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How to stop a puppy from mouthing and biting: Biting is a natural instinct to get a pup that is using his mouth taste to touch and learn about everything.
Pups bite or gently mouth at their mothers when they’re young as ways to get food and focus, so that as a way to socialize and establish dominance with litter mates. Get chew toys that are suitable for your own puppy to get on hand when it is biting and play time, clothes- pulling or chewing impulses hit against your dog.

For example, in case your pup loves to bite when you’re playing or petting him, however follows your commands to stop, reward him for his good conduct. Teething can be distressing for a puppy, and he might show excessive mouthing biting and chewing habits with this growth period. A mother dog and sibs will suggest that the bite is too hard something you might need to repeat in your training efforts, using a loud yip.

Do not play aggressive games like tug-of-war or keep-away, as it will only support the behaviours that are mouthy.

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