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When you have the tallest and largest dog in the world, being 44 inches long, it is quite obvious he is not going to sit calm. This moderately dangerous breed of dog is often mistaken as the similar looking Husky breed of dogs.
With 66 fatalities to their name, Pit Bulls are the most dangerous breed of dogs in the world.
It’s disgusting how low life PEOPLE exploit these dogs to fight and turn mentally ill, all for the sake of money. And you, Nextum, belong with ISIS since you are the moron defending illegal dog fighters just like this idiotic writer who give these pit bulls a bad name and are spreading more misinformation. Here is something to pay attention , a great opportunity for work for those who want to use their free time to make money using their computers… I have been doing this since last two years and I am making 40 to 70 dollars per hour … In the last week I have made 12,245 for almost 18 hours sitting …. Even before I started the article I knew that the ignorant person who wrote this would claim that pitties were the most dangerous dogs in the world. I have a pit bull, and I have taken her to many, many outings and not once has she shown ANY aggression towards any one or any thing.
The only people who have an issues with my dog when we take places are the conservative jerkwads who believe everything they hear and don’t stop to think about who or what it might offend. PEOPLE are the ones treating the dogs bad, and the dog’s natural ability is to defend itself.
If you spread false information like this, and only stick to your conservative ideology, then you’re not going to be a good writer at all. When discussing which dog breed has the strongest jaw, it is important to keep in mind that this is a rhetorical question that cannot be answered in a definite way. Bite force is the scientific term for the measurement of the amount of pressure in a dog's bite. The strength of the bite of a breed can't be measured with any accuracy because you can't teach a dog to bite with consistent force time after time. The top five domesticated breeds thought to have the strongest jaw are all large dogs known for their bite.
Although the German Shepherd was originally bred as a herding dog, it has been used as a guard and police dog with good reason.
To answer the question regarding which dog breed has the strongest jaw is difficult because there are so many variables. If the rumors are true, however, the Doberman has the strongest jaw of all of the domesticated breeds. Again, this is purely statistical and should not discourage you from purchasing any of these breeds. I am incredibly disappointed that someone would waste their time still posting things like this. I own a pit bull, but unlike the naive dog owners who insist ”my breed is not dangerousl”, I know my pit is much more dangerous than the average dog. It is so easy to blame the dogs for their actions however I submit it is the irresponsible owners who are truly to blame for the behavior. Do to regulatory action by the government and personal injury and class action litigation motor vehicles have become steadily safer. So, by your reasoning, government regulation and lawsuits are the way to deal with dog attack fatalities. SUVs sales increase ARE an overreaction to the perceived and real threat of crashes but even an SUV driver and passengers die when an 18 wheeler rolls over or into them at highway speeds. Anyway, one day I saw the man I think was his owner trying to get the dog to attack a buddy of his. I think the German Shepherd, like the Doberman, are on the list because they attacked protecting their humans. That sort of thing has been caused by over-breeding of popular breeds; a while back there were several cases of Saint Bernards suddenly snapping and attacking people.
And the Saint Bernard is quite probably the least-aggressive dig in the world – the story goes that the most famous of the original Hospice of St Bernard rescue dogs in the Alps found a wounded soldier in the snow (during the Franco-Prussian War), and was digging to him when the soldier (hallucinating from his wounds and the cold) thought the dog was attacking and stabbed him with a bayonet. The dying dog curled up with the soldier and his remaining body heat helped keep him alive until the monks found them.
My comment about snapping bones by jumping off the couch was because some years ago some friends had one who did it twice.
The only two Rotties I knew personally were both delightfully goofy, slobbering softies who lived for chasing tennis balls. So again pretty cool that your little dog actually has a job but I fail to see how your having a little dog for rodent hunting and big dog for protection is at all different from me having a cat for rodent hunting and a big dog for protection. The dog can do a dozen jobs in addition to the one job a goldfish can or the 2 jobs a cat can. As has been noted, many cats won’t even do their one additional task of killing rodents. Hmm well if that is the issue you have with it you may want to push that timeline back a smidge because I’m pretty sure they had an even more elevated status back in ancient Egypt. 9News, whose Kyle Dyer was bitten by a dog on the air a couple of years back, has just completed a thorough and wide-ranging report about dog bites in the Denver-metro area.
