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Dixon was taken to DePaul Health Center for treatment after the man, who had been watching the dog, pulled the boxer off her. Joe Thompson, who was watching the dog for Ellis at the time, was issued a summons for failing to control the dog, while Ellis was cited for failing to keep the dog‘s rabies shots up to date. Dixon is now on heavy painkillers and is having kidney problems along with elevated blood pressure. In Bridgeton County, two men receive moderate injuries after walking on a trail at Riverwoods Park and Trail and are attacked by two stray dogs. The men were treated at the scene by Pattonville Fire Protection District paramedics with moderate injuries. In reality, proving your dog was provoked or somehow justified will be difficult unless it can be proven that the victim was committing a crime. Always provide plenty of fresh water and an appropriate amount of quality food for your dog. Dog’s teeth and the pressure exerted by their jaws can cause significant damage to the tissues under the skin, including bones, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, and nerves.
More than 30,000 victims of dog bites undergo reconstructive surgery each year, and 15-20 people die of dog bites yearly.
The risk of being bitten by a dog increases if there is a dog in the home; the more dogs there are, the greater the risk.
Children between the ages of 5 and 9 are more likely to be bitten by a dog than other age groups.
The dog bite victim needs to be taken to a safe place away from the assailant dog to prevent further attack and injury.
Wounds should be kept elevated and, if possible, washing the wound with tap water may be attempted. The average cost of a dog bite-related hospital stay was $18,200, approximately 50% higher than the average injury-related hospital stay. License your dog as required by law, and provide regular veterinary care, including rabies vaccinations.
Much like humans, dogs communicate their emotions in two ways; verbal and non-verbal, as discussed in our last blog post. As a dog owner, you’re probably inclined to believe your lovable dog is not capable of aggressive behavior.
There are over 78 million owned dogs in the United States; that is 78 million owners who potentially will or already has been a defendant in a dog bite liability case. Several weeks ago, we published a blog post outlining what to do after a dog bite; it provided answers to general inquires, such as the importance of catching the culprit, when to seek medical attention and how to file a dog bite report. In our previous blog post regarding dog bite liability laws, we reiterated the generality of the one bite rule, strict liability rules and negligence law. As I’m sure you know by now, if your dog bites somebody you will be held liable for the victim’s medical bills, lost income, pain & suffering, and property damage.
Dog bites can turn your life upside down and easily become a financial burden that some may not even recover from.

Given the higher likelihood of encountering other dogs in the city, country dogs don’t seem as afflicted by leash aggression. A head halter allows you to gently steer your pup’s line of sight to keep them from making eye contact with other dogs. Unlike humans, for whom eye contact might represent respect and sincerity, for dogs it means a fight. Her mother stated that her daughter will have to have surgery, but doesn’t know any details. Smith Law Firm in Columbia handles dog bite and serious injury cases all over the State of Missouri. If your dog must be quarantined for any length of time, ask whether your dog may be confined within your home or at your veterinarian’s hospital. Consult with your veterinarian, who may refer you to an animal behaviorist or a professional dog trainer.
Mean dogs are often forced to live miserable, isolated lives, and become even more likely to attack someone in the future.
The bond with your dog is built during the first few weeks to months of ownership, but maintaining the bond is a lifelong process. If you do not have your pet dog spayed or neutered you may be contributing to this problem. A place of shelter and comfort is also important for your dog’s physical and mental wellness, and exercise is a must. A well-behaved and properly socialized dog is less likely to upset people and pets in public places and will be more welcome to gatherings. Start by never approaching an unfamiliar dog, especially one who’s tired or confined behind a fence or in a car.
Tell the animal control official everything you know about the dog, including its owner’s name and the address where the dog lives. Since dog bites can cause significant damage beneath the skin, a type of injury that cannot always easily be appreciated, medical care should be accessed by a health care practitioner.
There are 4 times as many dog bite-related emergency visits and 3 times as many hospital stays in rural areas than in urban areas. However, young children are only in the early stages of their cognitive development and consequently, not capable of correctly associating a dog’s expression to a dog’s mood.
Our executive director, Debbie Turner gave her insights on how owners can protect themselves from dog bite liability. In fact, the Insurance Information Institute (III) quantifies the average dog bite claim to be $26,166. After all, your dog may not like other dogs as a result of trauma, or pure social preference. You can always carry a light towel or cloth to cover your dog’s eyes to keep them from seeing other dogs, or if you have a small dog pick them up and move them away.
According to the police, the dogs were collards with catch sticks and taken away by the St.

If you must give up your dog due to dangerous behavior, consult with your veterinarian and with your local animal control and control agency or humane society about your options. In addition to meeting your dog’s basic needs, here are some of the most important rules of conscientious dog ownership. Remember that while you are at work, out with friends, or running errands, your dog is usually just waiting for you to come home. Proper identification can help you become reunited with your dog if lost rather than letting your dog become one more homeless pet in an overcrowded shelter.
Because of their survival instincts, dogs are not as likely to show pain or illness as humans. If your dog’s misbehavior results in any sort of accident, injury or similar incident, you must take full responsibility for your behavior. Always assume that a dog who doesn’t know you may see you as an intruder or a threat. If the dog is a stray, tell the animal control official what the dog looks like, where you saw it, whether you’ve seen the dog before, and in which direction the dog went.
The following study examines injury occurrence and the dog breeds that are most likely to bite. Your dog can’t always understand the difference between play and real-life situations.
Make your dog a member of your family: Dogs who spend a great deal of time alone in the backyard or tied on a chain often become dangerous. If your dog overreacts to visitors or delivery or service personnel, keep him in another room. Whatever the reason, your dog doesn’t have to like other dogs and can just avoid them. However, when us humans go out walking our dogs, we put them in a situation where constant eye contact with other dogs is virtually inevitable. Take measures to prevent the dog from biting again – contact a professional trainer and possibly a veterinary behaviorist. If circumstanced in your home environment change, you must consider the toll it will take on your dog and make every effort to help your dog along the way. Approximately 880,000 dog bite victims seek emergency medical care at hospitals in the U.S.
Smith Law Firm has recovered millions in settlements and verdicts in serious injury and dog bite cases.
The first time your dog exhibits dangerous behavior towards any person, seek professional help from your veterinarian, an animal behaviorist, or a qualified dog trainer.

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