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In retrospect, a better idea for Nat Geo Wild's show might have been, Things My Dog Didn't Eat, but that would've ended after half a season.This is another show of reenactments, mixed with occasional photos taken of the sick dogs in question, leading me to wonder who takes the time between discovery of possible life-threatening condition and rushing to the veterinarian to snap a couple pics. Our first victim, Sarah, has two adopted dogs at the scene of the crime, and it turns out it was Monty, the border collie mix.

Fortunately, the vet is able to induce vomiting in order to bring up the still expanding feminine hygiene products (accompanied by a hilarious dog's eye view re-creation of the puking).The timing of this was critical.
For an example of what happens when a tampon absorbs moisture, see below:Next up, Kato the Siberian husky, who collapses with rapid heart rate and excessive drooling (which might be ignored were he a Saint Bernard) and, frighteningly, seizures and an eventual coma.

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