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One thing people with dogs always told me (when trying to convince me to get a dog) is that dogs will help clean your floors. And of course he enjoys a good ball licking every night when we’re trying to go to sleep. When folks stop over uninvited for dinner, have the kids clear the table and leave the plates on the floor for the dogs to lick clean.
Okay, maybe it’s just the resolution on my phone, but that is a spectacular rendition of a dog licking your couch! We had to stop letting our normally sweet dogs do the highchair because they’d get into fights over it.
OMG – a friend of mine just told me that her dog was licking herself and they were concerned about it and asked their vet. When our little guy was first born, we had a cat that would lick all things mesh: the basket under the stroller, the side of the playpen, etc.
When our first dog passed away a couple years ago, that was the first thing (besides her sweet self) that I missed was her helpful floor licking.
Humping is common behavior among male and female dogs, who grind on toys, legs, and other dogs for a variety of reasons. For the vast majority of adult dogs who have been spayed or neutered, humping behaviors may still serve what we would consider to be a sexual purpose, that of autoerotic pleasure.
Like any behavior in female and male dogs, humping is learned, either through frequent repetition, external encouragement, or lack of dissuasion. With such a greeting, it’s only natural that the tongue is one of the primary instruments by which dogs interact with their environment. Whether they are around other dogs or with people, dogs also lick those to whom they would show deference and submission. Anyone who is licked by a dog for the first time may find it a startling, ticklish, or amusing experience.

In the ancient world, wise folk and healers noticed that dogs licked their own wounds as well as those of people.
Humping, also called mounting, is a learned activity, often taking root well before dogs reach sexual maturity.
Engaging with your dog and providing her with a routine can help to eliminate boredom or anxiety as a reason for her to hump objects, people, and other dogs. Female dogs may also hump as a response to poor socialization or other stressful conditions. In adult and older dogs, especially in multi-dog households, or in the wild, humping may serve social purposes or reinforce hierarchies. If you have a puppy and his humping behaviors are met with laughter or simply not discouraged, dogs will not learn that humping is a disruptive behavior or an unwanted one. Given this, we must expect the tongue, and its power of licking, to play at least some part in their interactions with people. They lick each other in packs when they are in the wild, in environments where two or more dogs live together, or just lounging around the house with their human owners. If a dog gets a sense that the act of licking people brings them pleasure, and earns them a pat on the head or a scratch behind the ears, he may come to link the two.
One of them also licks the couch as well, but in a more i’m-bored-whatchu-want-from-me way. Humping, pelvic thrusting, or licking at the genital area may indicate playfulness, desire, and stress, as well as hint at medical or behavioral issues that you’ll need to address together. Humping is a learned behavior, and, along with licking or chewing at their genital areas, one that they derive pleasure from. The same problems may be indicated if your dog begins excessively licking or chewing at her genital area. For every other dog, the reasons for humping are as varied as the reasons why people chew on their fingernails.

Dogs lick people for some reasons that we can safely interpret and likely for many reasons we will never understand, until that glorious day when dogs acquire the power of human speech. Dogs lick people as a form of communication, but licks do not always convey the same message. From the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome all the way through to the Middle Ages in Europe, you might be surprised to learn that dogs were not only encouraged, but even trained to lick wounds as a mode of healing. First of all, rest assured that humping is a perfectly natural and common activity in both male and female dogs. Just as some dogs may bark, bite, whine, howl, rend couch cushions or shoes when they are neglected, so too do other dogs hump as a reaction to ennui or intense stress.
If you’re anything like me, though, a communicative lick is just as much a dog asserting his control over you! When puppies lick her mouth, she will regurgitate whatever she’s eaten and offer it to her young. We’ve all met dogs for the first time, offered a hand for them to sniff, and found our hands licked in return. When dogs lick people, particularly about the mouth, what we may think of as a kiss may actually be a request for food.
I’d know I found the desired spot because, for a couple of seconds, as I scratched, she would lick my arm.

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