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As someone who lives alone with a huge dog and has a propensity toward downers, I’m definitely afraid of having my best feature chomped off by my best friend.
As I said, some people were found because of their dogs, and think of blind people that receive a lot of help from dogs, and so on.
They notice you’re dead by your smell and lack of reaction, and they come and lick the unclothed areas to wake you up.
I therefore was not surprised when, for the first time, we caught him at Abby’s food bowl.

For my entire career, but especially since I started writing for Dogster, I have been hounded by the question of why dogs eat poop.
It's not all that surprising that these canines are eating our dead faces whenever they get the chance. He mostly ignores her, but he is very interested in two things that go along with her: her food and her poop. It’s not only the most common dog-related question that I have received over the years in person and on the Internet.

Do not forget, we are talking about dogs, which are animals, although some people try to humanise them.

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