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The gallery features everything from a pug that digs up gardens and has a tendency to bite to a mournful looking canine who ate swimming googles while his owner's back was turned. Dogs with a habit of leaving their mess in unfortunate locations such as the carpet and the sofa seem most likely to incur the wrath of their owners, with bad toilet behaviour featuring heavily in the gallery of shame.But it appears other crimes which cause frustration is when dogs chew objects which do not belong to them.
Character canine: 'I was zipped by Grandma and ran down the street because I'm Batdog and I never thought she'd catch me. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

If you still think China is the land of everything edible, a newly proposed animal protection law is trying to officially put an end to eating dog and cat meat. The new “Anti-Animal Abuse Law,” would forbid any form of animal abuse, including killing them and eating their meat. Professor Chang says the title “Anti-Animal Abuse Law” is temporary and will be changed to a more appropriate title when people can digest the concept of “animal protection” a bit better.
Now a writer and art communicator based in Shanghai, Xing has also been covering the Shanghai's LGBT issues for local publications since the summer of 2009.

Some of the playful pups clearly can not work out what is food and other items which became dinner include make-up brushes and shoes as well as a USB stick. Individuals who break this law will be fined RMB 5,000 and face up to 15 days in jail while danweis and organizations will be fined between RMB 10,000 and RMB 500,000.

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