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Most Americans born after World War II take peace and democracy in Western Europe for granted. The sight of barking dogs chasing after my little blue car is normal in many townships and it's no different in Tantyi where I grew up. Reports of roaming dogs attacking people in public spaces have become a shocking reality in parts of Grahamstown, particularly in the township. A man from Xolani was bitten by a vicious pack of dogs so severely that he landed up in a Port Elizabeth hospital on two occasions.

A positive aspect of this story, however, is the fact that the municipality has reacted to the increasing number of reports regarding dog bites. Municipal parks and recreation department manager Kevin Bates issued a warning last week, after Speaker Rachel Madinda Isaac said 37 people were bitten by dogs during December. Bates said by-laws dictated that no person may keep a dog that interferes with the peace and quiet of a neighbourhood by barking, yelping, howling or whining, or charging vehicles, animals, poultry, pigeons or people. Neliswa Lombo - Admin officer: "People don’t give much time to their dogs and they forget that their dogs have feelings.

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