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Dog vomiting food, water, or even worms is one of the most common reasons why pets are presented to veterinarians. The nature of the vomit could as well vary between undigested (whole) food and digested food and in yet other cases, the vomit could be comprised purely of watery fluid or appear yellow (bile-like) in color. Vomiting is often accompanied by appetite and weight loss and is common to see people complaining that their dog won’t eat. In some cases, vomiting is self-induced whereby the dog eats grass when it feels nauseated, or wants to stop gastric irritation. A case of food vomiting due to dietary change typically happens when you switch from one dog food brand to another or feed your dog with a high fat meal when it is not used to it.
Your dog may as well develop sensitivity or become unable to digest certain types of foods and nutrients. Stopping vomiting due to food intolerance and dietary changes is as easy as withholding for 12 hours or so and then switching to a new diet that is free of the offending items or ingredients. When left unattended, dogs may sometime decide to go on a garbage-eating spree that culminates vomiting as a result of accumulation of foreign objects e.g. Intestinal parasites such as hookworms and giardia are as well common triggers for dog vomiting. On one hand, hookworms cause diarrhea, dehydration, anemia, pale gums, abdominal swelling, black and tarry stool, and weakness in addition to vomiting.
As is the case with humans, pregnant dogs also exhibit a form of “morning sickness” which is often characterized by vomiting among other symptoms such as excessive sleeping habits, abdominal and nipple enlargement, and sudden behavioral changes e.g. Vomiting tends to occur more in the early stages of the pregnancy and the vomit content may either comprise of food or water only (sometimes mucus) or may be a mixture of both. As for viral infections, parvovirus, distemper, and coronavirus infections are the most common triggers of vomiting.
Among the medications that often trigger vomiting as a side-effect are Digoxin, erythromycin, and chemotherapy medications.
These conditions tend to cause sporadic or irregular vomiting in dogs over a long period of time.
To check for the hydration status of your dog, lift its upper lip up and then rub your finger across the gum to get a feel of its texture. Another method is to pull the skin around your dog’s scruff up gently until it forms a “tent” and then release it.
If your dog is vomiting whole food, it may be an indication of regurgitation which is very easily confused with vomiting.
Regurgitation is a spontaneous expulsion of food materials through the mouth or esophagus with no abdominal effort (contractions) involved – which makes it appear effortless.

Regurgitation commonly occurs when a dog likes a new food that it eats so fast or competes with another dog(s) at mealtime.
If you notice that your dog has a tendency to eat too fast only to end up puking, serve your dog to smaller meals at more frequent intervals until you notice a reduction in your dog’s eating speed. It is recommended that you withhold food from the dog for at least 12 hours and instead provide a couple tablespoons of water every 30 minutes or so. If a new meal or food brand is however to blame for vomiting, you should consider making changes in the diet accordingly to avoid offensive ingredients, add fiber to make the food more digestible, decrease fat intake etc.
Medications aimed at controlling vomiting (antiemetics) may also be administered for dog vomiting cases that DON’T involve toxins or bacterial infections. If a dog drinks too much salty or sea water, it may suffer from a condition known as hypernatremia, salt poisoning or “beach diarrhea” if you like. Vomiting and diarrhea are the first symptoms of hypernatremia in dogs but as the condition progresses, other serious symptoms such as seizures, depression, brain swelling, and loss of coordination may be observed.
You can always avoid hypernatremia by offering your dog some fresh drinking water frequently while at the beach. Your dog may as well fall ill and depict vomiting alongside other symptoms as a result of drinking too much water at the pool, lake, name it. In addition to vomiting, other symptoms for hyponatremia include diarrhea, lethargy, nausea, loss of coordination, bloating, dilated pupils, lighter-colored gums, glazed eyes, and excessive salivation. If your dog tends to vomit after exercise, chances are that the dog is over-hydrating either intentionally or unintentionally e.g. You can avoid this by cutting down the length of time your dog exercises in the lake, pool, pool, etc.
Fecal flotation examination at your vets’ facility is ideal to establish exactly what types of intestinal worms your dog especially if the dog has continued with the trend of throwing up worms after deworming – which should be a regular pet care routine by the way. Because fecal flotation tests for the presence of worm eggs, it may show negative results even after worms have been seen in vomit. SHAREtweet Next articleDog Vomiting Yellow Bile, Yellow Foam, with Blood in the Morning or after Drinking Water Kevin N. Viral Facebook message claims that a person's dogs died after eating Pedigree Dry Dog Food. IF THERE IS A CHEMIST WHO CAN HELP, I HAVE THIS BAG OF PEDIGREE DOG FOOD THAT KILLED MY DOGS, AND NEED TO KNOW WHAT POISON WAS IN THERE. This warning, which is currently circulating rapidly via Facebook, claims that a person's dogs died after eating Pedigree brand dry dog food.
That said, it should be noted that a number of consumers have reported concerns about Pedigree products, citing cases in which dogs have become ill while eating Pedigree dog food.

Vomiting is not a disease and can be caused by something as innocuous as eating a bug but could signify life threatening illnesses especially if it is excessive or stays on for a number of days. You may see the dog eat grass but if not, you may be able to tell from vomit that contains food and grass. These range from food intolerance and dietary changes to ingestion of unwanted materials such as garbage.
Giardia on the other hand causes pungent-smelling diarrhea that contains mucus, weight loss, and abdominal pain in addition to vomiting.
The term “morning sickness” notwithstanding, vomiting and other symptoms of pregnancy in dogs can occur at any time of the day, including at night. If you have administered some medications to your dog in the last few days, it is possible that they are to blame for the vomiting. When enough large chunks of food and air accumulate in the stomach, the dog may involuntarily throw up after eating; what we perceive as regurgitation.
Before vomiting, the dog will typically retch and during the actual vomiting, the dog will typically hunch up as the abdominal muscles contract. Also, change to wider, flat surfaced dishes as opposed to deep dishes which encourages bigger mouthfuls of food. Re-introduce water to the dog after 12 hours and then give small amounts of bland after 12 hours since the last vomiting incident.
Be warned that this may be disgusting to look at if you have not seen anything like it, but if you came to this page after getting worried about worms in your dog’s vomit, then this photos may not be any worse. Given that the animals were so ill, one wonders why the owner did not take them to the vet earlier. Food sensitivity typically involves other symptoms such as diarrhea and gas in addition to vomiting. In addition to vomiting, other symptoms of toxin ingestion include loss of appetite, abdominal pain, depression, and dehydration. Nor does it appear that the owner attempted to seek a professional opinion as to why the dogs died before posting the message. Instead, she asked via Facebook if there is a chemist that could check the food for her based on the assumption that the food contained poison.
But, perhaps the dog owner should have called her vet before she considered hiring an attorney.

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