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What really disturbed me about getting bit by my dog is that I was able to quickly assess the situation. Know your dog’s body language so that you can ward off aggression or stress before it gets that far. If your dog tends towards regular aggression, you might want to curb aggressive games like tug-of-war. If you’re having a difficult time with your dog, reach out to a professional dog trainer for help.
I find it fascinating that we belong to a community that understands our culpability when our dogs behave badly or out of character. It such a good habit to create; we do the same with our dogs when playing gets a little to rough. My hubby got his foot bit really hard the other day but it was because the dog was playing rough with a toy at his feet and.
A long time ago, I helped a friend of mine who did Doberman rescue and during that time, the two of us would have long conversations about dog behavior. Thanks for the insight, Kathy – I never thought about what Rodrigo may have felt about me walking away. My sister and I had a big fight one night in the living room and silly mom decided to break it up and in the heat of the moment I bit mom thinking she was my sister.
I knowingly adopted a dog with a bite history (created by the previous family) and knew no matter what I’d go through with her that I would never abandon her or have her euthanized. Dog’s possessiveness and protecting valuable things: For some dogs, the way to ‘protect’ their ‘valuables’ is through aggression. Aggression due to fear: Like people, dogs are naturally fearful of unfamiliar and new circumstances. Prey-driven aggression: You may have witnessed a lot of stray dogs running behind cyclists, motor vehicles or joggers.
Chewing and biting helps the dog to strength his teeth, it’s also a part of playing time, which is making the dog highly active and it affect his temper.
First, you have to stop your dog when it behaves like this, so when it starts to bite your hands, just stop it and use the command “stop”, keep repeating it until the dog stops. Giving up a dog for that wouldn’t make sense and I do think majority of people, especially if inexperienced with dogs would take it personally, blame the dog and not reflect on what they themselves may have done to cause it. Ours weren’t really hard either (except the finger confused for a bone) it was more of an hit with the teeth rather than a bite.

In dog first aid class they warn you that dogs will often when you try to help because they are in pain…one of the reasons you found that dogs bite.
The best kind of learning comes when we have to untangle an incident like the one you’ve described. Honestly, this is one of those topics that most of us, as dog owners, like to steer clear of, not wanting to talk about or being too embarrassed to admit to. Anything can comprise of a dog’s property; food, toy, territory (house or car) or even a human family member.
Imagine, two dogs are fighting and are in a position to attack, when suddenly a hand reaches out and grabs them. Often people and children who do not understand how to control their own behaviour get bitten by dogs. While, knowing the common triggers of dog bite can empower you; observing dog’s behaviour and acknowledging the warning signs is the trick to not get bitten. Especially when dogs start to chew our stuff, or playing by biting your hand, you should teach your dog that this is an unacceptable act. In this video, you will see some of the advices that will help you train your dog on that, it’s important also to teach your dog the difference from biting and playing.
Training your dog on new things is good also to make the bond between you and him stronger. Your dog will notice that its behavior is not accepted and you will direct him to the right thing. Dogs can have amazing control of their bites and games of tug (with proper rules) can help reinforce this. Dogs are territorial by nature and have a strong pack mentality, so any threat to the order can instigate them. While, some breeds like guard dogs or herding dogs are claimed to be more prone to this kind of aggression, any breed can adopt this mannerism. Fear aggression can happen when you suddenly wake up a sleeping dog or startle a dog with loud noise.
If your pet dog suffers from any medical condition like severe otitis, hip dysplasia, rectum issue, then you need to stay away from the sore areas when handling your dogs. If you are ever faced with this situation, the best thing is to stop, stand tall facing the dog (never make eye contact in this situation) and fold your arms on your chest or simply on the side.
Things like hugging a sleeping dog, blowing air in their face, touching or pulling their tail, pulling their cheeks, poking them etc.

Some nervousness and fear signs include – licking the nose continuously, ears pinned back, fur along the back standing up, dog trying to dart your hand by moving away, tail curled between the leg, growling and showing teeth. In order to ensure that we for a mutually beneficial relationship create a society where dogs and humans co-exist, we need to know the reason why dogs bite. The best way of trying to control this behaviour is to train your dog from the beginning; especially, if you have a large breed.
So that it realizes that you still love him and were just teaching him or her something.It’s better also to reward your dog with its favorite treat.
It all goes back to understanding and training and thankfully you took the time to think this through and aren’t ignorant to what was going on. Simple commands like ‘leave it’, ‘let go’ or ‘drop it’ can work well if your pet has toy aggression. If you are in a situation where you must lay hands on fighting dogs, stay as far away from the mouth as possible and move swiftly. In my case, my Cavalier is the sweetest thing ever and sometimes I have to remind myself that not all dogs are like teddy bears, so to use caution around unfamiliar animals. You can either stand still and let the dog sniff you or try and scare it away by shooing it. Thanks for reminding us to persevere with our dogs, even if they do something unexpected like this. And I practice at making sure they know I am not a threat when I approach them while they are eating. So when you approach the bowl, add a few treats to it so that the dog associated your action to something positive.
My previous dog Sephi, who passed away at age ten in 2011, went through a phase when she was about two years old. I knew Jack was big, excitable, with minimal manners – I asked a lot (too much) of a dog who had just found a new home after a year in a shelter.
I immediately called our trainer who we had already contacted the week before when I knew I was over my head.

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