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Sometimes, you may need to revert to more stringent forms of making the poop less attractive. While this is very disgusting to humans, some dogs seem to think this is the normal way of taking care of business. The trick for the owner is to try and figure out why your four legged friend is adding this most interesting treat to his or her diet. There are really cheap dog foods, and really expensive dog foods, but the real issue is finding a food that meets the food requirement of your particular dog. These are the dogs that want to be the leader and in fact may have challenged you to be the alpha.

For instance, if your dog should get two cups of food per day, give them 1 cup in the morning and then 1 in the evening.
You are hollering and dancing around as you are grossed out about the puppy eating his poop, and the puppy is all excited about this new game. He eats poop, you dance and provide entertainment that seems to be related to his new found skill. Just remember that initially as you are adding more fiber to the diet, you may have more poops to deal with initially.
An additional benefit from petting your dog is, it will lower your blood pressure and it just feels good!

Pick up the poop, dispose of it without fuss, and then reward him for letting you handle the prize.

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