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2) If your dog normally doesn’t ingest grass and makes a sudden dash for a bite of it, this could indicate a stomach issue. If your pup is showing other symptoms that are paired with a sudden desire to eat grass, it is a good idea to bring your dog into the vet and see if there are any serious underlying gastrointestinal problems. If it seems like your dog is eating grass more out of habit than sickness, there are some ways you can try to discourage the impulse. There are a variety of different foods, and food types (including a raw food diet) for dogs of all different breeds, varying ailments, and lifestyles. If it seems like grass is their main go-to, some owners may also choose to grow a separate patch of grass, specifically for their pups to eat.
There’s no guaranteed method to stop your dog from eating grass and many vets will agree that this isn’t something that’s too concerning.
Most dog owners have probably seen their canine friend graze on grass at one point or another. If a dog is experiencing one of these problems, you may see it frantically wanting to get out of the house. The grass causes gastric irritation that leads to vomiting, which helps the dog feel better afterward, the theory holds. In a 2008 study in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science, researchers found that while grass consumption didn't often lead to vomiting, dogs that seemed ill before eating grass were more likely to vomit than dogs that appeared to act normally beforehand.
In this scenario, the dog may even be seeking out grass to get additional nutrients it may not have in its normal diet, such as fiber, minerals or digestive enzymes. Wolves and other wild canids are known to regularly eat plant matter, suggesting dogs' grass-eating behavior is innate and perfectly normal. Dogs certainly enjoy eating meat, but they can not be considered truly carnivores in every sense of the word. Some dogs graze on grass to ease the pain or discomfort of excessive stomach gas or clear the blockage in the digestive system. Eating grass is not dangerous to dogs at all as long as there are no dangerous fertilizers or pesticides present on the grass. Like humans, it’s ideal for dogs to eat on a regular set schedule, otherwise, like us; they are tempted to snack on the wrong things.

This grass is free of chemicals or other harmful substances that your regular lawn might be exposed to.
Like humans, dogs can suffer from gastrointestinal issues including upset stomach, nausea, bloating and illness from pathogenic microbes. Once out, it will chow down on any grass available, taking large bites and often swallowing the plants whole. In such cases, a dog may appear to hunt for a specific type of plant, rather than ingesting any grass it can find. A 2007 case study in the Journal of Veterinary Medical Science reported that a switch to a high-fiber diet stopped a miniature poodle from regularly eating grass. Indeed, a 2009 dog study in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior found that puppies were more likely to eat grass if their mothers did while nursing.
Actually, they are hunters in their natural state and prefer to eat a wide variety of food stuff from different sources. There is not one simple answer to why dogs eat grass as different dogs eat grass for different reasons.
It happens when the dog is not getting plenty of exercise and it starts considering munching on grass a better option to stave away boredom. Grass eating helps ease the digestive discomfort and is considered a natural way of detoxify the body when sick. Dogs require both animal and vegetable substances, so in some cases, the grass becomes their vegetable substitute. Also, make sure that the grass your dogs are consuming is untreated by fertilizer and pesticides, as both can be harmful to your dog when ingested.
Unfortunately, there is no known food replacement that will keep your dog from eating grass. Since our dogs can’t tell us when something is wrong, as owners, it’s our responsibility to notice when something is abnormal. After all, dogs are considered to be carnivores and grass is not a part of their staple diet. If your dog often seems distressed and there is a sudden increase in grass eating tendency, there may be an underlying veterinary condition at play.

Additionally, inadvertent consumption of any insect, such as slug or snail, can be hazardous to your dog’s health.
Grass contains essential nutrients that the dog may crave and there is little harm in eating it unless it’s been treated with pesticides and the like. This may be a primal way for dogs to help themselves feel better if their stomach is upset. If they’re not eating like they normally do, or vomiting excessively, this is a red flag and you should take your dog in for a check up as soon as possible. Most of the times, dogs regurgitate the grass and other contents of their stomach soon after ingestion. Try making some dietary changes and enrolling your dog in physical training or sport activities. If eating grass is atypical for your dog, consider consulting with the vet to see if there is an underlying issue. Some even believe the blades of grass can “tickle” their tummy, causing a sick dog to vomit.
Even if you choose not to try a supplement, it’s important that your dog is eating robust food that is catering to his nutritional needs.
If you have ever wondered why dogs eat grass and want to know more about this habit of theirs, read on.
Grass eating is a natural instinct and not a matter of concern albeit if done within limits.
Prior to domestication, dogs would eat other animals as well as the contents of their stomachs, often containing botanical material.

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