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Our dogs always love to lick our faces and give us endless showers of watery kisses all over our face! Now when your dog tries to lick your face, you might have a better idea of what he's trying to communicate. At PEDIGREE® Brand, everything we do is for the love of dogs, from the dog food we make to the dog adoption drive we support. The picture of a dog crouched low to the ground licking the lips of another dog’s lips is often viewed as a soft and friendly appeasement gesture.
If your adolescent or adult dog offers incessant face licking with dogs that he does not have a solid relationship with, redirect his focus. Then sign up for our free newsletter and never miss another week of Thanking Dogs for all that they do.
A dog will lick human faces as a way of displaying its status, feelings and to find out about the human whom the dog is licking. A dog’s nose and mouth have evolved to be extremely sensitive to scents and the information contained in scents. Dogs can process complex information about scents because of the millions of scent receptor cells contained in its nose and just at the beginning of roof of its mouth. It could be that the dog is sniffing and processing the information contained in the oily material that released by the apocrine glands that are located in the ears.
When your dog licks your face, it is able to gather the information and draw it into its mouth where there is a vomeronasal organ which processes scents.
When your furry best friend licks your face that indicated the strong bond between the two of you! But after reading his article, I highly recommend you SHARE these 5 reasons with everyone so they will know why their dogs are licking their faces.

For example, mothers lick their puppies to clean them and stimulate their urination and defecation. The dog doing the licking usually lowers its body to make itself smaller, and looks up, adding to the effect of subordinate behavior. If you originally registered on our website, just enter your information below and we'll e-mail your password. Face and lip licking is most often offered by young puppies, but can carry on into adulthood. As a puppy, she was always on her back, belly up, wiggling about and offering relentless face licking. The dog is not overly self-assured and continues to offer the behavior as they have not developed a true confidence or natural ability to speak their own language more confidently and eloquently. In an affectionate situation, a dog that feels accepted may indicate both affection and submission as it licks the face of the humans with which it lives. Many times you come back home and your dog runs up to you and licks your face with excitement! When they feel your company, especially when you cuddle together, they tend to lick your face as they feel how love you love them and kiss you. Although we may never know the real answer, it helps to understand the psychology of the lick. From about six weeks of age, some pups lick their mom's face and lips when they want her to regurgitate food for them. The dog receiving the face licks shows its dominance by standing tall to accept the gesture, but doesn't return the favor.
Face licking does have boundaries in the dog to dog world of interaction and socialization.

Face licking relentlessly might be tolerated by some, but is considered rude and discouraged by others. If the face licker is completely moving the recipient around a space — almost like herding the dog with his or her tongue, the behavior is likely over the top. Do not correct him or physically pull him away (this will only fuel the issue), but call him off and tell him politely to go do something else (chase a ball, sniff grass). In the wild, a dog or wolf will lick the face of a dominant dog as a way of begging for food. Together, the apocrine and the eccrine glands can release complex information about the human that the dog is licking. Your dog, as a member of your family, feels that it has the right to gather such information about you. As a pup matures from puppyhood to adolescence, however, dogs begin to teach the youthful dog more appropriate, calm, and less in-your-face behavior. She left the mouths of her canine friends spotless and would’ve licked my freckles straight off had I allowed it. The interesting thing, when corrected for her attempts to lick their lips right off, she fought back. While it's probably not a "kiss," you can bet it's a sign that your dog thinks you're pretty great.
If however the licking behavior is not calm, but overly excited and landing your dog into trouble with friends and other family members, probably best not to encourage it.

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