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Few grass-eaters are likely to have ever suffered an exploratory laparoscopy to surgically look into the contents of an abdomen and biopsy the gastrointestinal tract, but severe symptoms could theoretically lead a veterinarian to decide this is the best approach. In this article we are going to take a look at why your Labrador is eating grass, and what can be done about it. So, even if your Labrador does a passable impersonation of a grazing sheep on his daily walks, you probably don’t need to take him for therapy. Again, although occasionally, a dog that behaves this way may have some kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder, such disorders are rare. Snatching and chomping at grass, however crazy your dog may seem, is not usually a sign that your dog is deranged. The researchers in the study induced a mild intestinal upset in some of the dogs in the study by feeding them controlled quantities of fruit sugars. The remainder of the dogs (the control group) were not subjected to the intestinal upset.  The researchers then gave the dogs access to two common types of grass. In addition, out of over three hundred dogs, grass eating was only followed by vomiting in two of them. Unfortunately, whilst interesting, all the study really showed was that dogs who have been fed fruit sugars, don’t use grass to relieve their symptoms.
If my dogs start eating grass,  one of the first things I do is to check their worming status, and if they have not been wormed recently,  then I treat them. There are also theories that there may also be times when grass is actually an attractive addition to your dog’s diet.

It is possible that your dog occasionally eats grass to dislodge parasites or to induce vomiting,  but most of the time,  we just don’t know why dogs do this.
Obviously, if your dog is regularly vomiting for whatever reason, he needs to see a vet.  But happy grass chomping without side effects, in an otherwise healthy dog, is simply nothing to worry about. Our other dog that we lost a few years ago (not a lab) only ate grass to make herself sick. My black lab ate grass for ten years didn’t think nothing of it till he became very ill. Our 3 labs Clara, Rosie & Bobbie are all grass munchers, on nearly every walk, especially on their morning walks, when the grass is damp. My dog loves munching on grass (especially sweet spring grass) to the extent that it is now one of the biggest challenges in the “Total Recall” programme I am working on! My 15 week old chocolate lab puppy loves to nibble on grass and has never shown tummy problems or vomiting from it. It is true that all dog food products nowadays consist largely of fibers – it is after all the cheapest and most fulfilling part of a meal. My Shelby is a Purebred Labrador and she Grass at any and all Opportunity that she could, She was only Sick once from Eating Grass. My 2-year old black lab LOVES eating fresh shoots of grass and likes to run through fields of young wheat taking mouthfuls! At least I have been blissfully happy with the hypotheses that says: dogs eat grass to get fibers.

I’ve been worrying if I need to change their diet even though they are on a good diet and worrying if their stomachs are off but all stools are normal except for the grass that hasn’t digested!!! They love the long thick grass and go to the same spots in our field…copying my Shetlands!!! Just make sure the grass is not treated with any chemicals that could be harmful if your pet eats them. Dogs (wolves) as well as humans need fibers to swipe clean our intestines and avoid constipation. He never eats any other grass on the walks, so I just guess there’s something particularly tasty about those clumps of grass and he just likes them. She had eaten so much long grass and not chewed it, it had formed a rope and started to block her intestines.
It would explain why dogs whose stomachs didn’t function properly and were therefore more stressed about having more energy stored in their body to withstand the potential starving during illness.
Grass is indigestible and could cause a blockage, she was lucky she didn’t need surgery.

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