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Plus, if you’re a Maltese owner, there are also a few health problems you should be watching out for. For a typical adult Maltese, though, you can expect to feed her about 200 calories per day.
However, if you’ve got an active or working Maltese, she’ll need quite a bit more calories—a rough estimate for a 5-pound dog is about 300 calories.
We generally recommend dog food with a protein content of at least 25%, especially for small dogs prone to weight gain, but plenty of Maltese owners go higher than that, especially if they’re making their own food.
I’m sure you’ve seen the stereotypical pictures of Maltese dogs with super-long, pretty hair. There are a few good (and weird) sources of glucosamine, like elk antlers, but lots of foods just add it as a supplement. One of the few things we don’t like about this dog food is that most of the fat comes from canola oil instead of something like flax or fish, which we generally prefer. Wellness just makes good stuff with solid nutritional profiles, and they generally do a great job formulating their food for specific types of dogs. One of the major “pros” for this dog food is that the protein comes from three different animal sources, which we like, since we prefer our dogs to have a healthy diet with lots of variety.

Still, there’s a lot to like, as there is with most Blue Buffalo dog foods: reasonable protein from good sources, plenty of produce, slow-burning carbs and some good fats. There is a good selection of produce, but it comes from aged, dried ingredients instead of whole ingredients like some other foods tend to include. We do like that this recipe includes carrots (well, dried carrot), which is good for your Maltese’s eyesight.
Plus, it’s not too expensive, so it can be a good option for the thrifty dog owner.If you're looking for more good information on small breeds, we've got a pretty good guide on dog food for Frenchies here.
So finding the best food for Maltese dogs isn’t just a matter of good nutrition; you also have to live up to their rather high standards!
This guide should help you find a good food for your little pampered puppy—one that combines wholesome ingredients with the sophisticated taste she probably expects.
Senior dogs need fewer calories, since they’re usually not as active, so an older dog of the same weight needs about 165 calories.
Less conspicuous but still bad, is stuff like corn, which is even the main ingredient in some big-brand dog foods. So, like lots of dogs with long life spans, they tend to be prone to eye problems—especially later in life.

However, there are a few foods you can incorporate into your dog’s diet to make sure her eyes are healthier for longer. Usually, food formulated for joint health has one or more good sources of glucosamine in it. Those are grains (albeit slow-burning grains), so it may not be the best choice for a Maltese with tummy problems. Just keep in mind that male Maltese can get up to eight pounds or weigh as little as three pounds.
It’s also very easy to pamper them, and when people pamper dogs (not that there’s anything wrong with that!), it usually means feeding them lots of treats. Unless your Maltese has digestive problems (and so do; more on this below), you can also go for stuff like brown rice, oats and barley.

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