرشف
Stable (adj)unchangingمستقر
Stack (n,v)put things in a neat pileكومة
Stadium (n)a place where football games take placeمدرج
Staff (n)personnelطاقم من الموظفين
Stage (n)in a theatreمسرح
Stage hands (n)support workers in a theatreعاملين المسرح
Stairs (n)steps used to go up or down a buildingسلالم
Stale (adj)of food=not freshعفن
Stall (v)when your car engine unexpectedly stops workingتوقف
Stamp (n)non a letterختم
Stand by (v)waitينتظر
Stand for something (v)represent/mean e.g. "RSAF stands for Royal Saudi Air Force"يمثّل
Stand up (v)opposite of sit downقف
Standard (adj)typicalقياسي
Star (n)what you see in the sky at nightنجمة
Star in a film (v)have a big role in a filmنجم
Starboard (n)the right-hand side of a shipميمنة
Start (v)to beginيبدأ
Starving (adj)very hungryيتضور جوعاً
State (n)region of the USAولاية
State (n)the condition of an element, i.e. solid, liquid or gasحالة
Static electricity (n)electric charge caused by 2 materials rubbing togetherثابت الكهرباء
(be) stationed (adj)be located by the military in a place/countryتمركز
Stationary (adj)not movingثابت
Stay (v)remain يبقى
Stay over (v)spend the night somewhereالبقاء على
Stay away from something (v)avoidيتجنب
Stay up late (v)not go to bed earlyيبقى مستيقظاً
Steady (adj)continuous/constantمستمر
Steak (n)piece of beefشريحة لحم
Steal / stole / stolen (v)to take something that belongs to someone else without them knowingيسرق
Steam (n)boiled water vaporبخار
Steel (n)strong metal فولاذ
Steering wheel (n)the round object in the car used to change the directionعجلة القيادة
Step (n)part of a sequence/procedureخطوة
Step on the gas (v)operate accelerator of your car/go fasterزد سرعة السيارة
Stern (n)the rear of a shipالكوثل مؤخرة السفينة
Stick / stuck / stuck (v)unable to move/jammedينحبس
Stick out in a crowd (v)be unusual/prominent in a group of peopleيبرز من بين العامة
Stick to a book (v)only the course book without supplementالتمسك بكتاب
Stick around somewherestay/remain in a placeيمكث في مكان ما
Stick by someone remain loyal to someoneيتمسك بشخص
Still (adj)not moving, e.g. "You must sit still in class"لايتحرك
Stingy (adj)mean; opposite generousبخيل
Stir (v)mix/blendحرّك
Stock (n)items available at a shop, storeمخزن
Stockings (n)long socksجوارب
Stomach (n)belly/gutمعدة
Stomachache (n)a painful/upset stomachآلام المعدة
Stone (n)rock/mineralحجر
Stop (v)endيقف
Storage area (n)place for keeping thingsمنطقة تخزين
Store (n)keep things in a placeمخزن
Storm (n)bad weatherعاصفة
Stormy (adj)adjective of stormعاصف
Story (n)a taleقصة
Story (n)a floor/level in a buildingطابق
Stove (n)cookerموقد
Straddle (v)be on both sides ofيمتطي
Straight (adj)in a line, directمستقيم
Strange (adj)unsualغريب
Strap (n)beltحزام
Strategy (n)planإستراتيجية
Strawberry (n)red fruit,berryفراولة
Street (n)roadشارع
Strength (n)power/muscleقوة
Stress (n)pressure, anxiety,worryيجتهد
Stretch (v)make bigger/longerيتمدد
Strict (adj)severe/firmقاس
Strike / struck / struck (v)hit, e.g. a storm hitting a cityيضرب
Strike a match (v)light a matchأشعل ثقابا
String (n)rope/threadسلسلة
Strip (n)a long, thin piece of materialشريط
Stripe (n)found on NCO rank, e.g. 3 for a sergeantشريط على الكم دال للرتبة العسكرية
Strong (adj)muscular/powerfulقوي
Structure (n)a buildingهيكل
Stubborn (adj)obstinateعنيد
Student (n)a scholarطالب
Study (v)learnادرس
Stuff (n)your things/belongingsاشياء
Stupid (adj)dim/dull/unintelligentغبي
Style (n)way/mannerاسلوب
Subdue (v)holdack/supressيقهر
Subject (n)topicموضوع
Subject to depending on someone/somethingخاضعاً ل
Submarine (n)underwater boatغواصة
Submerge (v)go under the waterغمر
