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So they have to do something that you and I may find distasteful, but rabbits apparently enjoy – coprophagy! Having two pet rabbits, I’ve always wondered how they tell which poop is to be eaten and which is to be left alone.
Usually animals that eat grass are large and have complex multi-chamber stomachs (think of cows) and very long intestines (sheep), or a very large cecum (horses).

They have a single small stomach, and as much intestines as they can pack into their small bodies, and as large a cecum as they can get.
Droppings that made the passage through the rabbit twice are larger, separate from each other, and dry. Though, understanding that the food passes through the rabbits twice, and the temporal dynamics of the process, is important for studies like this one – monitoring the spread of radioactivity from a spill site by monitoring the radioactivity in rabbit pellets in the countryside.

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