Hello Dance Families,

We are excited to announce that the doors to our brand new Virtual Studio are OPEN!

You can now log onto WWW.MDMATHOME.COM to get started looking around our brand new online studio!  We have worked very hard to put this state of the art resource together for you in record speed, so we really hope that you will take some time to see all that we have to offer you in this virtual studio.  

Miss Danielle put together a virtual tour of this new space, so we encourage you to watch this video as she explains some important features of this website. You WILL need to register with the same email that you have on file through our studio software. This website is copyrighted and is for the exclusive use of our dancers and parents who are currently enrolled in classes at MDM. 

Our Virtual LIVE classes begin tonight at their regularly scheduled times. You will be receiving another email soon with more specific instructions on how to get ready for the LIVE classes, but for now, just know that you will need to download the FREE Zoom application on your electronic device (laptop, computer, iPad, tablet, phone... anything with WiFi).

And last, as you might imagine, we have been receiving a lot of emails with questions and concerns. In an effort to address those as expediently as possible, Miss Jana is discussing those concerns HERE. Please listen to her responses and give us a week to get things going... give our virtual studio a try... you have nothing to lose and lots to gain!

Thank you again for your support... we are excited to "see" you soon; both in our LIVE classes and in our new Virtual Studio!

VISIT US AT WWW.DANCEMECHANIX.BIZ | 316.337.5299 | office@dancemechanix.biz

Have a financial question or question about your account?