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CitrusDogs are not fond of the sharp smell of citrus, and an easy homemade solution to chewing could be sitting in your fruit bowl. Bitter Spray: Lemon JuiceA similar, but just as effective, alternative to bitter apple spray also uses vinegar, which dogs generally hate the taste of.
Commercial bitter apple sprays are available, but they are easy -- and a lot cheaper -- to make at home with some apple cider vinegar. Cayenne peppers aren’t harmful to dogs, but pepper spray liquids can irritate their eyes and nose, so you might not want to try it as a first option.

Either way, her chewing can be destructive, not to mention harmful if she swallows broken pieces of furniture. You can make a citrus spray by steeping 2 cups of citrus peels in 4 cups of boiled water until cool.
Combine two parts apple cider vinegar with one part regular white vinegar in a spray bottle and shake well. As with the other version, combine the lemon juice with one part white vinegar, shake and spray.

Alternatively, simply add 1 or 2 teaspoons ground cayenne pepper to a quart of room temperature water, shake and spray where you want to discourage chewing.

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