Submit something (v)hand in, e.g. submit a reportيقدم شيأً
Subordinate (v)person of lower rank in the militaryتابع
Subscribe to a newspaper/magazine (v)regularly pay for a newspaper/magazineالاشتراك في صحيفة / مجلة
Substance (n)material/matterمادة
Substitute for someone (n)someone's absence from workبديلا عن شخص
Subtract (v)(-) (mathematical function-take away a numberطرح
Suburb (n)residential district in a city/townضاحية
Subvert (v)undermine/weakenيخرّب
Succeed (v)do well/achieve somethingينجح
Successful (adj)winningبنجاح
Such "this type of"مثل
Such modifier-e.g. "We had such good weather yesterday جداً
Such as for exampleك
Sudden (adj)unexpected/rapidمفاجئ
Sufficient (adj)enough/adequateكاف
Sugar (n)sweetenerسكر
Suggest (v)advise/proposeيقترح
Suggestion (n)an idea for considerationاقتراح
Suit (n)clothing. Matching jacket and pantsبدلة
Suitcase (n)bag, baggage for travelحقيبة
Summer (n)hottest time of the yearصيف
Summit (n)top of a mountainقمة
Sun (n)shines during the dayشمس
Sunny (adj)brightمشمس
Sunday (n)day of the weekالاحد
Supermarket (n)shop for foodسوق مركزي
Supersonic (adj)faster than the speed of sound, e.g. a supersonic aircraftسرعة فوق الصوت
Supervise (v)manageيشرف
Supervisor (n)managerمشرف
Supper (n)dinner/evening mealعشاء
Supply (v)deliver/provide somethingيزود
Support (v)assist/helpدعم
Suppose (v)thinkيفترض
supposed to expected, e.g. "You're supposed to be in class now!"كان من المفروض
Sure (adj)certain/positiveمتأكد
Surely (adv)certainly/definitelyبالتأكيد
Surf (v)breakers/the seaيتصفح
Surface (n)outside/exteriorسطح
Surge (n)a sudden increase of somethingاندفاع
Surge (n)a group moving together as a crowdاندفاع
Surgeon (n)doctor who does medical operationsطبيب جرّاح
Surgery (n)a medical operationعملية جراحية
Surprise (v)a shock; a revelationمفاجأة
Surrender to a desire/ temptation (v)give in/yield to temptationيستسلم للرغبة
Surround (v)encloseيحاصر
Surroundings (n)our environment/where we liveمحيط
Survey (n)review/studyيمسح
Survive (v)stay aliveالبقاء على قيد الحياة
Suspect (n)person the police think is a criminalمشتبة
Suspend (v)hang/delayتعليق
Sustain (v)continue/keep goingتحمل
Swallow (v)eat/ingestيبلع
Sweat (n)perspirationعرق
Sweat / sweat / sweat (v)verb of sweat ( perspiration)تعرق
Sweaty (adj)adjective-someone sweating a lotمعرّق
Sweater (n)noun-pullover/jumperسترة
Sweep / swept / swept (v)clean by brushing awayيكنس
Sweet (adj)sugary tasteحلو
Swim (v)to move in waterيسبح
Swimming pool (n)a place where you can swimمسبح
Switch (n)elctrical button/knobمفتاح كهربائي
Switch on (v)turn a device onتشغيل
Switch off (v)turn a device offإيقاف
Syllable (n)phonetic parts of a wordمقطع لفظي
Symbol (n)signرمز
Sympathy (n)understanding/concernتعاطف
Symptom (n)indication/sign of an illnessعلامة
Symphony (n)musical pieceانسجام
System (n)equipment doing/ providing a service, e.g. heating systemنظام
Systematic (adj)regular/logicalمنظم
Ugly (adj)Not pretty - visually unpleasant- unsightlyقبيح
Umbrella (n)A tool that protects you from the rainمظلة
Unaware (adj)Ignorant to -doesn't know - uninformed- obliviousبدون علم - على غير علم لايعلم
Uncertain(adj)Unsure- indefinite- ambiguous - not sureليس متأكد غير متأكد
Uncle (n)The brother of your father or motherعم او خال
Unconfirmed (adj)Unverified - unsubstantiated- unprovenغير مؤكد
Unconscious (adj)not awake - being passed out - being blacked outمغمى عليه - لا يعي شيء
Uncomfortable (adj)Painful - scratchy - tight - not pleasantليس مريح غير مريح
Under (prep)Below - covered by something - beneath تحت
Underground (adj)Below the earthتحت الارض
Underneath (prep)Below - hidden under somethingتحت شيء ما مباشرة
