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One thing people with dogs always told me (when trying to convince me to get a dog) is that dogs will help clean your floors. And of course he enjoys a good ball licking every night when we’re trying to go to sleep.
When folks stop over uninvited for dinner, have the kids clear the table and leave the plates on the floor for the dogs to lick clean. Okay, maybe it’s just the resolution on my phone, but that is a spectacular rendition of a dog licking your couch!

We had to stop letting our normally sweet dogs do the highchair because they’d get into fights over it.
OMG – a friend of mine just told me that her dog was licking herself and they were concerned about it and asked their vet. When our little guy was first born, we had a cat that would lick all things mesh: the basket under the stroller, the side of the playpen, etc. When our first dog passed away a couple years ago, that was the first thing (besides her sweet self) that I missed was her helpful floor licking.

One of them also licks the couch as well, but in a more i’m-bored-whatchu-want-from-me way.

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