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Your first concern is to decide whether your four-legged friend's couch, carpet and bed licking qualifies as an obsessive or compulsive behavior. Start by assuming the problem is too little stimulation and socialization, because it's the most probable explanation for your dog's weird licking behavior, and because there's no downside to increasing attention and activity. Obviously, the reason your canine companion keeps licking the couch, carpet and bed dictates the solution. I like to lick a lot, but I only like to lick two things: my plate clean after a good meal, and I lick my humans to show them I love them. I’m not really one of those dogs that are big into licking my toys or my fur or even my sleeping quarters, but let me tell you – I know loads of dogs who love to lick.
If your dog licks the bed before falling asleep, like my friends Lucy and Fenway, it’s probably just a nighttime habit she created over time. Keep in mind, if your dog starts licking furniture or other items out of the blue, it’s always a good idea to speak with your veterinarian to rule out any medical or neurological issues.

While your furry friend naturally explores with her senses of smell and taste, obsessive or compulsive licking indicates a problem.
Difficult as it is to believe, your dog may have a perfectly good reason for licking these surfaces. This habit continues through adulthood as soon dogs begin to lick themselves in order to stay cleaning groomed. In the process of grooming herself, your dog may pick up smells or tastes of human skin particles on your couch, and begin licking the couch to clean – or groom – your tastes and smells as well. If you use a lotion or other topical product with a yummy smell that lingers after you get up off the bed or couch, that's another. Canine cognitive dysfunction, which is basically dementia in dogs, and other neurological problems also cause obsessive and compulsive licking, as can other illnesses.
If boredom and loneliness were causing her to obsessively or compulsively lick the couches, carpet and beds, the behavior should quickly fade away with these sorts of remedies.

The act of licking, what dogs will do to other dogs in packs, comforts that dog enough to relax. Dogs that are regularly bored can develop bad habits such as licking furniture and other items excessively. However, if your pooch licks for no apparent reason, if she does it often or aggressively and in a repetitious way, if she seems completely spaced out while licking or if you can't interrupt or stop her, it's an obsessive or compulsive behavior. Allergies, parasitic infections, digestive disorders, pain and other problems can all prompt your pooch to do strange things, including lick your floors and furniture. In the meantime, apply a harmless but unpleasant-smelling dog repellent to your couches, beds and carpeting.

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