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Attention Seeking: Some dogs bark excessively so that they can get the attention of their owner or other humans and animals. Banfield supports our associates having time with their family and friends during the holidays. Dogs bark for many reasons, including boredom, in play, aggression, fear and as a form of protection or warning.
Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety tend to express their anxiety by barking, along with other habits such as relieving themselves in the household, pacing, or destroying household items. I'm the office dog at BuzzFarmers, a creative company that produces blog campaigns for businesses.
Dogs should be taught to lay or sit quietly on command with positive reinforcement methods.

It’s good to identify what your dog is fearful of and try to alleviate the situation. If the barking is excessive, your pet will benefit from basic obedience training that includes ways to reduce barking behaviors.
If your dog is barking excessively while you are not home, your neighbors may consider calling the police or animal rescue to report your dog.
You may also notice your dog’s actions change, such as playful jumping and tail wagging when barking.
I’ve been told by some dogs that barking is very important in the case of an emergency.
At first, no contact needs to be made – simply let your dog smell the area around the person.

One dog thinks an emergency consists of someone knocking at the door, while another dog thinks an emergency is when you run out of treats.
Personally, I think an emergency is when your house is on fire or there’s an intruder inside of your home.

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