Number of reported bites, 2012-2014: 86Continue to continue counting down our lists of the ten dog breeds with the most and fewest dog bites in Denver.
Number of reported bites, 2012-2014: 222Continue to continue counting down our list of the dog breeds with the fewest dog bites in Denver.
Number of reported bites, 2012-2014: 1Continue to continue counting down our list of the dog breeds with the fewest dog bites in Denver. This Chinese breed has recorded just eight biting cases till date and looks nothing less than a teddy bear.
This particular breed of dogs is the ones that we see running and carrying the sledge in snow covered mountain tops.

This breed is half-dog and half-wolf and possesses the characteristics of both the animals in it.
These huge and heavy dogs which are specially bred for their intelligence and strength and serve as police dogs, rescue dogs and guard dogs. They are extremely powerful and few years back they have been held responsible for killing four people.  This breed too, is banned in many countries like Poland and Ireland.
They were originally used as gun dogs because of their strong sense of smell and were used to track down birds for hunting. They were developed as fighter dogs and need the same amount of socialization and training as any other dog to be tamed.
These poor pit bulls are drugged, beaten, lay in their blood after fights, have their ears snipped off (no anesthesia, just plain raw), live in cramped, dirty (in their own feces), dingy spaces where they are taunted and beaten so that they may become angry and fight.
The only reason the statistics are so high is because people saw their muscle size and decided to make them fight each other. Peaceriver is right, they where used as nanny dogs, and in some cases where better than Saint Bernards. Perhaps there are support groups to help pit bull owners deal with their mistaken belief that pit bulls are a docile breed.
Recent surveys found that Dachshunds are number one for bite frequencies, followed by Chihuahuas and then Jack Russel Terriers. Malamutes, Huskies, they’re one of the friendliest breeds to strangers, kids and other animals. The strength of a dog's bite will vary from breed to breed, animal to animal, and even circumstance to circumstance. Obviously, the greater the pressure a dog can exert, the more potential for damage there is to someone (or something) that is bitten.
The bite will be different each time it is measured, and each dog will have a slightly different measurement. They are generally the same breeds attributed with the highest rate of attacks on people, and they are often listed as dangerous dogs. While this dog does not have the highest bite force of the dogs National Geographic tested, it is one of the top four.
The bite force is reputed to be 600 pounds of pressure; however that seems to be largely unsubstantiated. Of the dogs that have been scientifically tested and recorded, the Rottweiler appears to have the strongest jaw.
The reason there have been so many deaths by these dogs is because they fall into the hands of idiot owners who abuse them and use them as fighting dogs. No-one SANE can state otherwise – 28 of the 33 dead in the States 2013 down to Fighting Breed dogs, 16 of those were innocent children.
My daughter also had her faced ripped off but it was when a neighbor allowed kids to touch new puppies with mom there. When I met my wife, she had 3 Danes, and they were all sweet and gentle as can be, and yes, they do try to get on your lap, lol. Rotties have a naturally passive and gentle temperament, but when a huge craze for big aggressive guard dogs became popular in the 80s, they were one of the most overbred breeds in the country, bred by breeders who pay no attention to the breed standards, thus diminishing the integrity of the breed. The pit Bull, The genetic line has been tampered with, but the dog itself still remains loyal and docile to humans, they however, do not get along with other dogs. Anytime someone approaches the house he runs to the door growling (just like a dog) and puffs up as big as he can get. In fact, Great Dane can be very loving if they are well trained and taken very good care of. This breed was originally treated as working dogs and was not really expected to be friendly. Malamutes are known for their ability to work extremely hard in tough conditions and for their endurance. All well and good if it is domesticated but you never know when it shows its wilder side and bites you, like this breed has done to 15 people till date. The sweetest thing about German Shepherds is that they are always willing and eager to learn new things. They are large, but the Japanese ones are almost half the size of Tosa Inus outside the country.
