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Also known as Cape hunting or painted dogs, these highly intelligent hunters are becoming increasingly endangered.
The habitat that these painted dogs prefer will be:open grasslands, woodlands and bushveld.
Intense social interactions, mostly involving sniffing and muzzle licking bond African wild dog packs. African wild dogs play an important role in eliminating sick and weak animals amongst their target prey species. Statistics indicate that the prey has only ten to thirty percent chances of escaping from African wild dog hunting expeditions. A very important part of the wild dog hunting and feeding behavior is the division of the spoils after a successful hunt.

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Their need for huge areas is just one of the factors that make them one of the most endangered species in Africa.
The dogs then bite chunks out of the prey and disembowel it.The prey then dies of shock and loss of blood.
Some dogs do not participate in the hunt because they remain behind at the den to guard puppies. Each wild dog has its own unique markings and the multi-colours help it to blend into its dappled scrubland background.
The white tips on their bushy tail helps pack members keep in touch in long grass.EarsThe disproportionately big, erect ears act as sound collectors, helping a wild dog to keep in touch with the calls of its pack over vast distances.

Their long legs help the dogs to run at speeds of up to 35mph when the pack is in pursuit of a gazelle or wildebeest.
However, because each pack requires an extensive home range for hunting, of 500 to 1,000 square miles (the area of Greater London) human encroachment on their habitat has had a big effect on populations. Packs of fewer than half a dozen wild dogs are not viable because they cannot hunt effectively.

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