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Unfortunately, out in the wild, dogs often lack a balanced diet since the necessary food sources are not readily available.
A young boy visiting the Pittsburgh zoo with his mother and friends was killed Sunday when he fell about 14 feet off a deck into an exhibit that's home to a pack of African painted dogs, who pounced on the boy and mauled him, zoo officials said.
They're not vicious, they're apex predators and mauling the **** out of the small, weak, and tasty is what they do. From what I've read, the parent lifted the kid up to sit on the wooden railing, and then moved away.

I gotta say that if my kid fell into something like that my fault or not, I would be right behind him. However, the wolves are extremely opportunistic, and they will eat whatever prey they can find, including raccoons, pigs, nutria and muskrats. The meat that wild dogs consume is typically in chunks, and smaller pups often dine on their mother’s regurgitated meals.
Three more eventually were drawn away from the boy, but the last dog wouldn't come into the building, and police had to shoot him, Baker said.

Their coats have blotches of yellow, white, red, brown and black fur that earn wild dogs the nickname painted dogs.

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