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Never let a puppy play bite on your hands even if at the moment you too think it is just a game.
The correction will work best if you are able to tell when the pup is about to bite and give the correction a second before it makes contact. When my own 12-week-old American Bully was puppy biting on humans her breeder taught me a technique that immediately worked. The Material contained herein may not be reproduced without the prior written approval of the author. For example: the pup should be heeling on the lead on walks and the humans should be entering all entrance and exit ways before the pup, as the leaders always go first.

This build-up of energy causes frustration making the mind reel with unhealthy excitement, so much so that the dog is not responding to your commands to stop.
Mia was bred by Lou from Dazzling Bullies Kennels and he had come by the house to visit with her. It is a game to them, but it can also result in a puppy bite that hurts and if the dog does that same thing when it is older it can be mistaken for aggression. When Mia started puppy biting on Lou I noticed he had done something that immediately stopped her without upsetting her.
If your pup is the leader then there is no reason in your pup’s mind why he cannot bite your hands if he pleases.

It is not fair to the pup to tell them they can never chew on anything, but rather you must teach them what is OK to chew on and what is not.
I asked him what he just did and he said instead of pulling back away from her he simply put his finger further into her mouth and to the backside where there were no teeth as her back molars were not in yet.
Puppies and dogs that do not see the humans as the authority figures are less likely to respond to the human’s corrections.

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