Understand / Understood (v)To comprehend - to gain knowledgeيفهم / قد فهم
Undergo (v)Experience - endure - suffer- to go through somethingيخضع
Underwater (adj)Below water- submerged - flooded - swampedتحت الماء
Unemployed (adj)Jobless - idle - without workعاطل عن العمل
Unemployment (n)The state of being jobless - being without workالبطالة - بدون عمل
Uneven (adj)Bumpy - irregular - different levels- not smoothغير مستو- ليس على نفس المستوى
Unfavorable (adj)Disapproving - uncomplimentary - negative - unflatteringغير محبوب - غير مستحب - ليس جيد
Unfriendly (adj)Unfavorable - hostile - mean - inauspicious - aggressiveمعاد - غير ودود
Unfurnished (adj)Bare - empty - without any furnitureغير مؤثث - بدون اثاث
Unhappy (adj)Sad - sorrowful - gloomy - depressed - melancholyليس سعيد - حزين
Uniform (n)A unified attire everyone wears (military uniform, school uniform)بدلة - زي موحد
Unit (n)A component - a detachment or team that carries out a function. (a military unit/ or a sales unit)الوحدة (العسكرية )
Unite (v)To bring together - to tie - to unify - to make them oneتوحيد الراية (توحيد المجموعات الى مجموعة واحدة)
The United States (n)A country in North America bordered by Canada and Mexicoالولايات المتحدة الامريكية
University (n)College - academy - campus- a school for higher learningالجامعة (مجموعة كليات)
Unless (prep)Except - without - if notاذا لم - مالم
Unlikely (adj)Implausible - improbable - little chance of it happeningمن غير المحتمل
Unnecessary (adj)Not neededغير ضروري - ليس ضروري
Unpleasant (adj)Not comfortableكريه بغيض
Unselfish (adj)Generous, not self-centered غير اناني
Until (prep)Till - when it happensحتى - الى ان
Unusual (adj)Not normal - uncommon - rareنادر - استثنائي- فريد - فذ
Unusually (adv)Strangely - bizarrely - unexpectedlyبشكل استثنائي
Unwilling (adj)Not agreeing to - refusing toغير قابل -معارض- عنيد
up (adj)Elevated - above - high in the sky - opposite to downاعلى
Upkeep (n)Maintenance - to keep it working properlyصيانة - اجرة الصيانة
Upset (adj)Angry - disrupt - to disturbغاضب - زعلان
Unexpected (adj)Sudden- not predicted - came as a surpriseغير متوقع
Upside down (adj)Backwards - Where the top is at the bottomمقلوب راسا على عقب
Upper (prep)Higher - above - advancedاعلى (عكس اسفل)
Urge (v)Insist - nudge - push someone to do somethingيقترح بقوة
UsWeضمير مفعول به ("نا" بمعنى "نحن")
Use (v)To take advantage of (a tool, a person, or a situation) `يستخدم -يستعمل
Use (n)What something is used for- the purpose of somethingاستخدام - استعمال (الغرض من الشيء)
Use up something (v)To exhaust - to consume - to run out of somethingاستنفاذ الشيء
Used carA pre-owned car - not newسيارة مستعملة- قديمة
Used to Were doing - did something till it became a habitكنت افعل ذلك في الماضى (للتذكر)
Useful (adj)Beneficial - with a purposeمفيد
Usual (adj)Normal - familiarمالوف - اعتيادي -معتاد
Usually (adv)Normallyعادة
Utilities (n)Services for the public (electrical, water, gas, and trash)الخدمات (ماء -كهرباء- غاز) الى المنزل
Utilize (v)To useيستخدم - يفيد من - ينتفع ب
Vacation (n)Holiday - break - trip -days off from work اجازة -عطلة
Vacuum (n)No air - emptiness - void سحب الهواء- فراغ- تفريغ الهواء من
Vague (adj)(adjective=not clear/ not precise, seeغير واضح
valley (n)Gorge - basin - space between mountains وادي
Valuable (adj)Precious - expensive - treasured ثمين نفيس له قيمة مالية
Value (n)Price - cost - worth القيمة الحقيقية لشيء ما
Values (n) Principles - beliefs - morals - ethicsالقيم و المباديء
Valve (n)A device to control pressure - regulator - controller صمام
Vanilla (n)A flavor for food used in desserts such as ice-cream and cakes فانيليا ماة غذائية من محسنات الغذاء
