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Licking begins in the whelping box, along with most of the behaviors that your dog displays. As they get older, puppies will lick their mothers (and other adult dogs) around the lips to try to stimulate them to regurgitate partially digested food for them.
As communication, puppies will lick around the faces of their elders to show their submission. I think I should start getting up or pushing them down off my lap when they do the licking, perhaps this will change their minds. Every evening when my husband comes home as soon as he gets still our four year old female Brittany (Liberty) begins licking my husbands toes of his right foot.
I believe dogs saliva contains a small bit of healing properties or dogs know how to rid of infection. Florence my gorgeous 9mth cockerpoo licks me, my cat and my mums dog – who is very much an alpha female. Recently I came over to her house, to see that the dog was in a cage (which they only do when they’re not home or company comes over). My dog will lick either myself, my husband, or both of us, as we are settling into bed at night.
I have a 2 year old Shih Tzu who I love more than life itself who loved licking my face and I enjoy it.

My 3 year old Chihuahua mix Toby licks my face occasionally when I am reading he wants attention- to go outside or play fetch. Believe it or not, licking is a form of communication for dogs, as well as something dogs use for grooming and eating. This licking is usually directed at their own grooming but it can also include things such as woodwork or furniture. But, her family doesn’t seem to give it much attention, and when they do, they treat it more like a little kid and not like a dog. Or, she’ll lick my face when I start to stir to try and get me up sooner so she can eat and go outside, which is the normal morning routine. Believe it or not, they say that the dog has some type of healing enzymes within their saliva. We’ve managed to stop her doing that because its not nice obviously having a 40kg dog jumping on you. He does not however excessively lick to the point of annoyance nor does he lick my feet or any furniture. She sleeps on my bed beside me and sometimes, if I leave an arm or a hand outside the blankets, she’ll sleepily lick it for a few minutes before going to bed. Sometimes if im sitting on the couch or bed, he will walk up to me, lick me once or twice and walk away.

He also attacks my face when I am sleeping in the middle of the night but I love my baby so much I don’t mind none of it at all. If your dog is nervous or anxious, or fears that he has made you angry, he may try to lick around your face as a way to make up with you. Around the redness my female Carin terrior would lick and would try to nibble off the scabs..
If your dog is licking excessively all the time and doesn’t want to stop they may have some anxiety and looking for a way to relieve it somehow. If your dog is very socially bold he may become very pushy about this behavior and try to lick your face whenever he feels like it. Once you know why your dog is licking you, then you can work on what to do about the behavior.
It’s the cutest when she licks the eyes of our little Chihuahua, Papita, because she treats her like a little puppy.

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