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Since your hands, legs and feet quickly become interesting to the young dog, it is crucial to redirect this behavior. Some Internet dog “trainers” suggest that you should thump the puppy on its nose when it bites.
If you have started too late or the dog is too large now for the standard puppy training steps, talk to our professionals at Sit Means Sit.
While you want to train your pup not to bite hard, you do eventually want to teach him not to bite at at all, which is where these steps can help.
This version of How to Stop a Boxer Dog from Biting was reviewed by Pippa Elliott, MRCVS on August 23, 2015. Not only is this bad advice, but it may actually lead to an aggressive response in a dog that is slightly older. With their littermates, puppies will learn not to bite simply by mouthing their brothers and sisters too hard and then receiving stern nips in return.
It is your responsibility to teach the animal to curtail its nipping and biting of your hand.

We gladly work with you and your dog to eliminate this undesirable – and potentially dangerous – behavior. They need a lot of attention and therefore, can be prone to playful biting, especially as puppies.
When your dog is biting at the right pressure in play, say "Good dog," using a happy tone of voice. Most pet stores sell deterrents that your dog will not like the taste of, such as bitter apple. If your dog is too aggressive and has a history of biting, use a muzzle to keep people safe and to seek professional help at the earliest possible time. It may seem theatrical for a grown person to do this when dealing with a tiny dog, but it is worth the attention it gets you from the pet. Teaching your dog not to bite is easiest when he is young, but you can also work on boxers when they are adults. Basically, when playing with other dogs, your dog can learn to not bite hard enough to harm another dog.

Provide enough toys so that he doesn't get bored; when he's bored, he may lash out or bite. The problem arises when the puppy gets older, grows sharp teeth, increases its jaw muscle strength and does not stop with the biting.
As a result, young dogs play together and even play bite without inflicting pain or breaking the skin.
The experts at Sit Means Sit routinely talk to dog owners whose young companion canines seem to be incapable of stopping the behavior. As you can imagine, in the setting back with the little dog’s littermates, they are likely to be very consistent in showing their displeasure when one dog gets out of hand with nipping.

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