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According to a recent study on the subject, an unappetizing 16 percent of dogs eat feces frequently. Perhaps surprisingly, in the vast majority of cases, the practice prevails regardless of the dog’s diet. In such circumstances, veterinarians say, it’s not that the dog is trying to supplement its diet, so much as his poop tastes especially good. Although rare in domesticated dogs, wild dogs and canids may eat poop to supplement their nutrition when food is scarce. Domesticated dogs evolved from decidedly opportunistic scavengers with little of the taste aversions human beings have grown accustomed to.
Our content is written and reviewed by leading veterinarians, veterinary technicians, journalists, and animal lovers to ensure that the advice and information you receive is of the highest quality. Although dogs and humans are classified as omnivores (both plant and meat eaters), there is no mammal on earth born with the enzymes to digest plant material.  The enzyme cellulase is found in gut bacteria that breaks down plant cell walls. Having said this, people often contact me in great perplexity, telling me their dog is eating other animals’ poop, or worse, their very own!
One possibility is that your dog lacks some essential nutrients in their diet, or is unable to effectively digest what they are fed. The other possibility to consider is that it is a ‘displacement’ behaviour elicited by anxiety, boredom or possibly even attention seeking.
Improve your dog’s diet.  There is a lot of information about canine nutrition, so ensure that your dog’s diet is in the best interests of their long term health.
Increase the mental exercise routine.  Feed your dog their daily meals in a Kong or similar food dispensing toy.
If you find your dog continues the coprophagic behaviour, please consult your trusted veterinarian.

10 Proven Ways to Manage Your Dog’s Pain Naturally Our pets are living longer than ever and many begin to suffer from the “wea.. In fact, the more dogs you have, the more likely they are to eat poop, especially those playing a submissive role.
Additionally, the study found, neutered and spayed dogs are more likely to eat poop, and some breeds have a greater disposition to do so, too — border collies, shelties and German shepherds, for example. Unfortunately for germaphobes and polite company, dogs’ poop-eating behavior is not just common, but entirely normal in most situations.
Animal digestion is never 100 percent efficient, so feces inevitably contains the nutrients that didn’t get metabolized before passing out of the body. In exceptional cases, however, the behavior can be a secondary sign of an underlying problem, usually involving a nutritional or enzymatic deficiency or some sort of gastrointestinal disturbance. Doggie dump is more appealing when it still has much of the nutritional content of the original chow.
Owners who suspect their dogs may be consuming feces for pathological reasons should seek further explanation from a trusted veterinarian.
Emaciated wild dogs and canids have been observed readily lapping up stools, presumably harvesting whatever calories they can find to stay alive. Whilst most people tolerate their dog finding other animals’ poop palatable, when it comes to a dog eating their own; owners become understandably concerned. Reconsider their diet and observe their faeces when you can, as a dog’s poop can reveal a lot about their health.
Find the pattern when your dog defecates and pick it up immediately if you can, A good training trick in combination with this, is to call your dog to you straight after they have defecated, cue them to sit and give them a yummy treat.
An expert in behaviour modification of aggressive dogs in particular, Laura has successfully helped countless owners and their dogs across the world.

Ben Hart of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, presented his research at the 2012 Veterinary Behavior Symposium.
Dogs are famously attracted to the infections, excrement and discharges of others in their pack. People used to think dogs indulged in savory stools due to poor diet or failing health, but this theory has been debunked.
Coprophagia is a natural evolutionary behavior that is widely observed in domesticated dogs, wild dogs and wolves.
When dogs are close family members, the idea of cuddling up on the couch with your best friend who has just ingested their own faeces can really put a strain on the relationship! Laura's philosophy is based on cooperation where dogs and their humans develop a relationship built on mutual trust and respect.
When coprophagia represents an underlying medical issue, there will usually be other physiological symptoms, too, such as diarrhea. As revolting as it sounds, the consumption of feces is quite a versatile practice that can serve a number of useful purposes. Our canine companions also gulp up other animals’ deposits, especially that of large herbivores like horses, sheep and deer, which tend to deposit feces with the greatest nutritive value.
Eating the stools of wildlife or unfamiliar, unvaccinated dogs in particular can transmit internal parasites and should be actively discouraged.
Some young dogs are mimicking this practice; most will grow out of the behavior as they get older.

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