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Second, determine where the dog came from, whether it is a house, business office, or if the dog is simply a stray.
According to California law, the owner of the at-fault dog will be liable for injuries that occur because of the attack. Our San Diego dog bite lawyers have years of experience representing individuals injured by aggressive dogs. A new study reveals some interesting information about teenager drivers including what may be contributing to the high number of teen accidents.
In many instances, it may be impossible to avoid the dog, especially if the dog runs out of a house or garage and then attacks your dog.

You may be able to learn where the dog lives by watching where the dog goes after the attack. A quick snapshot using your cell phone can provide crucial evidence to support your dog bite claim. For example, you or your dog may be entitled to receive compensation for your medical expenses.
If you or someone you love is injured in a dog bite incident, we offer a free consultation to learn more about your case.
In addition, if your dog and the aggressive dog get into a scuffle, the owner of the aggressive dog may appear.

Keep all copies of medical treatment your dog receives as well, and organize all evidence relating to the incident together in one folder or other waterproof packet. It is common for you to receive injuries as well when breaking up the dog fight or preventing the aggressive dog from injuring your pet further.
Many clients suffer cuts, bruises, or even broken bones when trying to protect their dog from further attack.

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