vanish (v)Disappear - die out - become extinct يزول يتلاشى يغيب عن النظر
(water) vapor (n)A gas - a cloud of gas and liquid بخار الماء
Vaporize (v)To turn to gas - to become a vapor - to evaporate يتبخر
Variable (adj)Changeable - flexible متغير
Variety (n)Many options - an assortment منوع تشكيلة
Various (adj)Many - several متنوع متعدد الاشكال
Vary (v)Differ - contrast يغير - ينوع
Vegetable (n)A plant that is eaten such as carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, or cucumbers خضار
Vehicle (n)A car- an automobile مركبة - عربة
Vein (n)A blood vessel, artery, or capillary - a root of something وريد- عرق
Velocity (n)Speed - rate - pace سرعة
Vending machine (n)A machine that gives you snacks for money الة بيع ذاتي ( بيبسي - شوكلاتة- ماء)
Venezuela (n)A country in South Americaدولة من دول أمريكا الجنوبية
Verify (v)Confirm - prove يؤكد
Vertical (adj)At a 90-degree angle - perpendicular - up right عمودي
Very (adj)Almost the same - the same - identical جدا - الى حد بعيد
Vessel (n)ship/submarine سفينة—غواصة
Veteran (n)retired military person- former military محارب قديم متقاعد(جندي)
Vibrate (v)Shake - pulsate يهتز
Vicinity (n)somewhere nearby - neighborhood منطقة مجاورة-- قرب-- جوار
Victim (n)someone hurt in an accident - a person effected by violence or abuse ضحية ( في حادث)
View (n)Sight - position on a subject - idea رؤية - فكرة - رأي
Viewpoint (n)opinion/stance - position on a subject وجهة نظر
Violin (n)A musical instrument (looks like a small guitar you play at your cheek) ألة الكمان ألة موسيقية
Visa (n)Travel permit - a pass تأشيرة او سمة الدخول لبلد معين
Visibility (n)The distance you are able to see in front of you مدى الرؤية
Visible (adj)Seeable - can be seen مرئي يمكن رؤيته
Vision (n)The ability to see حاسة البصر—الرؤية - تخيل
Visit (v) To call on - to go and see someone يزور
Visit (n) A reception - an accession where you see someone in their house or place of businessزيارة
Visual (adj)Photographic - shown in a picture, illustration, or video بصري مرئي
Vital (adj)very important - essential مهم
Vitamin (n)Essential nutrients for health (like vitamin A, B, C, etc....) فيتامين
Voice (n)Vocal sound - a noise someone makes صوت
Volt (n)A unit of electric powerفولت= وحدة قياس الطاقة الكهربائية
Voltage (n)A unit of electric power الفلطية= الجهد : القوة المحركة الكهربائية
Volume (n)Sound on a TV, radio, etc. حجم الصوت في الراديو او التلفاز
Volume (n)How much space is occupied by somethingحجم مكاني
Volunteer (n)give free help in your spare time متطوع
Vote (n)make a choice in an election يصوت في الانتخابات
Vowel (n)(letters suchas =a,e,i,o,u) الحروف المتحركة في اللغة
Waist (n)Part of the body where you wear a belt الخاصرة
Wait on someone (v)To serve someone خدمة في مطعم / تقديم الطعام
Waiter (n)a male food server نادل
Waitress (n)A female food server نادلة
Wake /woke/ woken up (v)To rise from sleep يستيقظ
Walk (v)To move when standing by using your feet/ to stride يمشي
Walk (n)A stroll نزهة
Wall (n)An upright barrier/ a fence حائط
Wall paper paste (n)A type of paper wall covering used to decorate your walls ورق حائط لاصق
Wallet (n)A small purse to hold your money and cards محفظة نقود
Want ads (v)An advertisement that shows what is wanted / the classifieds اعلانات صحفية
Want to (v)To desire / to wish to have something يريد
War (n)A conflict / a battle / a struggle between two armies حرب
Warfare (n)The type of combat / the way war is waged نوع الحرب
Warship (n)A battle ship / a destroyer/ a ship used for war سفينة حربية
Warm (adj)Hot دافىء
Warn (v)To caution/ to explain the dangers يحذر
