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These 20 dogs have one thing in common: they like to go where cats go, and do what they do. Copraphagy in dogs is possibly a evolutionary remnant from their scavenging days as more wolf-like kinds of canines. If you have a cat and a dog, your biggest problem scaling that relationship may not be whether the two animals get along with each other. No, we are discussing litter-coated cat poop – those Shake-N-Bake tootsie rolls irresistible to your dolt of a dog. This is NOT a mineral or other nutrient deficiency that is driving your dog to sift through the cat box for her leavings. Discouraging your dog’s predilection for cat feces is a delicate balance, as you don’t want the cat to become averse to her own litter box. 3.Put a box (or 2) over the litter box with a hole in the end so the cat can tunnel through but not the dog.
These adventurous dogs will venture into cat territory to explore, make friends or find a comfy spot to nap.

So coating the box in Bitter Apple or hiding it or booby trapping the entrance to it will likely motivate your cat to use your bed pillow as a toilet in retribution.
Since eating poop can be hazardous to your dog’s health (think disease-causing bacteria) below are a few ideas to try. Rearrange the litter box so that the cat can enter but the dog can’t – raising it or changing the angle of entrance can discourage a foraging canine.
Position a gate to block off the litter box, then slightly elevating it so that the cat can get underneath but the dog can’t. Give your dog something to do to keep him busy so he won’t be interested in ransacking the cat box – a treat ball, stuffed and frozen Kong, a Buster Cube – acceptable food that is available to him and that he has to work to get it. It could be that he’s missing something from his diet or it could just be that he really really likes the taste of kitty poops.
What has you on the Internet searching the web in desperation for answers is that the dog is persistently dining on cat products, and we’re not talking about the catnip.
The cat, unless she is elderly or obese, is typically quite agile enough to leap for her meals.

So long as the cat can still get through without the dog being able to bypass it so easily.
Since dogs are dumb enough to think Beggin’ Strips are really bacon, then they’d probably be fooled by fake cat crap too. The Portland based (no surprise there) Dog Dreams Baking Company makes Kitty Poops, the best only cat poop dog treat on the market.
And as a bonus, you get to look like a crazy person who keeps cat crap in baggies to feed to the dog.

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