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If your pup can't get to a toy under the couch or he's upset you've placed him in his crate, he might bark out of frustration. There is always a logical explanation for why does my dog bark at me or why does my dog bark at other dogs or why does my dog bark at nothing.
When your dog's bored, he has limited options to relieve that boredom, so one of his favorite responses is to bark nonstop. Whatever triggers his aggression, be it a stranger or another canine, he's going to launch into a chorus of annoyingly loud barks and act completely ridiculous. Some dogs are content with just running around like madmen and fetching their favorite toy when they're excited.
Although you may feel that he may be barking at nothing at all, your little guy has plenty of "reasons" -- from extreme boredom to a strange cat in your yard.
This is especially common in working dogs who need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, like German shepherds.

If he's acting territorial, he might charge anyone who dare comes near his property, while if he's fearful he may let out a few barks while keeping most of his weight on his back feet, ready to sprint back to safety at any moment. Below is a list of possible causes for barking, and a suggestion on how you can train him to bark a bit less. The excessive barking happens when you're home and when you're away from the house, and telling your pup to shush up usually only alleviates the barking for a few minutes, if at all.
Aggressive barking in itself isn't a big deal, aside from waking up everyone in your neighborhood, but you need to stamp out or at least control the other behaviors that arise from aggression.
Keep doing that consistently and begin working in the "quiet" command as your dog stops barking. As someone or something gets closer and closer to the dog, the dog will generally bark more and louder, will be extremely alert, and may even display aggression.
Talk with a certified dog trainer or your vet to decide on the best solution -- you don't want to tackle an aggression problem by yourself.

If you're standing a few feet away from your dog and holding his squeaky ball, for example, he might start barking at you, as if to say, "Give it to me!" Sometimes dogs get especially aroused when they see another dog or person outside. Your little guy will begin realizing what the command means, and you can use it the second he barks to get him to stop. Instead of reacting aggressively, they bark, bend forward, throw their butt in the air and wag their tail.

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