They are basically very obedient, devoted and always eager to work but react to their environments in a very alert manner. Pitbulls make lists like these because owners don’t train or socialize their dogs properly. That second paragraph of the opening article is completely ridiculous, typically unfounded scaremongering. Instead, idiotic people will continue the practice and then idiotic writers like this one for this article, will blame the breed rather than these horrible practices created by people. If you ask the American humane society the most reported bite incidents every year are cocker spaniels. There are several factors that determine bite force, but scientists agree that the size of a dog's head has a lot to do with the amount of pressure it can exert with its jaws. It is important to keep in mind that when the bite force of a breed is discussed, it can only be in a general way.
Not surprisingly, the wolf was the canine with the most powerful bite, measuring 406 pounds of pressure.
The Rottweiler is considered the second most dangerous breed of dog; the Pitbull is number one. Maybe you should do some background investigating as to why these fatalities happened and what the situation was surrounding the attack.
SUV’s are built and designed with the idea that they can smash and crash their way through anything in their way.

That has since largely been corrected, of course, and Rotties again are some of the best, most loyal, friendly dogs one could ever hope for.
That said he is the only cat I have ever had that does this and I doubt any intruder would be intimidated by him but my dog has the intimidation and actual protection covered. The problem with this otherwise well behaved species is that they are extremely protective of their masters and have an aversion towards strangers. However, over the years the aggression has calmed down to a great extent and till date this dog has bitten about nine people, study shows.
The problem with this breed is that its behavior is really unpredictable because of mixed genetic traits. Huskies hold a record of 15 fatalities and after their work life, they are sent to households as pets in their old age. They perform high intelligence tasks like identifying criminals, holding suspects, patrolling areas of trouble.
This breed is known to be extremely sensitive and if one is not consistent in its training, then, well, you know what happens!
This dog is so dangerous that it is even legally banned in many countries like UK, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Turkey, Denmark, Hong Kong, Norway and many more.
Due to their extreme strength and power, it is very important to formally train Rottweilers by experts.
Though the two Cocker Spaniels from two different countries have differences in their appearances, they are yet called cousins. Deliberately over-breeding and changing their traits and behaviour at the expense of their sanity. A wolf can, when it is protecting itself, inflict a bite that carries up to 1,200 pounds of pressure. The drivers area was virtually intact but the sheer force of that 18 wheelers mass hitting that car snapped his neck. The only downside to Danes is their lifespan is very short, 8,9, and if you’re lucky, 10 years. The human breed has been known to kill out of pleasure, greed, revenge, discrimination, etc. And I do have to say that I will be just as heart broken to lose my cat as to lose my dog which to be clear is a lot. This list guides you through those dangerous breeds of dogs from which it is advisable to stay away. The dog seeks physical attention and pampering from its master and that is what makes it dangerous at times. So in order to avoid this aggressive behavior, it is very important that owners let these dogs socialize from a very early age.
This breed suffers from heterochromia, which means that different dogs have different colored eyes. Like all other dogs, they are extremely protective of their owners and they take time to be friendly with strangers.
They also need to be trained, socialized and loved, like every other dangerous breed of dogs.
I guess that’s what journalism is all about these days, sensationalism with no facts. Sad I know, you didn’t know but this is what is wrong with people owning dogs of any kind. They have all since passed, but now we have Jack, our 5 year old American Staffordshire Terrier, (Pit Bull).
But, I think my parents were cool with that because they knew if I was walking her there was no chance of anybody harming, kidnapping me etc.
Earlier, it was referred to as German Mastiff because such a handsome dog deserved to be a luxury dog and not the one meant for working and doing chores. They are a threat to other breeds of dogs because of their fearless attitude and quick learning capabilities. History shows that Malamutes have the record of living in harshest of conditions, hence this breed is an owner’s pride. Maybe next time you do a little more research and soul searching before you write shit about breeds you know nothing about.
I threw the ball and ran with him to get it and that’s when he bite my face and shoot me like a rag doll.
Read my article to understand it can be done but you must know the nuances of each dogs personalities. The worst injury I got was a busted lip because one of them got so excited to see me that it nipped me on the lip before tackling me and licking me to death. I have grown up with pitbulls and they are the only ones that never made me feel uncomfortable.
Your ignorance and the ignorance of people like you are why Pitbulls have such a bad reputation. Loyal to the fucking end, unlike you pussies that run and hide when shit starts getting deep. So when you show me a stafford shire terrior that willfully signed up to fight other dogs, get at me.

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