Hello Dance Families,

We know that you have been anxiously awaiting information on how we will continue to offer dance instruction during this temporary period of time when our physical doors are shut in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in our nation.  It's an unsettling and confusing time for everyone and while there are plenty of reasons to feel nervous, we hope that this message from our studio owner, Miss Jana Owen, provides you with some answers, some HOPE, and some EXCITEMENT about the plans that we have to continue to keep your kids DANCING during this unsettling time.  

Please take a minute to listen to this brief message and stay tuned to your email for additional details that will be coming daily. And most of all, get excited... because we have SO MUCH COMING YOUR WAY!  

Thank you for your support and love and concern for us over this past week. We promise that we are in this together and we are committed to the same quality instruction that we have always given you. So join us tomorrow for the GRAND OPENING of MDM at home. While the doors to our physical studio are temporarily shut, the doors to our brand new virtual studio will be open wide tomorrow, so let's learn to dance in the rain!

CLICK HERE for Miss Jana's message!  And more details WILL be coming... we promise!

VISIT US AT WWW.DANCEMECHANIX.BIZ | 316.337.5299 | office@dancemechanix.biz

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