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For the majority of dogs today, the answer to our question may simply be this–they like the taste of it! Be vigilant in cleaning up after your dogs.  This is harder to do with the rabbit delights we realize, but it is a sure fire way to get it out of sight and out of mind (or mouth). There are commercial products as well, both in powder and chewable treats that owners can try.  Call us if you need these options.
We always recommend twice yearly testing of your dog’s stool to check for these parasites to keep your dog and your family healthy. Send us your Request for Service and Tails of the City will schedule a pre-service interview right away!

Some dogs that take NSAIDs can develop a rare, idiosyncratic complication related to the toxic effects these drugs can have on the liver. Prior to reading this article, I would never have considered NSAID toxicity through ingestion of feces as a potential cause of illness in dogs. It never hurts to check with us and we’ve had plenty of phone calls about this, so you are in good company if you ask.  In some dogs there may be a medical reason or dietary problem at play. The veterinarians involved in the case proceeded to test the dog's blood carprofen, and the drug was present at detectable levels. Affected dogs typically become lethargic, stop eating, and develop diarrhea, vomiting and increased thirst and urination.

A sample of urine taken at that time revealed a normal urine specific gravity, greatly improved liver values (these can take some time to fall completely back to normal), and an undetectable level of carprofen in her blood stream.
All other tests, including an abdominal ultrasound and fine needle aspirate of the liver were normal.

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