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Since cats themselves can’t say, experts theorize that cats eat grass as a natural laxative. While eating grass may seem unappealing to you, many cats love it and it’s not generally harmful to them. If your cat seems to enjoy the taste and texture of grass, give her a small grazing area of her own in your home.
They rarely eat more than occasional small amounts, but if yours eats it daily or in large amounts, that could indicate intestinal distress that should be addressed by your vet. Nothing gives me more pleasure then watching them eat their grasses and rolling around like little mad hatters!!! If broader-leafed varieties offer a laxative effect, thinner-leafed grass induces cats to vomit.

Cats generally prefer this to regular grass and you can be sure it hasn’t been treated. The raw foods that felines eat when hunting contain enzymes that work with the enzymes that the cats digestive organs secrete. Keep her away from grass or plants that have been chemically treated and always use pet-friendly lawn treatment or fertilizers. It may assist in clearing things out, but healthy cats are able to process and pass matter out without this help.
By regurgitating grass, the cat also expels other indigestible items she may have eaten — which could include fur balls from grooming, or feathers and bones from any prey she has consumed. If your cat is outside most of the time, she could ingest toxic, pesticide-tainted grass — another good reason to keep your cat indoors.

One of my cats has a habit of eating it hes always been free to come in and out the house so hard to stop him. Mine also got a blade of grass caught in his throat and he was in alot of pain and couldnt breathe he went to the vets and had to be sedated to have it removed.

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