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As I said, some people were found because of their dogs, and think of blind people that receive a lot of help from dogs, and so on.
German shepherds aren't too far evolutionarily from wolves, yet the same people who freak out after being grabbed by a bum on the subway bring these toothy animals into their homes and then have to teach them not to shit where they eat and not to eat their own shit. You could also ask the Canadian couple eaten in 2011 by their five Shetland sheepdogs and two mutts, or, from this year, the mug eating pug owned by an alcoholic in Wichitia, Kansas and the German shepherd whose favorite food was apparently the head of his Spanish owner.

It's not all that surprising that these canines are eating our dead faces whenever they get the chance. Do not forget, we are talking about dogs, which are animals, although some people try to humanize them.

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