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So besides getting rid of my car, buying nearly everything used, and questioning American food production, I’ve spent many years pondering dog poop.
My aunt became so frustrated with a neighbor who let his dog poop on her lawn that she picked it up in a plastic bag and smeared it all over the neighbor’s door knob.
Many municipalities suggest biodegradable dog waste bags(affiliate) are the best way to get rid of dog poop while still not being perfect. I’d rather think of the woods as the place to chase squirrels not the place to chase poop. Some people with rural acreage will fling poop into the woods so they can enjoy their yard.
Oh, and if the nearest woods is across Central Park West in Manhattan, it might be a bit antisocial to fling poop across  lanes of moving traffic. You can also buy a kit such as the Doggie Dooley 3000 Septic-Tank-Style Pet-Waste Disposal System (affiliate link).
No one would find the Ithaca Falls nearly as beautiful if it was filled with bacteria from dog poop.
I knew this was the best method of getting rid of my dog’s poop for years before I actually did it.
I’ve been happily using Flush Doggy waste bags for the past year and reviewed them in How to Make Dog Poop Green.
Flush Doggy bags are made from polyvinyl alcohol, the material used to make the kid’s toy, Slime. I’ve outlined the most common options above along with the pros and cons as I see them.
Because when we reach our goal of becoming a no-kill nation where every dog has a home of his own, we could find ourselves drowning in dog poop. We live in the country with a septic system, and there are 4 big dogs at our house – so LOTS of poop! Just now in process of getting caught up with my blog reading, so please pardon my tardiness. Mom talked to the guys who run our local wastewater treatment plant about flushable poop bags, and they said they had the potential to cause problems at the treatment plant, so you may want to ask your local wastewater treatment plant if it’s okay to use them. My housemate used to tie her Lab to a tree with a 10 foot chain that reached the back door, so she didn’t even need to set her precious feet outside. Sure, any dog owner can empathize with someone who has been caught off-guard without a bag when little Fifi decides to take a poop. I told her first off, that the Rottweiler-sized poop left near her door couldn’t have come out of my 7-pound (at the time) dog, and second, that as an American and a responsible pet owner, it’s the norm to pick up after our pets. So when I see a dog going to the bathroom with an owner who just aimlessly watches and then moves along leaving his “business” there, I’m the one who will go up to a complete stranger and offer him or her a plastic poop bag.
I am currently in Toulouse and (unfortunately) resisting a gag reflex every time I head out for a walk.
After three months we have found the same and wonder if we are the only people that clean up after their dog.

Lately people have actually complimented me on my poop pick-up skills and I’ve seen more and more people using little bags.
What I find even worse then leaving the poop is picking it up and leaving the poop in the bag.
Oh I am both laughing and crying as living in France I know all too well the huge problem that dog poop is here. Thank yo so much for joining in with #AnimalTales and this timely reminder that French dog owners really do need to get tidying up. My friend Caroline confessed that in a similar situation, she cut the top off an old plastic bottle she found with her pocket knife and used it as a scooper, much to the revulsion of some nearby children. I hear that setting dog poop on fire is another popular revenge technique but I have no family members (that I know of) with firsthand knowledge. It gets the poop (and its bacteria) off the ground and away from the water supply and will, hopefully, break down in a million years instead of the billion years it will take a conventional bag. The resulting compost comes back to the dog park to cover the ground around newly planted trees.
I bought a Doggie Dooley when I lived in Philadelphia but was not able to use it since the instructions (not found on the outside of the box) said it had to be installed in a four-foot hole surrounded by well amended soil. If your dogs poop mainly in your yard, a home composting system takes only a little more work than tossing poop in the trash while keeping the smell down.
And even a home system isn’t ideal if you still have to bring poop home from a walk in plastic bags that then have to be thrown away anyway.
It breaks down in water, but not before you get your dog’s poop home from even a long walk.
You can order samples to try before you buy (click the affiliate link in the sidebar to visit Flush Doggy).
But you’ll make your choice based on convenience, cost, whether your dog is large or small, whether you live in a city or rural area, or dozens of other considerations. In my neighborhood, the HOA provides nice, high quality poop bags throughout the subdivision. I’ll preface this by saying I’m sure some people pick up after their dog, although it’s not the norm.
A neighbor posted this sign shown below after he noticed a collection of poop near his doorstep. Tom had already met her once when he was out with Dagny and warned me that she doesn’t like dogs. She directed me to the edge of the curb closest to the street and told me to stop the dog from sniffing near her property.
Sometimes I even give bags to complete strangers who leave their dog’s poop on the sidewalk. A friend directed me here after I posted about the copious dogsh*t here in the Languedoc where we just moved with our Cavalier King Charles. And if you pair your poop bags with biodegradable trash bags, you’re increasing the likelihood of it breaking down in the landfill.

And it doesn’t score you many points to tell your admirers you got those awesome guns from flinging heavy shovels full of poop over the fence. I suspect it’s only a matter of time before we can buy compostable dog waste bags and have them picked up curbside.
I didn’t want to risk it in our small yard with clay soil so we returned the product. From big Great Danes to little Yorkies, the French bring their dogs everywhere including places like the pharmacy and the cafe for an afternoon coffee — and I love it.
It even seems to be socially acceptable to leave your dog’s poop right there on the sidewalk. She was coming home one evening when I was walking Dagny and I passed her when we were on the sidewalk outside her property.
I informed her that I don’t decide where my dog relieves herself and frankly I was happy that she was going outside (not potty trained at the time). I must say that I’ve seen more and more waste bag stations at parks though and many people in my neighborhood actually picking up after their dogs. I’ve been here for 17 years, lived in 5 departements from the very north to the very south and have stepped in poop everywhere. But sure enough, when I next had to pick up after my dog, Pelle, I caught myself involuntarily grimacing. And I will nag, beg, even click and treat to make you scoop and dispose of your dog’s poop responsibly. What I don’t love is that the simple concept of picking up after your dog seems foreign to pretty much everyone. As for your revenge idea, the guy across the street from us lets his dog run around anywhere he pleases, so the dog poops in our yard and on the median (we have no sidewalks) a couple times a day. I knew full well she was watching us from her window, so I took Dagny to the edge of the curb and within a few minutes, she went to the bathroom.
I was out walking Bentley last week and someones Chihuaua had gotten out (Taco is the dogs name,and Bentley and he are buddies) Anyways Taco was following us for a portion of our walk but I was trying to find his owner, Taco ran to a womans yard and peed, she came running out screaming at me to pick up after that nasty thing..
I always bring an extra bag for a another doggie friend and show them how easy it is to pick up the poop. I told her he wasn’t my dog and that I ALWAYS pick up after my dog, and showed her the bags. I am curious to know what french folks think when they visit other countries (with clean sidewalks).

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