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V14 What's New Demo Playground

These pages use active content which needs to be enabled in the NI AWR Design Environment by choosing Help > Enable Guided Help. Additional information can be found in the troubleshooting link on the bottom of each page.

Greater Design Space Exploration


Easily simplify imported PCB layouts and EM simulate with blazing speed.

Power Amplifier

Accelerate PA design cycles with matching network synthesis, enhanced load pull capability, and single click plotting versus output power.


Quickly create and modify multi-technology designs with improved trace routing and options.

Silicon Design

Confidently simulate Cadence Virtuoso designs in MWO. Run silicon layout EM analysis more quickly than ever.


Jump-start design with multi-band antenna matching network Synthesis. Easily create and analyze complex conformal antennas.

Phased Array Systems

Create complex phased array designs in an intuitive step-by-step Wizard.

5G/NB-IoT and LTE

Stay up to date with the latest 5G, NB-IoT and LTE standards and use ready-made test benches for testing components with accurate signals and measurements.

More Engineering, Less Clicking

Data Display

Manage measurement data sources and parameters from a single location and create great looking reports with ease.

Design Flow

Dramatically increase simulation throughput with parallel and remote simulation. Jump-start matching network design with network synthesis.


Tune like a pro with the new, amazingly compact tuning dialog. Easily interact with element parameters with new property dialog. Create complex System Diagrams faster than ever with buses.


Check loop gain by simply pointing measurements at the desired device node


Quickly and easily manage and control drawing layer settings directly in the layout manager.


Use new controls, ports, and features to get faster and more accurate answers.

EM 3D Editor

Get unparalleled insight into the interior of your 3D shapes, easily diagnose unintended opens or shorts in complex 3D structures, quickly create conformal structures, and more.

Analyst Multi-physics

Better structure parameterization, sweep controls, and annotation management.

Additional Enhancements

Faster Answers
Analyst™, APLAC, AXIEM, and General performance improvements.

Better Answers
Analyst, APLAC, and AXIEM accuracy improvements.

Minor Improvements
See minor improvements for all NI AWR Design Environment tools.

New Stuff
New measurements, models, and 3D parts.