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E-Collar has developed remote dog training collar technology that uses the lowest-levels of corrective stimulus to improve behaviour and reduce stress in dogs. Many dogs in our modern society have developed sensitivity to nickel which is a metal in all stainless steel products.
Below is a link to our youtube channel where you can find Take advantage of our free training techniques and exercises by choosing a PDF below.
Click here to view all of our current E-Collar training instructions in our Drop Box on topics such as; Remote Training 101, Retriever Training Tips, Electronic Training and more!
Professional trainers from across the country have provided free videos on youtube to help new users better understand the different techniques available.

Pairing the first perceived stimulation with gentle directional leash pressure and reward (food or praise) for turning toward you will prevent the dog from being fearful of the e-collar. The use of high levels of stimulation should only be used in life threatening situations while medium levels can be used for aversion training such as digging, counter surfing, trash exploration, aggressiveness towards other animals, etc. Dogs with sensitive skin and certain breeds with known skin sensitivities like Pit Bull Terriers and Boxers should be switched early in the process as a precautionary move. Aversion training can be accomplished by using the "Act Of God" approach whereby no commands are given just the medium level stimulation during the act or the thought of the act, this will provide for control of the unwanted behavior when you are not around. It is important for the dog to associate the unwanted behavior with the strange sensation of the stimulation not you, so be a little sneaky.

For example, for counter surfers set up a spoon with food in it on the edge of the counter when you here the spoon drop apply the medium stimulation, now the dog doesn't associate you with the stimulation just the behavior.

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