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2012) authored by well-known animal behaviorist Arden Moore, translates the many expressions, postures and sounds exhibited by our four-legged friends in this smartly written visual guide.The superb photography coupled with succinct interpretations of what Fido seeks on the opposing page make it an easy read for any dog owner.
Like most dogs, he knows the cute pose earns him oodles of praise.Moore's "Visual Guide to Understanding Your Dog's Every Move" also covers more complex behaviors from the disturbing to the disgusting. We humans may consider this disgusting but it's how Fido obtains important information about the other dog's age, condition, emotional state, sexual state, right down to what the dog had for dinner. Each "move" covered in the book offers tips on how to respond to behaviors that may need attention, along with vet's notes and breed propensities.You'll also learn how to tell whether a dog is happy, bored, confident, dominant, fearful, aggressive or sad.

The neatly organized index leads you right where you want to go, split into categories that include postures, expressions, sounds, solitary actions, dog-to-dog actions, dog-to-people action and behavior types.It's a great read cover to cover, but that's not how you'll navigate through this book.
I dove right to the sections that dealt with my own dogs, then to former dogs I've owned and finally to questions commonly posed by readers.I learned that my 1-year-old Newf Maggie is the equivalent of a playground bully.
This will be corrected through further training before it escalates to possible injury."What A Dog Wants" isn't just a book for dog lovers. Anyone who fears or dislikes dogs will learn much about a species known for its devotion to man.

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