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All private lessons through Jennifer McCarthy World Class Dog Training are done at our location, a dog park, shopping mall, your home or office. Jennifer recommends a two-hour initial consultation for all dogs obtaining private training. The German Shepherd is one of the most preferred dogs "in the world" with the dog trainers. Come out and see the on-going dog & cat photography exhibition of Jennifer's work at Pet Headquarters in Prescott Valley, Az.
World Class Dog Training is now offering Gift Certificates on all of our services upon special request.

Exclusively Jennifer McCarthy or one of our top trainers will tailor the location to what is the best environment for your dog, depending on what it is you would like to accomplish. The "real" German Shepherd dog will adapt to any situation, eager to please and takes pride in it's working ability, extremely intelligent, courageous with outmost confident, self assured and brave with unmatched loyalty. Jennifer McCarthy's World Class Dog Training is now under the umbrella of Wolf Woman Enterprises, LLC. For example, if your dog is "dog aggressive", she may want to meet you at a dog park or if your dog is stealing your shoes, she may suggest meeting at your house to create a mock scenario.
Our move to Los Angeles after an increase in demand for training, behavior, and other services have allowed World Class Dog Training to grow into what is now a successful dog training business, all thanks to you!

Jennifer McCarthy and the World Class Dog Training team shares with you this great accomplishment.

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