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Garlic for fleas, hating on cats, attacking mail carriers, colorblindness -- those are just a few of the 20 absurd myths busted here. Dog myths have been around since the domestication of dogs, and some of them stick around even today. The canine retina indicates that dogs can see some colors, primarily blues, yellows, greens and shades of gray. Not all dogs are natural mothers, and keep in mind that you can’t predict a litter size. Dogs go outside to do their business and maybe investigate around, but they are natural pack animals and want to be by your side. Most dogs are protective of their family and their home, and the dog recognizes the mail carrier as a stranger who needs to keep a distance.
While it’s true some dogs may give chase and the cat may hiss and flick a paw or two, this myth is false and easy to disprove.
Dogs might not seem as mysterious as cats, but canines do have their fair share of behaviors that are truly baffling.
While you might not always want your dog to cover you in slobbery kisses, his licks are actually his way of showing affection.

Dingleberries can occur if your cat’s poop is soft and is especially prevalent in cats with diarrhea.
Arthritic cats: If an older cat suffers from arthritis, he might also have trouble bending that far to get to his poop chute. Many older dogs may suffer limited hearing or vision that prevents them from learning or following commands easily, but age is not a determining factor for tricks or training. Opinions differ on the consumption of garlic by dogs, but most agree that trace amounts are okay. Exactly why dogs cock their heads to the side remains uncertain, but behaviorists speculate that canines are trying to make sense of what they hear.
Licking the concrete, eating grass, lapping up dirty rain water, sampling the neighboring dog’s poop and all kinds of undigestibles you would never eat yourself can make their way onto your face or in your mouth. Those dogs can get upwards of 150 pounds or more and they are as harmless as a stuffed teddy bear. Another explanation could be that canine mothers lick their puppies (and puppies lick their mothers and littermates) for grooming and social reasons. Behaviorists believe that when wolf-like dogs lived in the wild, they would walk around a spot to pat down the leaves, grass or other debris to create a nice nesting spot.

You don’t want your cat licking himself and then ingesting chemicals, however mild, from the wipes.
My aunt’s two Great Danes think they are tiny lapdogs, and many other large dogs can easily debunk this myth. It could just be a behavior passed on from their ancestral cousins, but behaviorists also think that howling is instinctively necessary and rewarding for dogs. Some vets do believe that dogs will intentionally consume large amounts of grass to induce vomiting if they feel unwell or have consumed something toxic, but this should not be consistent behavior. Other than accidentally knocking someone over because of their size, many large dogs are just puppies in big packages.

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