Warning (n)Cautionary / advice about the dangers تحذير
Warrant officer (n)A military rank between officers and enlisted personnel وكيل رقيب (ضابط صف)
Was/ were (v)In the past كان
Wash (v)To clean with water/ to cleanse/ rinse/ purify يغسل
Washcloth (n)a piece of fabric used to cleanقماش غسيل
Washing machine (n)A machine used for cleaning clothes الة غسيل
Waste time / waste money (v)To squander your time / to use your time in an unproductive way يهدر الوفت / يهدر المال
Waste (n) Rubbish / garbage / litter/ trash نفايات
Watch (v)To observe / to survey / to look at يراقب
Watch (n)A time piece / a device to tell time ساعة
Watch out for something (v)To wait and look out for something يراقب
Water (n)A liquid made of oxygen and hydrogen ماء
Waterproof (adj)Resistant to water / doesn't allow water to enter صامد للماء (مقاوم للماء)
Watertight (adj)Resistant to water / doesn't allow water to enter سد للماء (لا يسمح بدخول الماء)
Wave (n)A rise and fall in a substance موجة
Wavy hair (n)Not straight / curvy / curly مائج الشعر
Wax (n)A substance you make candles from شمع
We (pronoun)Us / you and I نحن
Weak (adj)Not strong / frail / puny ضعيف
Wealth (n)Capital / assets / money/ resources / riches / treasures ثروة
Weapon (n)A device used for attack or defense / a gun, knife etc. سلاح
Wear/ wore/ worn (v)To put on يلبس
Wear and tear (n)Gradual decay of a item from normal use الاستهلاك العادي
Weather (n)Climate / the condition of the environment الطقس
Weatherman (n)A person who tells the weather ارصادي
Website (n)A page on the internet / an internet site موقع على الانترنت
Wedding (n)Marriage / A union of two people زفاف
Wednesday (n)The day between Tuesday and Thursday الاربعاء
Week (n)The time between Sunday and Saturday / 7 days الاسبوع
Weekend (n)Days you are off in the week (Saturday -Sunday, or Friday-Saturday) نهاية الاسبوع
Weigh (v)To calculate the heaviness of something (in kg or lb.)يزن
Weigh (v)The heaviness of something وزن
Weight (n)The heaviness of something الوزن
Weights (n)Masses/ Burdens/ heavy objects used to keep something down الاثقال - الاوزان
Welcome (v)To greet يرحب - اهلا
Weld (v)To fuse 2 metals together / to join 2 metals by using heat يلحم
(Feeling) Well (adv)Feeling happy / feeling good الشعور الحسن - الصحة الجيدة
(Doing) Well (adv)Getting good results / succeeding الفعل الحسن - العمل الجيد
(drinking) well - oil well A hole or shaft dug in the ground to access water بئر ماء - حقل نفط
West (n)The opposite of east / the left needle of the compass rose غرب
Wet (adj)Damp / soaked with water مبلل
What To infer about something ماذا
WhateverNo matter / any ايا كان
Wheat (n)A grain used to make bread قمح
Wheel (n)A round disk or hoop used to transfer motion عجلة
WhenThe time of something متى
Whenever Any time كلما
Where The place of something اين
Wherever Any place اينما
WhereasBut / on the other hand في حين
Whether If سواء
Which To pick between التي
Whichever Any ايتهم - ايهم
While At the time في حين
White (adj)A color opposed to black ابيض
Who Which person الذي - من ؟
Whoever Any person اي من
Whole (adj)Complete كامل
Whose The possessive of him الذي
Why To question something لماذا
Wide (adj)Opposite of narrow/ spacious واسع
Width (n)Thickness العرض
Wife (n)Spouse زوجة
Wild animal (n)Opposite of domestic animal / not tameحيوان بري
Wilderness (n)Rough country / virgin lands / unالبرية
Will / won't (moda,v)To want / not want to سوف / سوف لا
WillingAgreeing to / eager / ready رغبة - في النية
Win /won/won (v)To succeed/ to be victorious يفوز - يربح
Wind (n)Breeze/ gust of air رياح
Wind/ wound/ wound (v)To wrap around لف
