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This week Metro vet Joe Inglis deals with a dog eating his own poo, a dog who howls along to music and a cat with a sensitive stomach.
My wife and I have recently taken in two rescue dogs, a mother, aged four, and her daughter, aged two.
Once medical and nutritional issues have been excluded, the best approach is to use a positive training method such as clicker training to resolve the problem by rewarding alternative behaviours whenever they have the option of eating poo.

Now that I know the true answer, I feel like I have found one of the Holy Grails of veterinary Internet writing. For my entire career, but especially since I started writing for Dogster, I have been hounded by the question of why dogs eat poop. The answer is so simple and so blindingly obvious, and it has been right in front of me all along.

He mostly ignores her, but he is very interested in two things that go along with her: her food and her poop.

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