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I wasn’t impressed with the original offerings from Bil-Jac, but their grain free food is an improvement. Created by a team of in-house pet nutritionists, Purina Beyond offers limited ingredient recipes, superfood blend recipes containing nutrient dense ingredients like salmon, sweet potato, pumpkin or cranberries, and grain-free, protein-rich recipes to give pet owners a variety of high-quality natural food options for their dogs and cats. Purina Beyond is available nationwide in the pet food aisle of mass and grocery retailers and at pet specialty stores. There’s a distinct lack of by-products and corn in this food which is great in comparison to their other foods.

Pea starch is the second ingredient which is ok and will constitute a fair proportion of the 30% protein in the food. All Beyond food must meet stringent quality standards that are among the strictest in the pet food industry.
In-house pet nutritionists formulate each recipe, and Beyond tracks every raw ingredient that goes into the food from the time of receipt through its inclusion in the finished recipe.
To monitor every step in the preparation of Beyond food and ensure ultimate quality and safety, all Purina Beyond dry foods are made in Purina-owned facilities throughout the United States.

All Beyond recipes contain no corn, wheat, soy, poultry by-product meal or added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

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