Wind up (v)To end up / to finish / the end state يختتم - او ينتهي به الامر
Windy (adj)Breezy / gusty عاصف
Windproof (adj)Able to resist the wind مضاد للريح
Windscreen (n)A panel of glass نافذة زجاجية
Windshield (n)A panel od glass at the front of a vehicle that protects from the wind الزجاج الامامي
Wine (n)A drink made from grapes نبيذ
Wing (n)An appendage used for flying / arms of a bird جناح
Winter (n)The cold season of the year from December to February شتاء
Wipe (v)To scrub / to rub ينظف - يمسح
Wire (n)A cord made of metal سلك
Wiring (n)To connect wires together تسليك - مد الاسلاك
Wish (v)Like to have / to want يتمنى
With (conj)Together مع
With respect to something In relation to / or Concerning بخصوص - فيما يخص الامر
Withdraw /withdrew /withdrawn (v)To pullout / to remove / to leave يسحب - سحب المال
Withdrawal (n)A pullout / a removal/ leaving عملية سحب المال
Within (prep)Inside خلال - ضمن
Without (prep)Not having بدون
Withstand (v)To resist / to endure / to tolerate يتحمل
Woman/ women (n)Female / females امراة - نساء
Wonder (v)To think / to consider / to ponderيتامل - يفكر في
Wonderful (adj)Great / amazing / pleasing رائع - جميل
Wood (n)What trees are made of خشب
Wool (n)The hair of animals (sheep) used to make clothes صوف
Word (n)What we use to express ideas and make sentences كلمة
Work (n)Job /occupation / career العمل
Work (v)To do labor / to exert an effortيعمل
Work out (in the gym) (v)To exercise / to work on fitness يتمرن - يمارس الرياضة
Work it out (v)To resolve it / to solve a problem يحل مسالة - يعالج الموضوع
Workshop (n)a factory or garage for fabrication or repairs ورشة عمل
World (n)The universe / the earth/ the globe عالم
Worn out (adj)Damaged / Shabby/ used extensively بالي - هالك - على وشك التلف
Worried about (adj)To be afraid of something / to be concerned about somethingقلق
Worry (v)To be afraid / to be concerned يقلق
Bad/ Worse/ worst (adj)Opposite of good سيء - اسوا- الاسوا
Worth something (v)To have value يسوي - له قيمة
Would like to To want to يود
Would rather To prefer يفضل
Wound (n)A cut / an injury جرح - اصابة
Wound (v)To cut / to injury يجرح يصيب
Wrap (v)To cover / to wind something around something else يغلف
Wreck (v)To destroy / to damage / to hurt يخرب - يدمر
Wrinkled (adj)Not straight / needs ironing / creased / crumpled مترهل - متجعد
Wrist (n)A joint between the hand and arm رسغ
Write (v)To put words on paper يكتب
Write down (v)To take notes يدون
Writer (n)An author/ A person who puts words to paper كاتب
Wrong (adj)Not right / false خطا
Window (n)An opening in the wall / a gap نافذة
Wrench (n)A tool used to tighten or untighten nuts and bolts مفك الصواميل
x-ray (n)A type of radiation اشعة سينية - اشعة اكس
Yard (n)A garden in front or behind a house حديقة صغيرة امام او خلف المنزل
Yard (n)A unit of measuring distance وحدة قياس للطول
Year (n)365 days / 12 months/ 52 weeks سنة
Yell (v)Scream / shout / raise your voice يصرخ
Yellow (n)A color / the color of the sun اصفر
Yes (adv)Agree/ affirmative نعم
Yesterday (adv)The day that passed/ 24 hours ago ابارحة
Yet (adv)Still/ up till now بعد
Yield (v)To give in to/ to give up something / يتنازل - يمنح - يهب
You (pronoun)The person you are talking to انت
Young (adj)The opposite of old / youthful شاب عكس شايب
Your (adj)Belongs to you لك
Yours (adj)Belongs to you لك - حقك - ملكك
Yourself (n)Without help Alone نفسك
Yourselves (n)Without help انفسكم
Zero (n)Nothing / emptiness صفر
Zipper (n)A fastener with metal teeth used to buckle cloths سحاب
Zip (v)The act of buckling your pants or jacket بكل السحاب
Zone (n)Area منطقة
Zoology (n)The study of animals علم دراسة الحيوانات